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POLWAX SA PLN Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing - ... 7.36 End-of-day quote.2.79%-1.87%-34.58%20
EQT GP HOLDINGS LP USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 24.73 Delayed Quote.2.78%0.42%-10.56%6 534
GASTAR EXPLORATION INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.4981 Delayed Quote.2.72%-7.64%-53.82%120
JKX OIL AND GAS PLC GBp Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 30.3 Delayed Quote.2.71%-6.35%168.18%69
PACIFIC ETHANOL INC USD Ethanol Fuels 2.875 Delayed Quote.2.68%12.00%-38.46%105
TENGASCO, INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 1.15 Delayed Quote.2.68%-0.88%40.00%-
CLEARBRIDGE ENERGY MLP OPP FUND .. USD Integrated Oil & Gas 11.4784 Delayed Quote.2.67%2.10%-5.25%-
VAALCO ENERGY, INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 3.09 Delayed Quote.2.66%-1.63%331.79%182
PROFIRE ENERGY, INC. USD Oil Related Services 3.47 Delayed Quote.2.66%-9.87%76.04%162
ENLINK MIDSTREAM PARTNERS LP USD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 15.87 Delayed Quote.2.65%1.38%0.59%5 229
FITZROY RIVER CORP LTD AUD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.195 End-of-day quote.2.63%-13.64%-13.64%-
ULTIMA UNITED LTD AUD Uranium Mining 0.078 End-of-day quote.2.63%1.33%8.57%-
CHAPARRAL ENERGY INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 19.5 Delayed Quote.2.63%7.04%-19.80%883
STE DE TRANSPORT PAR PIPE LINE S.. TND Oil Pipeline 7.82 End-of-day quote.2.62%-0.38%-11.54%24
ENBRIDGE INCOME FUND HOLDINGS IN.. CAD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 32.84 Delayed Quote.2.59%-1.87%7.38%4 257
ENERGY TRANSFER PARTNERS LP USD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 19.8972 Delayed Quote.2.56%2.11%8.26%22 440
ENABLE MIDSTREAM PARTNERS LP USD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 18.9 Delayed Quote.2.55%9.05%29.61%7 713
ISRAMCO, INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 119.5 Delayed Quote.2.53%2.09%14.19%-
FERRELLGAS PARTNERS, L.P. USD Oil Related Services and Equipment ... 3.25 Delayed Quote.2.52%-4.52%-25.93%318
GRUPA LOTOS SA PLN Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing - ... 58.98 End-of-day quote.2.50%3.62%2.25%2 882
KINDER MORGAN CANADA LTD CAD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 16.47 Delayed Quote.2.49%0.06%-5.53%1 248
ODFJELL DRILLING LTD NOK Oil & Gas Drilling - NEC 31.3 Delayed Quote.2.46%-6.72%-16.30%916
GENESIS ENERGY, L.P. USD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 23.09 Delayed Quote.2.44%-0.31%0.85%2 731
ENERGY RESOURCES OF AUSTRALIA LI.. AUD Uranium Mining 0.42 End-of-day quote.2.44%-3.53%-54.95%160
PARAMOUNT RESOURCES LTD CAD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 15.15 Delayed Quote.2.43%-1.99%-23.84%1 480
SEABIRD EXPLORATION PLC NOK Oil Related - Surveying & Mapping S... 0.2115 Delayed Quote.2.42%-4.84%-26.25%33
COMSTOCK RESOURCES INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 11.84 Delayed Quote.2.42%-3.59%36.64%185
HUAJUN INTERNATIONAL GROUP LTD HKD Photovoltaic Solar Systems & Equipm... 29.7 End-of-day quote.2.41%-2.30%9,181.25%-
ECLIPSE RESOURCES CORP USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 1.71 Delayed Quote.2.40%-6.18%-30.42%508
EUROPA OIL & GAS (HOLDINGS) PLC GBp Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 4.3 Delayed Quote.2.38%-7.69%-23.64%17
TERRACOM LTD AUD Coal - NEC 0.43 End-of-day quote.2.38%2.44%75.00%47
CROSSAMERICA PARTNERS LP USD Petroleum Product Wholesale 18.135 Delayed Quote.2.34%2.43%-25.39%601
SUMMIT MIDSTREAM PARTNERS LP USD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 16.68 Delayed Quote.2.33%0.62%-20.49%1 213
EARTHSTONE ENERGY INC USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 10.59 Delayed Quote.2.32%-3.81%-2.63%658
OCEAN YIELD ASA NOK Oil Related Services 68.2 Delayed Quote.2.25%-6.32%-4.03%1 312
CLEAN ENERGY FUELS CORP USD Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing - ... 2.75 Delayed Quote.2.23%-3.76%32.51%535
BARNWELL INDUSTRIES, INC. USD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 1.8095 Delayed Quote.2.23%-6.35%-14.90%-
MAGELLAN MIDSTREAM PARTNERS, L.P.. USD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 69.55 Delayed Quote.2.23%0.28%-4.10%15 396
SINO GAS & ENERGY HOLDINGS LIMIT.. AUD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 0.23 End-of-day quote.2.22%0.00%45.16%353
TETHYS OIL AB SEK Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 102.84 Delayed Quote.2.21%-3.06%53.03%407
OASIS MIDSTREAM PARTNERS LP USD Oil Related Services and Equipment ... 19.9202 Delayed Quote.2.21%2.15%11.75%537
QINGDAO COPTON TECHNOLOGY CO LTD CNY Petroleum Refining 14.38 End-of-day quote.2.20%8.48%-21.79%401
STOBART GROUP LTD GBp Renewable Energy Equipment & Servic... 241.6836 Delayed Quote.2.19%0.85%-15.99%1 074
ARCHROCK INC USD Oil Related Services and Equipment ... 12.875 Delayed Quote.2.18%-3.08%20.00%1 651
FUJI OIL CO LTD JPY Oil & Gas Refining and Marketing - ... 375 End-of-day quote.2.18%-6.48%-41.59%254
SANCHEZ PRODUCTION PARTNERS LP USD Natural Gas Exploration & Productio... 11.85 Delayed Quote.2.16%-0.85%4.50%177
NCONDEZI ENERGY LTD GBp Coal - NEC 8.274 Delayed Quote.2.15%0.00%123.45%31
KINETIC MINES AND ENERGY LTD HKD Coal - NEC 0.48 End-of-day quote.2.13%9.09%43.28%-
TRANSGLOBE ENERGY CORPORATION CAD Oil & Gas Exploration and Productio... 4.84 Delayed Quote.2.11%4.72%145.26%256
PLAINS GP HOLDINGS LP USD Oil & Gas Transportation Services -... 23.87 Delayed Quote.2.10%-0.09%6.51%3 600
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