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IMPERALIS HOLDING CORP USD Entertainment Production - NEC 0.5 Delayed Quote.25.00%0.00%150.00%-
SENTRY PETROLEUM LTD USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.001 Delayed Quote.25.00%11.11%-9.09%-
AMERICA GREENER TECHNOLOGIES INC USD Shell Companies 0.1 Delayed Quote.25.00%0.00%-9.09%-
CHINA HEALTH INDUSTRIES HOLDINGS.. USD Pharmaceuticals - NEC 0.25 Delayed Quote.25.00%0.00%84.77%-
DYNA GROUP INTERNATIONAL, INC. USD Steel - NEC 0.2746 Delayed Quote.24.82%0.00%37.30%-
VG LIFE SCIENCES INC USD Biotechnology & Medical Research - ... 0.0168 Delayed Quote.24.44%-17.68%125.00%1
RBC LIFE SCIENCES INC. USD Health Food Stores 0.2486 Delayed Quote.24.30%24.30%-17.13%-
EPCYLON TECHNOLOGIES INC USD Software - NEC 0.0435 Delayed Quote.24.29%24.29%-9.38%-
ATC VENTURE GROUP INC USD Engine & Powertrain Systems 0.0285 Delayed Quote.23.91%-16.06%84.68%-
FALCONRIDGE OIL TECHNOLOGIES COR.. USD Specialty Mining & Metals - NEC 0.0004 Delayed Quote.23.84%14.29%0.00%-
PROVIDENCE RESOURCES, INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.006 Delayed Quote.23.71%33.33%215.79%-
GREENBELT RESOURCES CORP USD Industrial Plant 0.1077 Delayed Quote.23.62%4.84%79.56%-
TEXAS GULF ENERGY INC USD Business Support Services - NEC 0.0019 Delayed Quote.23.53%15.81%-19.68%-
LIZHAN ENVIRONMENTAL CORPORATION USD Textiles & Leather Goods - NEC 0.0048 Delayed Quote.23.08%23.08%500.00%-
EMPIRE POST MEDIA INC USD Movie, TV Production & Distribution... 0.0016 Delayed Quote.23.08%60.00%60.00%-
SINO BIOENERGY CORP USD Renewable Fuels - NEC 0.052 Delayed Quote.23.02%15.56%-65.10%-
SUNSET CAPITAL ASSETS INC USD Investment Trusts 0.0757 Delayed Quote.23.01%-12.29%-85.58%-
UNIVERSAL INFOTAINMENT SYSTEMS C.. USD Communications & Networking - NEC 0.0615 Delayed Quote.23.00%0.00%-56.07%-
MULTI SOLUTIONS II INC USD Shell Companies 0.123 Delayed Quote.23.00%0.00%-38.50%-
PLURES TECHNOLOGIES INC USD Semiconductors - NEC 0.0492 Delayed Quote.23.00%0.00%-1.60%-
GREEN STREET CAPITAL CORP USD Environmental Services & Equipment ... 0.001 Delayed Quote.23.00%0.00%23.00%-
ORSUS XELENT TECHNOLOGIES INC. USD Mobile Phone Retailers 0.015 Delayed Quote.22.95%-39.76%-67.46%-
EESTECH, INC. USD Environmental Services & Equipment ... 0.08 Delayed Quote.22.89%-20.00%-40.74%-
PROFILE SOLUTIONS INC USD Security & Surveillance 0.0123 Delayed Quote.22.54%10.40%1.27%-
OMNI VENTURES INC USD Apparel & Accessories Retailers - N... 0.0005 Delayed Quote.22.50%22.50%22.50%-
ODIMO INCORPORATED USD Shell Companies 0.0245 Delayed Quote.22.50%0.00%96.00%-
SPAR GROUP INC USD Advertising & Marketing - NEC 1.3295 Delayed Quote.22.32%7.61%8.69%22
CHINA FOOD AND BEVERAGE COMPANY USD Shell Companies 0.05 Delayed Quote.21.95%21.95%150.00%-
RED METAL RESOURCES LTD USD Integrated Mining 0.067 Delayed Quote.21.82%21.82%58.39%-
CHINA TRAVEL RESORT HOLDING INC USD Investment Management 0.1031 Delayed Quote.21.78%0.00%0.00%-
CANBIOLA INC USD Fishing & Farming Wholesale 0.0135 Delayed Quote.21.62%26.14%-61.72%-
STAR MOUNTAIN RESOURCES INC USD Leisure & Recreation - NEC 0.05 Delayed Quote.21.51%11.23%-66.67%-
PEOPLES EDUCATIONAL HOLDINGS, IN.. USD General Education Services 0.1576 Delayed Quote.21.21%0.00%96.97%-
FORU HOLDINGS INC USD Special Foods & Welbeing Products 0.4 Delayed Quote.21.21%1.54%-52.86%-
LITTLEFIELD CORPORATION USD Casinos & Gaming - NEC 0.22 Delayed Quote.20.88%20.88%69.23%4
CHINA SHIANYUN GROUP CORP LTD USD Diversified Trading & Distributing 5.8 Delayed Quote.20.83%0.00%0.00%-
MOTORVAC TECHNOLOGIES USD Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts - NE... 0.0223 Delayed Quote.20.49%0.00%395.33%-
RESOLUTE ONCOLOGY INC USD Bio Therapeutic Drugs 0.115 Delayed Quote.20.48%0.00%283.33%-
NUVIM (R), INC. USD Health Food Stores 0.0059 Delayed Quote.20.41%28.95%40.00%0,453
INTERNATIONAL AUTOMATED SYSTEMS,.. USD Electronic Equipment & Parts - NEC 0.1689 Delayed Quote.20.39%-12.32%-29.86%-
HEMAGEN DIAGNOSTICS, INC. USD Biotechnology & Medical Research - ... 0.0125 Delayed Quote.20.19%20.19%25.00%-
PRIORITY AVIATION INC USD Software - NEC 0.0006 Delayed Quote.20.00%-28.57%-44.44%-
BORNEO RESOURCE INVESTMENTS LTD USD Coal - NEC 0.0006 Delayed Quote.20.00%-14.29%200.00%-
OMNICITY CORP. USD Internet Services - NEC 0.006 Delayed Quote.20.00%20.00%42.86%-
CANNABUSINESS GROUP INC USD Real Estate Development & Operation... 0.012 Delayed Quote.20.00%11.11%0.00%-
CROSSWIND RENEWABLE ENERGY CORP USD Renewable Energy Equipment & Servic... 0.0008 Delayed Quote.20.00%-6.67%40.00%-
CONFEDERATE MOTORS, INC. USD Motorcycles & Scooters 0.3 Delayed Quote.20.00%20.00%650.00%-
IRELAND INC USD Integrated Mining 0.18 Delayed Quote.20.00%-25.00%36.36%-
LIXTE BIOTECHNOLOGY HOLDINGS INC USD Biotechnology & Medical Research - ... 0.15 Delayed Quote.20.00%-10.71%-10.78%-
AMERICAN ORIENTAL BIOENGINEERING.. USD Pharmaceuticals - NEC 1.2 Delayed Quote.20.00%0.00%-77.78%0,070
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