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RIVERSTONE ENERGY LTD GBp Investment Trusts 1228 Delayed Quote.3.54%4.24%-0.57%1 388
ARTEMIS ALPHA TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 311 Delayed Quote.2.98%1.30%3.67%177
MAJEDIE INVESTMENTS PLC GBp Investment Trusts 286 Delayed Quote.2.88%0.53%-4.03%211
BLACKROCK GREATER EURO INV TST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 329 Delayed Quote.2.81%0.30%-2.66%402
VALUE AND INCOME TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 269 Delayed Quote.2.67%1.32%-4.95%167
BAILLIE GIFFORD JAPAN TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 846 Delayed Quote.2.42%2.79%2.55%1 040
EP GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES TRUST PL.. GBp Investment Trusts 307 Delayed Quote.2.33%0.66%-4.06%185
JP MORGAN FLEMING JAPANESE SMALL.. GBp Investment Trusts 440 Delayed Quote.2.33%1.03%0.69%330
MARTIN CURRIE ASIA UNCONSTRAND T.. GBp Investment Trusts 399 Delayed Quote.2.31%2.31%-1.18%198
JUPITER US SMALLER COMPANIES PLC GBp Investment Trusts 922 Delayed Quote.2.22%4.06%3.13%200
DUNEDIN INCOME GROWTH INVESTMENT.. GBp Investment Trusts 251 Delayed Quote.2.03%0.40%-4.02%514
HGCAPITAL TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1795 Delayed Quote.1.99%2.87%1.53%916
JPMORGAN CLAVERHOUSE INVESTMENT .. GBp Investment Trusts 730 Delayed Quote.1.96%1.11%-0.07%547
LINDSELL TRAIN INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBP Investment Trusts 968 Delayed Quote.1.89%3.42%15.24%263
JPMORGAN EUROPEAN INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 162.5 Delayed Quote.1.88%0.31%-3.13%541
PACIFIC HORIZON INVESTMENT TRUST.. GBp Investment Trusts 360 Delayed Quote.1.69%5.42%14.10%267
IMPAX ENVIRONMENTAL MARKETS PLC GBp Investment Trusts 257 Delayed Quote.1.58%2.80%0.19%634
OAKLEY CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LIMIT.. GBp Investment Trusts 169 Delayed Quote.1.50%3.36%3.05%471
F&C PRIVATE EQUITY TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 343 Delayed Quote.1.48%3.00%1.18%347
THE SCOTTISH AMERICAN INVESTMENT.. GBp Investment Trusts 368 Delayed Quote.1.38%0.55%0.00%695
JUPITER UK GROWTH INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 310 Delayed Quote.1.31%-0.96%-1.67%86
MARTIN CURRIE GLOBAL PORTFOLIO T.. GBp Investment Trusts 241 Delayed Quote.1.26%0.00%-1.93%306
CITY NATURAL RESOURCES HIGH YIEL.. GBp Investment Trusts 123 Delayed Quote.1.23%2.29%2.18%112
WITAN PACIFIC INVESTMENT TRUST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 333 Delayed Quote.1.22%0.91%-0.75%292
ALCENTRA EUROPEAN FLOAT RTE INCM.. GBp Investment Trusts 99.2 Delayed Quote.1.22%0.61%-0.80%217
MONTANARO EUROPEAN SMALLER CO.S .. GBp Investment Trusts 840 Delayed Quote.1.20%1.51%3.19%195
SCHRODER UK MID & SMALL CAP FUND.. GBp Investment Trusts 530 Delayed Quote.1.15%-0.19%-5.02%265
JPMORGAN JAPANESE INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 445 Delayed Quote.1.14%2.30%1.54%987
SCHRODER INCOME GROWTH FUND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 279 Delayed Quote.1.09%-1.24%-5.58%268
BH MACRO LTD GBp Investment Trusts 2025 Delayed Quote.1.00%1.43%1.25%452
SEQUOIA ECONOMIC INFRASTRCTR INC.. GBp Investment Trusts 109.5 Delayed Quote.0.92%0.46%-3.10%1 135
JPMORGAN AMERICAN INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 398 Delayed Quote.0.89%-0.87%-1.83%1 270
SCHRODER UK GROWTH FUND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 171 Delayed Quote.0.89%0.29%-3.39%359
HENDERSON EUROTRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1150 Delayed Quote.0.88%0.00%-4.96%335
ABERDEEN NEW THAI INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 583 Delayed Quote.0.87%0.34%5.28%136
POLAR CAPITAL TECHNOLOGY TRUST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 1184 Delayed Quote.0.85%-0.17%4.13%2 215
CITY MERCHANTS HIGH YIELD TRUST .. GBp Investment Trusts 184.5 Delayed Quote.0.82%0.82%-7.52%245
TROY INCOME & GROWTH TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 74.6 Delayed Quote.0.81%-1.84%-6.75%302
FIDELITY SPECIAL VALUES PLC GBp Investment Trusts 262 Delayed Quote.0.77%1.55%2.34%950
ABERFORTH SMALLER COMPANIES TRUS.. GBp Investment Trusts 1346 Delayed Quote.0.75%1.20%1.51%1 728
CITY OF LONDON INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBp Investment Trusts 410 Delayed Quote.0.74%-0.24%-6.61%1 978
INVESCO INCOME GROWTH TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 275 Delayed Quote.0.73%1.10%-6.46%223
INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC PARTNERSHIP.. GBp Investment Trusts 147.4 Delayed Quote.0.68%0.55%-5.93%2 877
GREENCOAT UK WIND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 121 Delayed Quote.0.67%0.67%-1.47%1 744
BLACKROCK WORLD MINING TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 389.5 Delayed Quote.0.65%-1.39%-2.07%958
BLACKROCK THROGMORTON TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 489 Delayed Quote.0.62%-1.01%2.52%502
BANKERS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 872 Delayed Quote.0.58%-0.91%-0.97%1 497
HENDERSON HIGH INCOME TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 176.5 Delayed Quote.0.57%-0.84%-7.11%316
FUNDING CIRCLE SME INCOME FUND L.. GBp Investment Trusts 107.5 Delayed Quote.0.47%0.00%3.61%463
SECURITIES TRUST OF SCOTLAND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 167.5 Delayed Quote.0.45%0.30%-3.18%258
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