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Comparaison Sectorielle

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NETMED, INC. USD Investment Trusts 0.065 Delayed Quote.6,499,900.00%649,900.00%-
WINS FINANCE HOLDINGS INC USD Investment Trusts 205.01 Delayed Quote.153.10%13.89%-
CNK GLOBAL INC USD Investment Trusts 1 Delayed Quote.36.99%0.00%-
E.DIGITAL CORPORATION USD Investment Trusts 0.0009 Delayed Quote.28.57%-98.25%-
SPORTS SUPPLEMENT ACQUISITION GR.. USD Investment Trusts 0.02 Delayed Quote.23.84%51.17%-
SUNSET CAPITAL ASSETS INC USD Investment Trusts 0.1139 Delayed Quote.4.30%-78.28%-
EXCEL CORP USD Investment Trusts 0.043 Delayed Quote.2.38%-64.17%-
MESABI TRUST USD Investment Trusts 13.6 Delayed Quote.0.74%29.44%177
CAPITAL SOUTHWEST CORPORATION USD Investment Trusts 16.2937 Delayed Quote.0.52%0.37%259
COMPASS DIVERSIFIED HOLDINGS USD Investment Trusts 17.4862 Delayed Quote.0.50%-2.79%1 042
JOHN HANCOCK HEDGED EQUITY AND I.. USD Investment Trusts 17.83 Delayed Quote.0.39%12.72%-
BLACKROCK UTILITY AND INFRASTRUC.. USD Investment Trusts 21.2818 Delayed Quote.0.34%14.88%-
NUVEEN CREDIT STRATEGIES INCOME .. USD Investment Trusts 8.705 Delayed Quote.0.29%-2.15%1 178
TORTOISE PIPELINE AND ENERGY FUN.. USD Investment Trusts 20.205 Delayed Quote.0.22%-6.87%-
BROOKFIELD GLBL LSTD INFRSTR INC.. USD Investment Trusts 13.8296 Delayed Quote.0.21%7.56%-
AGIC EQUITY AND CONVERTIBLE INCO.. USD Investment Trusts 20.4404 Delayed Quote.0.15%10.80%-
SARATOGA INVESTMENT CORP USD Investment Trusts 20.75 Delayed Quote.0.05%0.63%124
CENTRAL WIRELESS INC USD Investment Trusts 0.0001 Delayed Quote.0.00%-65.52%-
OMEGA VENTURES GROUP INC USD Investment Trusts-Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%-
AMERICAN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGIES, I.. USD Investment Trusts 0.0014 Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%-
SYNDICATE BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT C.. USD Investment Trusts 0.0001 Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%-
ACQUIRED SALES CORP. USD Investment Trusts 0.55 Delayed Quote.0.00%-45.00%-
SOELLINGEN ADVISORY GROUP INC USD Investment Trusts 0.101 Delayed Quote.0.00%44.29%-
IDGLOBAL CORP USD Investment Trusts 0.0001 Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%-
GLOBAL HOLDINGS, INC. USD Investment Trusts 0.02 Delayed Quote.0.00%-13.23%-
VANGUARD ENERGY GROUP INC USD Investment Trusts-Delayed Quote.0.00%0.00%-
TUNGSTEN CORP USD Investment Trusts 0.0009 Delayed Quote.0.00%-10.00%-
PACIFIC VEGAS GLOBAL STRATEGIES,.. USD Investment Trusts 0.006 Delayed Quote.0.00%100.00%-
NUVEEN SHORT DURATION CREDIT OPP.. USD Investment Trusts 17.71 Delayed Quote.0.00%1.26%-
EATON VANCE CALIFORNIA MUN. INCO.. USD Investment Trusts 12.51 Delayed Quote.-0.20%1.63%-
BLACKROCK INV. QUALITY MUNIC. TR.. USD Investment Trusts 15.11 Delayed Quote.-0.27%3.13%-
ALLIANZGI NFJ DIVIDEND INT & PRM.. USD Investment Trusts 13.4101 Delayed Quote.-0.37%6.74%-
CM FINANCE INC USD Investment Trusts 10.05 Delayed Quote.-0.50%8.60%138
KBS FASHION GROUP LTD USD Investment Trusts 2.7 Delayed Quote.-1.10%-35.00%-
MARINE PETROLEUM TRUST USD Investment Trusts 3.33 Delayed Quote.-1.48%-22.34%-
INCA WORLDWIDE INC USD Investment Trusts 0.0005 Delayed Quote.-1.80%-89.82%-
GULF COAST ULTRA DEEP ROYALTY TR.. USD Investment Trusts 0.052 Delayed Quote.-1.89%-63.45%-
NEW ASIA HOLDINGS INC USD Investment Trusts 0.378 Delayed Quote.-2.58%1,790.00%-
AMEN PROPERTIES, INC USD Investment Trusts 465 Delayed Quote.-3.13%-0.62%-
KBS REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST.. USD Investment Trusts 4.43 Delayed Quote.-3.70%-3.70%-
FUSE MEDICAL INC USD Investment Trusts 0.3 Delayed Quote.-6.25%87.50%-
COCONNECT INC. USD Investment Trusts 5.25 Delayed Quote.-25.00%75.00%-
CHINAWE.COM INC USD Investment Trusts 0.006 Delayed Quote.-40.00%-25.00%-
SILVER STREAM MINING CORP USD Investment Trusts 0.0085 Delayed Quote.-43.33%0.00%-
DALA PETROLEUM CORP USD Investment Trusts 0.05 Delayed Quote.-50.00%66.67%-
KBRIDGE ENERGY CORP USD Investment Trusts 0.0025 Delayed Quote.-69.14%-34.73%-
SEAWAY VALLEY CAPITAL CORPORATIO.. USD Investment Trusts 0.0003 Delayed Quote.-71.83%207.00%-
ADELPHIA RECOVERY TRUST USD Investment Trusts 0.0001 Delayed Quote.-83.33%-99.00%-
LBO CAPITAL CORP USD Investment Trusts-Delayed Quote.-88.00%20.00%-
AFFILIATED RESOURCES CORP USD Investment Trusts-Delayed Quote.-99.00%-50.00%-
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