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PLASMATECH INC USD Business Support Supplies - NEC 0.001 Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%0.00%-
BETAWAVE CORP USD Internet Services - NEC-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%-99.00%-
ACCESS POWER, INC. USD Wired Telecommunications Carriers 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
E-SYNERGIES INC USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
INFINEX VENTURES, INC. USD Specialty Mining & Metals - NEC 0.001 Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%900.00%-
NEWGEN TECHNOLOGIES, INC. USD Biodiesel 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%-90.00%-
WELL POWER INC USD Oil Related Services and Equipment ... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
PHARMACOM BIOVET INC. USD Veterinary Services 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
GEPCO LTD USD Social Media & Networking-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%-90.00%-
CONSUMER PRODUCTS SERVICES GROUP.. USD Freight Logistics 0.001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
SYNERGETICS INC USD Biomass & Biogas Fuels 0.0251 Delayed Quote.660.61%-34.00%-89.00%-
SENTISEARCH, INC. USD Business Support Services - NEC 0.0368 Delayed Quote.512.50%0.00%512.50%-
STI GROUP INC USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.455.56%0.00%-50.00%-
ADEX MEDIA INC USD Advertising & Marketing - NEC 0.001 Delayed Quote.455.56%0.00%0.00%-
FULL MOTION BEVERAGE INC. USD Non-Alcoholic Beverages - NEC 0.0082 Delayed Quote.446.67%0.00%0.60%-
MAGNA-LAB INC USD Shell Companies 0.0952 Delayed Quote.437.85%0.00%4.12%-
SMOKEFREE INNOTEC INC USD Electronic Equipment & Parts - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.426.32%0.00%0.00%-
TIAN'AN PHARMACEUTICAL CO LTD USD Alternative Medicine 0.03 Delayed Quote.400.00%0.00%0.00%-
QUAD SYSTEMS CORPORATION USD Industrial Machinery -Delayed Quote.400.00%0.00%400.00%-
WORLD WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, I.. USD Communications & Networking - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.400.00%0.00%9,900.00%-
THE UNIMARK GROUP, INC. USD Vegetable, Fruit & Nut Farming 0.0001 Delayed Quote.400.00%0.00%0.00%-
SIMTROL, INC. USD Software - NEC 0.009 Delayed Quote.350.00%-66.67%-4.76%-
MERRIMAN HOLDINGS INC USD Investment Banking & Brokerage Serv... 0.09 Delayed Quote.350.00%0.00%200.00%-
PRIMAL SOLUTIONS INC USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.045 Delayed Quote.350.00%0.00%350.00%-
MULTI SOFT II INC USD Shell Companies 0.0001 Delayed Quote.347.06%0.00%0.00%-
CHINA CHEMICAL CORP USD Commodity Chemicals - NEC 0.0089 Delayed Quote.343.50%0.00%241.15%-
ARETI WEB INNOVATIONS INC USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.04 Delayed Quote.300.00%0.00%433.33%-
CHINA CABLE AND COMMUNICATION IN.. USD Television Broadcasting-Delayed Quote.300.00%0.00%300.00%-
KUNEKT CORP USD Shell Companies 0.0027 Delayed Quote.285.71%-74.07%-61.09%-
SINO AMERICAN OIL CO USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 1 Delayed Quote.284.62%284.62%222.58%-
STRATEGY INTERNATIONAL INS. GROU.. USD Holding Companies - NEC 0.0014 Delayed Quote.250.25%0.00%180.20%-
WALL STREET MEDIA CO INC USD Internet Services - NEC 0.0693 Delayed Quote.246.50%0.00%-76.90%-
AMERICAN EDUCATION CENTER INC USD Personal Services - NEC 0.38 Delayed Quote.242.34%-61.38%-79.82%-
INTERNATIONAL LEADERS CAPITAL CO.. USD Shell Companies 1.89 Delayed Quote.240.54%0.00%278.00%-
CYCLON CAPITAL CORPORATION USD Leisure & Recreation - NEC 0.005 Delayed Quote.233.33%233.33%0.00%-
KMA HOLDING INC USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.0199 Delayed Quote.206.15%0.00%32.67%-
SOUTHERN TRUST SECURITIES HOLDIN.. USD Diversified Investment Services 0.03 Delayed Quote.200.00%0.00%0.00%-
HALITRON USD Software - NEC 0.0003 Delayed Quote.200.00%0.00%-90.91%-
AMEXDRUG CORPORATION USD Pharmaceuticals - NEC 0.1231 Delayed Quote.196.63%196.63%46.72%-
CHURCH AND CRAWFORD INC USD Application Software 0.0006 Delayed Quote.195.50%97.00%491.00%-
ORGANIC PLANT HEALTH INC USD Agricultural Chemicals - NEC 0.0295 Delayed Quote.195.00%195.00%195.00%-
AMERICAN FIBER GREEN PRODUCTS, I.. USD Environmental Services & Equipment ... 0.1 Delayed Quote.184.90%0.00%21.65%-
CAROLYN RIVER PROJECTS LTD USD Shell Companies 0.0084 Delayed Quote.179.67%0.00%0.00%-
DELTRON INC USD Industrial Parts & Components 0.0271 Delayed Quote.171.00%0.00%1,706.67%-
HUMAN PHEROMONE SCIENCES, INC. USD Cosmetics & Perfumes 0.065 Delayed Quote.160.00%0.00%124.14%-
DUKE MOUNTAIN RESOURCES INC USD Integrated Mining 0.9 Delayed Quote.157.14%0.00%0.00%-
TIANRONG INTERNET PRODUCT USD E-commerce & Auction Services 0.0001 Delayed Quote.156.41%0.00%900.00%-
TRISTAR WELLNESS SOLUTIONS INC USD Non-Paper Containers & Packaging -... 0.028 Delayed Quote.154.55%154.55%727.67%-
WINS FINANCE HOLDINGS INC USD Investment Trusts 205.01 Delayed Quote.153.10%890.39%13.89%-
HEALTHCARE CORPORATION OF AMERIC.. USD Shell Companies 0.0136 Delayed Quote.151.67%0.00%166.47%-
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