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ELECTRA PRIVATE EQUITY PLC GBp Investment Trusts 943 Delayed Quote.3.34%-1.88%-80.90%465
ALLIANZ TECHNOLOGY TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1165 Delayed Quote.3.01%0.09%38.05%402
CAPITAL GEARING TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 3965 Delayed Quote.2.85%-2.45%2.20%277
BLACKROCK FRONTIERS INV TST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 159.35 Delayed Quote.2.81%-3.58%19.23%376
CHELVERTON SMALL COMPANS DVDND T.. GBp Investment Trusts 260 Delayed Quote.2.56%-0.39%18.18%60
JPMORGAN US SMALLER CO INV TRUST.. GBp Investment Trusts 303.733 Delayed Quote.2.44%-0.84%5.14%223
FIDELITY SPECIAL VALUES PLC GBp Investment Trusts 251.25 Delayed Quote.2.13%0.31%7.42%867
BLACKROCK EMERGING EUROPE PLC GBp Investment Trusts 352.867 Delayed Quote.1.73%0.40%16.60%167
BAILLIE GIFFORD SHIN NIPPON PLC GBp Investment Trusts 877.8644 Delayed Quote.1.66%1.23%49.27%522
BLACKROCK WORLD MINING TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 374.4301 Delayed Quote.1.54%3.29%9.58%867
THE SCOTTISH AMERICAN INVESTMENT.. GBp Investment Trusts 360.4 Delayed Quote.1.52%-2.47%9.57%643
GRESHAM HOUSE PLC GBp Investment Trusts 403.75 Delayed Quote.1.44%1.66%33.78%66
DRAPER ESPRIT GBp Investment Trusts 395 Delayed Quote.1.41%1.28%13.83%377
JUPITER US SMALLER COMPANIES PLC GBp Investment Trusts 864.5 Delayed Quote.1.29%-0.06%-5.98%194
POLAR CAPITAL TECHNOLOGY TRUST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 1137 Delayed Quote.1.25%-0.53%32.66%1 999
JUPITER EUROPEAN OPPORTUNITIES T.. GBp Investment Trusts 724.5 Delayed Quote.1.19%-0.28%31.02%1 064
ESTABLISHMENT INVESTMENT TRUST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 219 Delayed Quote.1.15%0.35%10.74%58
BAILLIE GIFFORD JAPAN TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 820 Delayed Quote.1.11%1.00%44.82%942
SCHRODER ASIAN TOTL RETRN INVSTM.. GBp Investment Trusts 356 Delayed Quote.1.06%1.15%37.87%379
IMPAX ENVIRONMENTAL MARKETS PLC GBp Investment Trusts 254 Delayed Quote.0.99%-1.28%15.37%603
WITAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1070 Delayed Quote.0.94%0.28%17.52%2 519
CITY OF LONDON INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBp Investment Trusts 432.8 Delayed Quote.0.91%0.68%5.64%1 968
JPMORGAN GLOBAL GROWTH & INCOME .. GBp Investment Trusts 326.75 Delayed Quote.0.85%0.47%17.71%540
SCOTTISH MORTGAGE INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 440.7 Delayed Quote.0.85%-1.78%36.35%8 164
B.P. MARSH & PARTNERS PLC GBp Investment Trusts 250.6 Delayed Quote.0.85%-2.06%21.81%97
P2P GLOBAL INVESTMENTS PLC GBp Investment Trusts 803.5 Delayed Quote.0.82%-2.80%-0.25%851
JUPITER UK GROWTH INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 312 Delayed Quote.0.77%-0.44%2.02%85
HENDERSON OPPORTUNITIES TRUST PL.. GBp Investment Trusts 1050.04 Delayed Quote.0.77%-0.53%26.30%111
CITY NATURAL RESOURCES HIGH YIEL.. GBp Investment Trusts 115.753 Delayed Quote.0.76%1.55%-8.10%102
JPMORGAN EUROPEAN INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 166.5 Delayed Quote.0.76%0.76%21.06%542
JPMORGAN AMERICAN INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 408.4 Delayed Quote.0.76%1.10%9.78%1 248
SCHRODER INCOME GROWTH FUND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 292.67 Delayed Quote.0.75%1.57%3.94%266
JP MORGAN FLEMING JAPANESE SMALL.. GBp Investment Trusts 433 Delayed Quote.0.70%1.65%42.38%313
RIT CAPITAL PARTNERS PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1960 Delayed Quote.0.67%0.41%3.29%4 028
JPMORGAN GLOBAL EMERGING MARKETS.. GBp Investment Trusts 134.6149 Delayed Quote.0.65%1.90%16.30%527
BANKERS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 872.5 Delayed Quote.0.63%0.76%23.95%1 416
OAKLEY CAPITAL INVESTMENTS LIMIT.. GBp Investment Trusts 164.5 Delayed Quote.0.61%0.80%0.00%446
BLACKROCK THROGMORTON TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 460.73 Delayed Quote.0.60%0.47%31.04%446
SCHRODER UK GROWTH FUND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 176.74 Delayed Quote.0.56%1.59%5.56%360
JUPITER GREEN INVESTMENT TRUST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 187.5 Delayed Quote.0.54%0.00%12.18%52
INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC PARTNERSHIP.. GBp Investment Trusts 154.7 Delayed Quote.0.52%1.92%-0.06%2 880
PERPETUAL INCOME & GROWTH INVEST.. GBp Investment Trusts 375.9 Delayed Quote.0.51%0.54%1.38%1 198
DUNEDIN INCOME GROWTH INVESTMENT.. GBp Investment Trusts 256.75 Delayed Quote.0.49%-0.39%4.71%510
ALLIANCE TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 745 Delayed Quote.0.47%0.75%16.22%3 434
HENDERSON SMALLER COMPANIES INV .. GBp Investment Trusts 859 Delayed Quote.0.47%1.91%29.35%851
JPMORGAN MID CAP INVESTMENT TRUS.. GBp Investment Trusts 1177.1 Delayed Quote.0.44%-0.17%24.15%372
CALEDONIA INVESTMENTS PLC GBp Investment Trusts 2712 Delayed Quote.0.44%-1.46%4.25%1 991
PERSONAL ASSETS TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 40980 Delayed Quote.0.44%0.25%3.92%1 165
BRUNNER INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 776.48 Delayed Quote.0.39%-0.23%27.33%440
HENDERSON EUROPEAN FOCUS TRUST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 1370 Delayed Quote.0.37%-0.40%23.47%391
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