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    Laurent Polsinelli
    Index and derivatives Analyst
    Mathieu Burbau
    Forex Analyst
    Patrick Rejaunier
    Equity Analyst
    Etienne Veber
    Equity Analyst
    Alexandre Nutte
    Equity Analyst
    Franck Morel
    Founder and CEO
    Michel Gabrysiak
    Contributor / President of the Finance Foundation
    Thibaud Renoult
    Contributor / Managing Director - Commerzbank
    Sandra Pinturault
    Junior Analyst
    Bastien Chabasseuil
    Junior Analyst
    Rosanna Santana
    Junior Analyst
    Alexis Peyrard
    Junior Analyst
    Clémence Floquet
    Junior Analyst
    Charlie Bobillier
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