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Market :
- Index S&P 500 (502) Legend

This tool permits in the twinkling of an eye to know which securities have broken or are at proximity of their support or resistance.

Last NameSTS spread STR spreadMTS spreadMTR spreadLTS spreadLTR spread
RYDER SYSTEM, INC.2.6%P(-1.4%)12.1%-9.8%24.3%-10.5%
MORGAN STANLEY3.8%P(-1.5%)11.9%P(-1.5%)27.3%-11.5%
AMAZON.COM, INC.4.8%-1.5%16.6%-10.4%22.8%-10.8%
FREEPORT-MCMORAN INC10.4%-1.6%18.9%-28.3%30.6%-28.3%
EOG RESOURCES INC5.9%-1.6%13.1%-1.6%17.9%-5.3%
OCCIDENTAL PETROLEUM CORPORATION4.5%-1.7%6.2%-8.9%12.7%-7.8%
CSX CORPORATION3.0%-1.7%7.8%-7.1%12.9%-11.0%
VENTAS, INC.7.8%-1.7%7.8%-5.0%17.1%-4.4%
EQT CORPORATION2.3%-1.7%8.3%-12.9%12.2%-12.9%
NOBLE ENERGY, INC.4.8%-1.8%13.5%-8.7%7.5%-6.3%
NATIONAL-OILWELL VARCO, INC.5.2%-2.0%24.7%-2.0%24.0%-9.7%
ALBEMARLE CORPORATION5.7%-2.1%11.2%-2.1%23.6%-1.8%
KINDER MORGAN INC2.6%-2.2%14.0%-12.0%42.8%-5.0%
EXXON MOBIL CORPORATION5.4%-2.5%5.4%-9.5%14.5%-9.5%
ROCKWELL AUTOMATION4.4%-2.5%8.1%-2.5%11.8%P(-1.2%)
HCP, INC.6.1%-2.5%8.5%-2.5%17.8%P(-0.3%)
CINTAS CORPORATION2.8%-2.6%14.2%-2.6%14.2%-2.3%
MARATHON PETROLEUM CORP3.6%-2.6%13.5%-2.6%25.9%-37.4%
DIGITAL REALTY TRUST, INC.7.3%-2.7%13.7%-12.9%10.9%-11.1%
PIONEER NATURAL RESOURCES5.8%-2.7%14.5%-2.7%17.6%P(-1.2%)
RANGE RESOURCES CORP.5.3%-2.7%18.1%-20.3%20.5%-15.2%
TEXTRON INC.3.1%-2.7%4.9%-2.7%20.1%-8.6%
EASTMAN CHEMICAL COMPANY4.5%-2.7%4.5%-5.4%9.6%-14.6%
HESS CORP.8.4%-2.8%8.4%-5.4%23.7%-27.2%
AFFILIATED MANAGERS GROUP, INC.2.7%-2.8%7.8%-6.6%13.4%-31.5%
EXPEDIA INC4.2%-2.8%15.1%-2.8%19.4%-17.5%
CUMMINS INC.5.8%-2.8%5.8%-2.8%16.3%-2.5%
SPECTRA ENERGY CORP.7.2%-2.9%16.7%-2.9%27.8%P(-0.1%)
HELMERICH & PAYNE, INC.10.5%-3.0%10.5%-11.1%10.7%-9.5%
NEWFIELD EXPLORATION CO.6.9%-3.0%6.9%-12.3%23.0%-11.5%
CA, INC.4.1%-3.1%11.9%-4.6%9.5%-4.0%
HALLIBURTON COMPANY4.3%-3.1%6.2%-9.5%12.6%-9.5%
UNITED RENTALS, INC.2.6%-3.3%9.6%-11.7%17.9%-9.5%
PACCAR INC4.1%-3.4%8.3%-3.4%11.4%-2.4%
MEAD JOHNSON NUTRITION CO2.0%-3.4%2.0%-8.6%10.9%-17.3%
RED HAT INC7.0%-3.8%7.0%-3.8%21.6%-2.8%
GOODYEAR TIRE & RUBBER CO7.8%-3.8%11.9%-11.6%22.1%-6.3%
ONEOK, INC.5.1%-3.9%26.2%-25.0%39.9%-14.0%
CABOT OIL & GAS CORPORATION4.7%-4.0%12.6%-4.0%21.1%-2.2%
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STS spread : Spread between Short Term Support and last price.
STR spread : Spread between Short Term Resistance and last price.
MTS spread : Spread between Mid-Term Resistance and last price.
MTR spread : Spread between Mid-Term Support and last price.
LTS spread : Spread between Long Term Support and last price.
LTR spread : Spread between Long Term Resistance and last price.
P : Proximity
C : Broken Support
F : Crossed Resistance