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Market :
- Index S&P 500 (493) Legend

This tool permits in the twinkling of an eye to know which securities have broken or are at proximity of their support or resistance.

Last NameSTS spread STR spreadMTS spreadMTR spreadLTS spreadLTR spread
EATON CORPORATION PLC7.6%-2.5%13.5%-12.3%12.4%-6.3%
MCCORMICK & COMPANY, INCORPORATED2.6%-2.7%4.3%-2.7%7.3%-2.4%
MERCK & CO., INC.1.9%-2.8%1.9%-20.9%7.5%-10.7%
GENERAL MILLS, INC.2.3%-2.8%2.3%-2.8%5.9%-7.0%
L-3 COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS, INC.8.1%-2.9%13.3%-9.2%11.3%-9.4%
XCEL ENERGY INC5.9%-3.1%8.6%-7.5%9.3%P(-0.6%)
AT&T INC.5.3%-3.1%8.1%-5.7%6.0%-2.7%
PARKER-HANNIFIN CORP7.8%-3.1%14.8%-13.1%13.3%-3.3%
MARSH & MCLENNAN COMPANIES, INC.6.1%-3.1%6.1%-7.2%4.9%-8.7%
STAPLES, INC.4.1%-3.1%4.1%-22.8%P(0.1%)-38.6%
NORTHROP GRUMMAN CORPORATION4.5%-3.2%6.6%-3.2%7.4%-1.9%
CMS ENERGY CORPORATION5.4%-3.3%9.8%-6.9%12.6%-2.2%
WEC ENERGY GROUP INC5.0%-3.3%8.0%-7.4%9.6%-14.7%
TORCHMARK CORPORATION2.2%-3.4%2.2%-9.5%5.9%-8.4%
EMERSON ELECTRIC CO.9.8%-3.5%9.8%-7.3%8.1%-7.2%
FIRSTENERGY CORP.3.4%-3.5%13.6%-3.5%13.1%-8.0%
PACCAR INC5.1%-3.7%11.6%-3.7%9.9%-10.3%
BROWN-FORMAN CORPORATION6.0%-3.8%6.0%-3.8%8.1%-13.9%
HORMEL FOODS CORPP(1.1%)-3.9%13.2%-3.9%16.2%-1.9%
CONSOLIDATED EDISON, INC.6.0%-3.9%9.1%-6.5%10.8%-4.3%
LOCKHEED MARTIN CORPORATION2.5%-4.0%6.8%-6.8%2.4%-6.7%
CME GROUP INC7.4%-4.1%7.4%-4.1%4.3%-4.1%
DOVER CORP12.2%-4.1%12.2%-11.1%11.7%-9.1%
XEROX CORP7.4%-4.2%7.4%-4.2%4.1%-15.0%
SPECTRA ENERGY CORP.11.3%-4.3%25.6%-4.3%25.6%-28.2%
BED BATH & BEYOND INC.3.4%-4.4%3.4%-21.8%P(0.6%)-32.2%
MICHAEL KORS HOLDINGS LTD19.7%-4.5%19.7%-4.5%31.4%-29.2%
CA, INC.9.7%-4.7%9.7%-4.7%7.0%-2.4%
AFLAC INCORPORATED5.1%-4.7%5.1%-13.4%3.1%-12.8%
COSTCO WHOLESALE CORPORATIONP(0.5%)-5.0%7.8%-17.3%5.3%-15.8%
REYNOLDS AMERICAN, INC.P(0.9%)-5.1%4.3%-5.1%12.0%-5.1%
FLOWSERVE CORP13.1%-5.3%13.1%-19.6%11.6%-16.5%
THE WESTERN UNION COMPANY6.4%-5.4%6.4%-5.4%5.2%-13.1%
CATERPILLAR INC.12.4%-5.7%12.4%-5.7%9.5%-11.7%
PROGRESSIVE CORP3.9%-5.7%7.0%-9.6%4.0%-7.9%
ADT CORP10.8%-5.8%10.8%-5.8%11.1%-25.6%
PFIZER INC.P(0.1%)-5.8%P(0.1%)-10.2%2.4%-12.4%
NETAPP INC.6.3%-5.9%6.3%-15.9%5.0%-27.8%
ROCKWELL AUTOMATION9.2%-6.2%9.2%-6.2%7.3%-8.3%
VERIZON COMMUNICATIONS INC.7.4%-6.3%7.4%-6.3%8.4%-5.2%
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STS spread : Spread between Short Term Support and last price.
STR spread : Spread between Short Term Resistance and last price.
MTS spread : Spread between Mid-Term Resistance and last price.
MTR spread : Spread between Mid-Term Support and last price.
LTS spread : Spread between Long Term Support and last price.
LTR spread : Spread between Long Term Resistance and last price.
P : Proximity
C : Broken Support
F : Crossed Resistance