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Business Summary
Logo CK Infrastructure Holdings
Develops, invests and constructs power plants, industrial buildings and other infrastructure facilities

CK Infrastructure Holdings Ltd. is an investment company, which engages in the development, investment, and construction of power plants, industrial buildings, and other infrastructure facilities.

It includes energy infrastructure, transportation infrastructure, water infrastructure, and commercialization of infrastructure related business.

The company was founded in May 1996 and is headquartered in Hong Kong.
Hing Lam Kam711996Group Managing Director & Executive Director
Tzar Kuoi Li541996Chairman
Loi Shun Chan562006Chief Financial Officer & Executive Director
Frank John Sixt661996Executive Director
George Colin Magnus821996Non-Executive Director
Sow Mei Sng762004Independent Non-Executive Director
Tsien Hua Chen, MBA551996Executive Director & Head-Business Development
Ying Chew Cheong701996Independent Non-Executive Director
Barrie Cook752000Independent Non-Executive Director
Kin Ning Fok661997Deputy Chairman
Vote QuantityFloatCompany-owned sharesTotal Float
Share A 1 2,650,676,042 612,829,000 23.1% 131,065,097 4.9% 23.1%
CK Hutchison Holdings Ltd. 1,906,681,945 71.9%
Conyers Dill & Pearman 131,065,097 4.94%
Capital Research & Management Co. (Global Investors) 63,154,000 2.38%
Capital Research & Management Co. (World Investors) 40,520,000 1.53%
BlackRock Fund Advisors 16,998,111 0.64%
The Vanguard Group, Inc. 15,283,556 0.58%
Pictet Asset Management SA 10,112,272 0.38%
Capital International Ltd. 8,007,000 0.30%
State Street Global Advisors Asia Ltd. 7,003,046 0.26%
Norges Bank Investment Management 6,761,714 0.26%
Power Assets Holdings Ltd (0006) 829,599,61238.9%6,998,850,759 USD
Markets and indexes
- Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing
- Primary Listing
- Hang Seng /
Stock Exchange Codes
- Bloomberg Code :  
- Reuters Code :  1038.HK
- Datastream Code :  
Company contact information
Cheung Kong Infrastructure Holdings
Clarendon House street Church
BM-HM 11 Hamilton, Bermuda
Bermudes (les)

Phone : +1441
Fax : +1441
Internet : http://www.cki.com.hk
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