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- Index S&P 500 (496) Legend

This tool permits in the twinkling of an eye to know which securities have broken or are at proximity of their support or resistance.

Last NameSTS spread STR spreadMTS spreadMTR spreadLTS spreadLTR spread
ESSEX PROPERTY TRUST INC3.3%P(-1.4%)8.2%-4.5%15.5%-6.5%
PAYCHEX, INC.2.0%-1.6%5.0%-1.6%7.7%P(-0.8%)
LORILLARD INC.2.3%-1.6%8.0%-6.6%8.6%-4.7%
TYSON FOODS, INC.3.7%-1.6%11.2%-5.3%15.2%-5.3%
KEURIG GREEN MOUNTAIN INC5.8%-1.7%19.0%-12.4%22.7%-10.4%
DR PEPPER SNAPPLE GROUP INC.4.2%-1.7%10.4%-1.7%17.5%-1.7%
WALT DISNEY CO2.3%-1.7%5.6%-5.2%11.0%-10.2%
NVIDIA CORPORATION6.9%-1.7%10.1%-1.7%13.6%P(-1.4%)
L-3 COMMUNICATIONS HOLDINGS, INC.3.5%-1.8%9.7%-7.9%9.7%-6.1%
PUBLIC STORAGE2.4%-1.8%6.6%-5.7%10.1%-8.2%
TYCO INTERNATIONAL LTD.2.5%-2.0%10.9%-5.1%9.9%-5.8%
LABORATORY CORP. OF AMERICA HOLDINGS3.9%-2.0%8.7%-2.0%7.9%-2.0%
BED BATH & BEYOND INC.3.2%-2.1%10.9%-7.3%12.6%-7.3%
YUM! BRANDS, INC.4.7%-2.1%7.2%-14.9%7.3%-13.8%
XL GROUP PLC2.4%-2.1%6.4%-6.8%5.1%-5.2%
GENERAL MOTORS COMPANY7.5%-2.1%10.7%-14.3%9.6%-14.2%
SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO7.9%-2.1%16.2%-2.1%25.9%P(-1.4%)
VORNADO REALTY TRUST5.2%-2.2%8.8%-6.0%12.9%-6.8%
KIMCO REALTY CORP2.4%-2.2%8.9%-6.3%10.3%-6.6%
EXPEDIA INC5.2%-2.3%7.0%-2.3%16.5%-2.3%
LOWE'S COMPANIES, INC.7.3%-2.3%13.7%-11.5%20.2%P(-0.3%)
MACY'S, INC.7.1%-2.3%7.1%-2.3%7.1%-2.3%
REYNOLDS AMERICAN, INC.3.1%-2.3%8.1%-2.3%10.6%-2.3%
MATTEL, INC.P(1.3%)-2.4%2.6%-15.6%2.6%-15.5%
CONSTELLATION BRANDS, INC.3.3%-2.4%7.4%-6.1%13.3%-9.5%
UNION PACIFIC CORPORATION6.8%-2.4%9.1%-2.4%15.8%P(-1.2%)
DARDEN RESTAURANTS, INC.3.2%-2.5%11.3%-12.2%12.9%-11.5%
UNITED TECHNOLOGIES CORPORATION4.5%-2.5%8.3%-2.5%14.7%-1.5%
AVAGO TECHNOLOGIES LTD5.4%-2.5%16.1%-2.5%29.6%-2.5%
PRICELINE GROUP INC9.5%-2.6%9.5%-13.9%7.5%-5.1%
KANSAS CITY SOUTHERN10.5%-2.8%13.4%-2.8%12.0%-2.8%
AMAZON.COM, INC.3.7%-2.9%6.4%-17.7%6.4%-13.0%
FEDEX CORPORATION5.1%-2.9%8.0%-2.9%12.5%-2.9%
MEDTRONIC, INC.5.6%-3.0%9.4%-7.9%14.0%-12.0%
APPLIED MATERIALS, INC.6.5%-3.1%11.5%-10.3%18.0%-15.1%
CISCO SYSTEMS, INC.5.8%-3.2%11.0%-6.8%13.4%-6.1%
TJX COMPANIES INC4.4%-3.2%11.4%-10.2%11.3%-7.9%
ALTERA CORPORATION4.8%-3.2%8.3%-8.1%9.3%-7.5%
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STS spread : Spread between Short Term Support and last price.
STR spread : Spread between Short Term Resistance and last price.
MTS spread : Spread between Mid-Term Resistance and last price.
MTR spread : Spread between Mid-Term Support and last price.
LTS spread : Spread between Long Term Support and last price.
LTR spread : Spread between Long Term Resistance and last price.
P : Proximity
C : Broken Support
F : Crossed Resistance
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