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Capitalization (M$)
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1st jan.
Capitalization (M$)
GENERAL ELECTRIC COM..Industrial Conglomerates2.93%-8.60%257 281GENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY - Short Term - Bearish trendGENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY - Mid-Term - Neutral trendGENERAL ELECTRIC COMPANY - Long Term - Neutral trend
3M COIndustrial Conglomerates5.32%17.99%106 0433M CO - Short Term - Bullish trend3M CO - Mid-Term - Bullish trend3M CO - Long Term - Bullish trend
HONEYWELL INTERNATIO..Industrial Conglomerates2.80%10.13%79 189HONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. - Short Term - Bullish trendHONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. - Mid-Term - Bullish trendHONEYWELL INTERNATIONAL INC. - Long Term - Bullish trend
E I DU PONT DE NEMOU..Industrial Conglomerates0.84%11.17%66 397E I DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND CO - Short Term - Bullish trendE I DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND CO - Mid-Term - Bullish trendE I DU PONT DE NEMOURS AND CO - Long Term - Bullish trend
ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS ..Industrial Conglomerates2.90%14.20%37 537ILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC. - Short Term - Neutral trendILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC. - Mid-Term - Bullish trendILLINOIS TOOL WORKS INC. - Long Term - Bullish trend
TYCO INTERNATIONAL L..Industrial Conglomerates3.87%5.17%18 061TYCO INTERNATIONAL LTD. - Short Term - Bullish trendTYCO INTERNATIONAL LTD. - Mid-Term - Neutral trendTYCO INTERNATIONAL LTD. - Long Term - Neutral trend
CARLISLE COMPANIES, ..Industrial Conglomerates4.00%13.75%5 767CARLISLE COMPANIES, INC. - Short Term - Neutral trendCARLISLE COMPANIES, INC. - Mid-Term - Bullish trendCARLISLE COMPANIES, INC. - Long Term - Bullish trend
SEABOARD CORPIndustrial Conglomerates-1.55%34.38%4 397   
TRINITY INDUSTRIES I..Industrial Conglomerates3.45%2.42%4 345TRINITY INDUSTRIES INC - Short Term - Bearish trendTRINITY INDUSTRIES INC - Mid-Term - Bearish trendTRINITY INDUSTRIES INC - Long Term - Bearish trend
RAVEN INDUSTRIES, IN..Industrial Conglomerates10.25%-40.67%929RAVEN INDUSTRIES, INC. - Short Term - Neutral trendRAVEN INDUSTRIES, INC. - Mid-Term - Bearish trendRAVEN INDUSTRIES, INC. - Long Term - Bearish trend
SIEM INDUSTRIES, INC..Industrial Conglomerates-4.00%-24.21%-   
EDD HELMS GROUP, INC..Industrial Conglomerates0.00%-24.47%-   
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