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- Index S&P 500 (492) Legend

This tool permits in the twinkling of an eye to know which securities have broken or are at proximity of their support or resistance.

Last NameSTS spread STR spreadMTS spreadMTR spreadLTS spreadLTR spread
THE KROGER CO.2.3%P(-1.2%)8.6%-6.1%15.4%-13.2%
XYLEM INC3.5%P(-1.3%)8.3%-4.5%12.3%-4.2%
CINTAS CORPORATION3.2%P(-1.3%)8.2%-5.7%13.5%-6.4%
BALL CORPORATION3.3%P(-1.3%)9.9%-6.9%17.3%-13.8%
GANNETT CO., INC.P(1.3%)P(-1.3%)14.4%P(-1.3%)12.8%P(-1.3%)
FORD MOTOR COMPANY4.5%P(-1.4%)6.1%P(-1.4%)7.4%P(-0.7%)
MCGRAW HILL FINANCIAL INC5.1%P(-1.4%)5.1%-3.4%4.8%-3.1%
UNITED PARCEL SERVICE, INC.3.0%P(-1.4%)3.0%P(-1.4%)7.3%-6.9%
COMPUTER SCIENCES CORPORATION4.5%P(-1.4%)4.5%P(-1.4%)4.8%-7.6%
REYNOLDS AMERICAN, INC.2.7%-1.5%10.3%-6.9%8.0%-5.9%
TEXTRON INC.2.4%-1.6%5.9%-6.5%13.5%-4.6%
ROBERT HALF INTERNATIONAL INC.5.0%-1.6%10.7%-1.6%12.5%-11.5%
SYSCO CORPORATION3.1%-1.6%3.1%-1.6%9.0%-2.6%
AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES LTD10.2%-1.8%18.4%-8.2%31.2%-10.3%
AMERIPRISE FINANCIAL, INC.3.9%-1.9%8.8%-7.5%14.8%-7.7%
UNUM GROUP4.4%-1.9%6.4%-3.6%8.2%-2.9%
VF CORP3.1%-1.9%6.1%-3.9%10.7%-8.7%
VORNADO REALTY TRUST2.4%-1.9%3.6%-1.9%11.1%P(-1.2%)
UNDER ARMOUR INC2.9%-2.0%19.9%-18.1%25.4%-25.7%
RYDER SYSTEM, INC.3.6%-2.0%8.4%-6.3%19.8%-16.9%
PG&E CORPORATION9.1%-2.0%11.4%-2.0%7.8%-1.9%
THE WALT DISNEY COMPANY3.0%-2.0%8.9%-6.3%13.0%-11.3%
RED HAT INC3.3%-2.0%12.0%-2.0%15.9%P(-1.3%)
WASTE MANAGEMENT, INC.3.5%-2.1%7.1%-5.5%6.7%-2.5%
EXPEDIA INC5.0%-2.2%10.0%-9.9%26.4%-25.1%
NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION2.9%-2.2%4.1%-3.5%15.3%-12.5%
ZIONS BANCORPORATION6.2%-2.4%6.2%-2.4%6.9%-7.5%
OWENS-ILLINOIS INC2.3%-2.4%2.3%-5.3%4.1%-13.9%
LEGGETT & PLATT, INC.3.4%-2.5%5.1%-4.4%7.8%-4.2%
FEDEX CORPORATION3.9%-2.6%3.9%-2.6%12.7%-2.1%
FACEBOOK INC5.6%-2.8%13.4%-11.8%23.1%-19.1%
F5 NETWORKS, INC.7.1%-2.8%10.8%-6.6%20.8%-8.3%
THE TJX COMPANIES, INC.6.7%-3.0%13.6%-3.0%13.1%-6.0%
UNION PACIFIC CORPORATION4.2%-3.0%8.2%-6.1%14.8%-13.6%
STAPLES, INC.8.0%-3.1%14.9%-6.7%14.9%-4.8%
DELTA AIR LINES, INC.7.1%-3.2%22.5%-3.2%20.5%-3.2%
THERMO FISHER SCIENTIFIC INC.2.6%-3.2%7.4%-3.2%10.4%-3.2%
MORGAN STANLEY5.6%-3.4%9.2%-7.3%11.0%-5.8%
NEWELL RUBBERMAID INC.4.7%-3.5%8.8%-6.4%9.6%-8.7%
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STS spread : Spread between Short Term Support and last price.
STR spread : Spread between Short Term Resistance and last price.
MTS spread : Spread between Mid-Term Resistance and last price.
MTR spread : Spread between Mid-Term Support and last price.
LTS spread : Spread between Long Term Support and last price.
LTR spread : Spread between Long Term Resistance and last price.
P : Proximity
C : Broken Support
F : Crossed Resistance
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