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HEFFX INC USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.007 Delayed Quote.70.73%40.00%233.33%-
ARTISANAL BRANDS INC USD Food Retail & Distribution - NEC 0.0207 Delayed Quote.70.66%9.84%-46.78%-
FCCC INC USD Shell Companies 0.269 Delayed Quote.68.02%-34.12%-30.39%-
CVF TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION USD Electrical Components & Equipment -... 0.0169 Delayed Quote.66.83%-15.75%68.50%-
HQ GLOBAL EDUCATION INC USD Internet Services - NEC 0.65 Delayed Quote.66.67%39.78%225.00%-
CHINA TOPREACH INC USD Consumer Publishing - NEC 0.0005 Delayed Quote.66.67%66.67%-99.09%-
CANYON BANCORP. USD Retail & Mortgage Banks 0.002 Delayed Quote.66.67%0.00%-80.00%-
KING RESOURCES, INC. USD Shell Companies 0.0005 Delayed Quote.66.67%25.00%400.00%-
GETFUGU INC USD Mobile Application Software 0.0005 Delayed Quote.66.67%66.67%-28.57%-
VIASPACE INC. USD Grain (Crop) Production 0.001 Delayed Quote.66.67%66.67%66.67%-
ZYROX MINING INTERNATIONAL INC USD Apparel & Accessories - NEC 0.0005 Delayed Quote.66.67%0.00%400.00%-
BENCHMARK ENERGY CORP USD Commodity Chemicals - NEC 0.025 Delayed Quote.66.67%0.00%25.00%-
NOXEL CORP USD Technology Consulting & Outsourcing... 0.02 Delayed Quote.66.67%0.00%-60.00%-
TOWNE BANCORP, INC. USD Banks - NEC 0.005 Delayed Quote.66.67%0.00%66.67%-
GEORGETOWN CORP USD Precious Metals & Minerals - NEC 0.005 Delayed Quote.66.67%0.00%172.73%-
NORTHERN MINERALS & EXPLORATION .. USD Integrated Mining 0.1 Delayed Quote.66.11%-19.73%140.80%-
MILLENNIUM PRIME, INC. USD Advertising & Marketing - NEC 0.0038 Delayed Quote.65.22%65.22%-2.91%-
QUANTUM SOLAR POWER CORP. USD Photovoltaic Solar Systems & Equipm... 0.0059 Delayed Quote.63.89%-20.00%-81.54%-
PMX COMMUNITIES INC USD Gold - NEC 0.0018 Delayed Quote.63.64%-35.29%-69.44%-
AREM PACIFIC CORP USD Investment Banking & Brokerage Serv... 0.099 Delayed Quote.62.30%-0.20%10.00%-
LOANS4LESS.COM INC USD Consumer Lending - NEC 0.0565 Delayed Quote.61.43%88.33%-56.54%-
FIDELITY FEDERAL BANCORP USD Banks - NEC 25 Delayed Quote.61.29%0.00%150.00%-
CHESS SUPERSITE CORP USD Internet Gaming 0.0251 Delayed Quote.60.90%-30.67%43.12%-
CROSS BORDER RESOURCES INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.18 Delayed Quote.60.71%-43.15%20.34%-
MAN SHING AGRICULTURAL HOLDINGS .. USD Food Processing - NEC 0.016 Delayed Quote.60.38%60.38%-40.60%-
ANDATEE CHINA MARINE FUEL SER CO.. USD Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing - ... 0.02 Delayed Quote.60.00%-58.47%-5.30%0,205
ACUSPHERE, INC. USD Generic Pharmaceuticals 0.064 Delayed Quote.60.00%-27.27%220.00%-
1ST PRESTIGE WEALTH MANAGEMENT USD Investment Management & Fund Operat... 0.4 Delayed Quote.60.00%60.00%300.00%-
SANTARO INTERACTIVE ENTERTAINMEN.. USD Toys & Juvenile Products - NEC 0.008 Delayed Quote.60.00%0.00%60.00%-
LA CORTEZ ENERGY INC USD Oil Exploration & Production - Onsh... 0.0024 Delayed Quote.60.00%0.00%20.00%-
CENTOR ENERGY INC USD Precious Metals & Minerals - NEC 0.0268 Delayed Quote.59.52%-38.24%1,005.26%-
FOUR CORNERS INC USD Toys & Juvenile Products - NEC 0.75 Delayed Quote.59.51%0.00%50.00%-
BEKEM METALS, INC. USD Specialty Mining & Metals - NEC 0.004 Delayed Quote.59.20%0.00%-3.85%-
AMERICAN ENERGY GROUP LTD USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.07 Delayed Quote.59.09%-25.00%-14.29%-
T-BAMM USD E-commerce & Auction Services 1.75 Delayed Quote.59.09%59.09%0.00%-
GLOBE NET WIRELESS CORP USD Integrated Telecommunications Servi... 0.0399 Delayed Quote.58.96%50.57%77.33%-
BIGSTRING CORP USD Internet Services - NEC 0.001 Delayed Quote.58.33%90.00%63.79%-
KODIAK ENERGY INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0055 Delayed Quote.57.14%-20.45%-14.63%-
FOUNTAIN HEALTHY AGING INC. USD Special Foods & Welbeing Products 0.0011 Delayed Quote.57.14%0.00%10.00%-
CRUMBS BAKE SHOP INC USD Food Retail & Distribution - NEC 0.0055 Delayed Quote.57.14%57.14%42.86%0,069
ALLIANCE BIOENERGY + INC USD Environmental Services & Equipment ... 0.0604 Delayed Quote.54.08%101.33%115.71%-
LIZHAN ENVIRONMENTAL CORPORATION USD Textiles & Leather Goods - NEC 0.0008 Delayed Quote.53.85%-48.00%-84.48%-
NEARCTIC NICKEL MINES INC USD Shell Companies 0.004 Delayed Quote.53.85%0.00%-20.00%-
INVICTUS FINANCIAL, INC. USD Shell Companies 0.064 Delayed Quote.52.02%-0.47%68.40%-
RHINO HUMAN RESOURCES INC USD Employment Services - NEC 0.0044 Delayed Quote.51.72%-6.38%25.71%-
CHINA MEDICINE CORPORATION USD Pharmaceuticals - NEC 0.1 Delayed Quote.51.52%0.10%100.00%-
BARE METAL STANDARD INC USD Environmental Services & Equipment ... 1 Delayed Quote.51.52%0.00%0.00%-
LAKE VICTORIA MINING COMPANY, IN.. USD Gold Mining 0.0139 Delayed Quote.51.09%-5.00%533.33%-
CYBRA CORP USD Software - NEC 0.03 Delayed Quote.50.00%0.00%50.00%-
JUMA TECHNOLOGY CORP USD Integrated Telecommunications Servi... 0.0015 Delayed Quote.50.00%0.00%200.00%-
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