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CITY NATURAL RESOURCES HIGH YIEL.. GBp Investment Trusts 112.375 Delayed Quote.2.98%-10.10%94
INVESCO ASIA TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 291.25 Delayed Quote.2.51%27.32%259
MAJEDIE INVESTMENTS PLC GBp Investment Trusts 278.75 Delayed Quote.2.11%-5.19%188
BLACKROCK WORLD MINING TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 368 Delayed Quote.2.01%9.36%819
POLAR CAPITAL TECHNOLOGY TRUST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 1055 Delayed Quote.1.83%24.63%1 769
HENDERSON OPPORTUNITIES TRUST PL.. GBp Investment Trusts 949.25 Delayed Quote.1.80%15.06%96
JPMORGAN EUROPEAN SMALLER COS TR.. GBp Investment Trusts 385 Delayed Quote.1.58%31.40%780
JPMORGAN EMERGING MARKETS INV TR.. GBp Investment Trusts 842 Delayed Quote.1.57%21.85%1 320
ELECTRA PRIVATE EQUITY PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1673 Delayed Quote.1.33%-64.98%813
JUPITER UK GROWTH INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 337.5 Delayed Quote.1.31%11.20%57
TEMPLETON EMERGING MARKETS INV T.. GBp Investment Trusts 742.5 Delayed Quote.1.30%24.69%2 626
MERCANTILE INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 2002 Delayed Quote.1.26%16.80%2 113
BLACKROCK COMMS INCOME INV TST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 71.25 Delayed Quote.1.24%-18.80%108
SCHRODER ASIAPACIFIC FUND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 430.375 Delayed Quote.1.21%29.63%917
MURRAY INTERNATIONAL TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1272 Delayed Quote.1.19%7.07%2 062
JPMORGAN INDIAN INVESTMENT TRUST.. GBp Investment Trusts 755.5 Delayed Quote.1.14%27.40%1 012
SCHRODER INCOME GROWTH FUND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 301.5 Delayed Quote.1.13%7.87%263
JPMORGAN MID CAP INVESTMENT TRUS.. GBp Investment Trusts 1064.5 Delayed Quote.1.09%12.76%323
SCHRODER UK GROWTH FUND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 174.125 Delayed Quote.1.09%4.58%345
PACIFIC HORIZON INVESTMENT TRUST.. GBp Investment Trusts 284.5 Delayed Quote.1.07%37.19%197
PACIFIC ASSETS TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 259 Delayed Quote.1.07%8.03%395
TR EUROPEAN GROWTH TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1132 Delayed Quote.1.07%46.16%716
HENDERSON HIGH INCOME TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 192 Delayed Quote.1.05%4.56%458
FIDELITY ASIAN VALUES PLC GBp Investment Trusts 386.25 Delayed Quote.1.05%11.31%336
BLACKROCK GREATER EURO INV TST P.. GBp Investment Trusts 324 Delayed Quote.1.05%15.92%393
JPMORGAN RUSSIAN SECURITIES PLC GBp Investment Trusts 467.125 Delayed Quote.1.03%-11.11%311
VALUE AND INCOME TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 277.75 Delayed Quote.1.00%11.10%161
JPMORGAN EUROPEAN INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 167.25 Delayed Quote.0.98%22.53%507
THE SCOTTISH AMERICAN INVESTMENT.. GBp Investment Trusts 365 Delayed Quote.0.97%12.65%624
EP GLOBAL OPPORTUNITIES TRUST PL.. GBp Investment Trusts 308.375 Delayed Quote.0.94%5.25%181
ALLIANZ TECHNOLOGY TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1037.5 Delayed Quote.0.92%26.64%343
FOREIGN & COLONIAL INVESTMENT T.. GBp Investment Trusts 618 Delayed Quote.0.90%13.60%4 280
LINDSELL TRAIN INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBP Investment Trusts 850 Delayed Quote.0.89%-6.85%217
CITY OF LONDON INVESTMENT TRUST .. GBp Investment Trusts 429.7 Delayed Quote.0.87%4.93%1 871
JP MORGAN FLEMING JAPANESE SMALL.. GBp Investment Trusts 366.375 Delayed Quote.0.86%21.32%256
SCOTTISH MORTGAGE INVESTMENT TRU.. GBp Investment Trusts 431.7 Delayed Quote.0.86%34.70%7 681
MONKS INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 714 Delayed Quote.0.85%26.04%1 949
ABERFORTH SMALLER COMPANIES TRUS.. GBp Investment Trusts 1310 Delayed Quote.0.85%18.12%1 570
PERPETUAL INCOME & GROWTH INVEST.. GBp Investment Trusts 394.8 Delayed Quote.0.84%7.02%1 211
JUPITER EUROPEAN OPPORTUNITIES T.. GBp Investment Trusts 708.5 Delayed Quote.0.78%29.64%1 009
WITAN INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1044 Delayed Quote.0.77%15.74%2 381
MARTIN CURRIE ASIA UNCONSTRAND T.. GBp Investment Trusts 392.5 Delayed Quote.0.77%21.89%181
UTILICO EMERGING MARKET LIMITED GBp Investment Trusts 225 Delayed Quote.0.73%17.34%628
MARTIN CURRIE GLOBAL PORTFOLIO T.. GBp Investment Trusts 241.25 Delayed Quote.0.73%6.44%289
BARING EMERGING EUROPE PLC GBp Investment Trusts 755 Delayed Quote.0.67%7.86%136
SECURITIES TRUST OF SCOTLAND PLC GBp Investment Trusts 171 Delayed Quote.0.66%1.94%245
EDINBURGH DRAGON TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 361.375 Delayed Quote.0.66%19.66%887
MID WYND INTERNATIONAL INVESTMEN.. GBp Investment Trusts 459 Delayed Quote.0.66%9.68%191
KEYSTONE INVESTMENT TRUST PLC GBp Investment Trusts 1761.5 Delayed Quote.0.66%6.76%304
ABERDEEN NEW INDIA INVESTMENT TR.. GBp Investment Trusts 464.875 Delayed Quote.0.65%25.30%351
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