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CHINA RENYUAN INTERNATIONAL INC USD Specialty Chemicals 0.02 Delayed Quote.1,233.33%0.00%0.00%-
U S LIQUIDS INC. USD Waste Management, Disposal & Recycl...-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
TIANRONG INTERNET PRODUCT USD E-commerce & Auction Services -Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%-90.00%-
NEW WORLD BRANDS, INC. USD Communications & Networking - NEC-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%-90.00%-
ACI GLOBAL CORP. USD Medical & Diagnostic Laboratories-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
MEDLINK INTERNATIONAL INC USD Healthcare Facilities & Services - ...-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
BLUE HOLDINGS INC. USD Apparel & Accessories - NEC-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
WENTWORTH ENERGY INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%900.00%-
CMONEY INC USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
PACER HEALTH CORPORATION USD Healthcare Facilities & Services - ...-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
YUHE INTERNATIONAL, INC USD Poultry Farming-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%-90.00%0,000
INDIE RANCH MEDIA INC USD Advanced Medical Equipment & Techno...-Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%0.00%-
SMARTHEAT INC USD Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditio... 0.001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%0,001
ENERGY 1 CORP USD Auto, Truck & Motorcycle Parts - NE... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
SYNERGY BRANDS, INC. USD Food Retail & Distribution - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
SONA MOBILE HOLDINGS CORP. USD Computer Peripherals-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
MEDIA WAY CORP. USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
FIRST NATIONAL ENTERTAIN. USD Leisure & Recreation - NEC-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
AFFIRMATIVE INSURANCE HOLDINGS, .. USD Property & Casualty Insurance - NEC...-Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%-99.33%0,000
BRAVO ENTERPRISES LTD USD Heavy Machinery & Vehicles - NEC-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%-90.00%-
RIVIERA TOOL COMPANY USD Machine Tools 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%0,000
SUPER NOVA RESOURCES, INC. USD Employment Services - NEC 0.001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%9,900.00%-
FUELNATION INC. USD Petroleum Product Wholesale-Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%0.00%-
FIDELIS ENERGY INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
BERGAMO ACQUISITION CORP USD Investment Management & Fund Operat...-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%-90.00%-
CO2 TECH LTD. USD Environmental Services & Equipment ...-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
SUPATCHA RESOURCES INC USD Integrated Mining 0.001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
NU STAR HOLDINGS, INC. USD Food Processing - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
CUBED INC USD Mobile Application Software 0.001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
AMERICAN ENERGY DEVELOPMENT CORP USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%0.00%-
SIVAULT SYSTEMS, INC. USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
GC CHINA TURBINE CORP. USD Wind Systems & Equipment 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%0.00%-
CHEYENNE RESOURCES CORP USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
INFINEX VENTURES, INC. USD Specialty Mining & Metals - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
TIDELANDS OIL & GAS CORPORATION USD Natural Gas Pipeline 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
GA EXPRESS, INC. (USA) USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
NUTRIONE CORP USD Women's Clothing-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
WORTHINGTON ENERGY INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%-90.00%0.00%-
COLLEXIS HOLDINGS INC USD System Software 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%900.00%0.00%-
ABLE ENERGY, INC. USD Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing - ...-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
ADVANCED LIGHTING SOLUTIONS INC USD Real Estate Development & Operation...-Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
ITSA LTD USD Cable Service Providers 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%0.00%-
FAR VISTA PETROLEUM CORP USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
CALISSIO RESOURCES GROUP INC USD Integrated Mining 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%9,900.00%-
GEPCO LTD USD Social Media & Networking 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
SYNTHONICS TECHNOLOGIES USD IT Services & Consulting - NEC 0.0001 Delayed Quote.900.00%0.00%900.00%-
THINKPATH INC. USD Business Support Services - NEC 0.008 Delayed Quote.566.67%566.67%1,900.00%-
WORLD WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS, I.. USD Communications & Networking - NEC-Delayed Quote.500.00%0.00%-94.00%-
CELLCYTE GENETICS CORPORATION USD Biotechnology & Medical Research - ... 0.0006 Delayed Quote.500.00%0.00%5,900.00%-
NEXT FUEL INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.06 Delayed Quote.494.06%494.06%140.00%-
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