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Market :
- Index S&P 500 (493) Legend

This tool permits in the twinkling of an eye to know which securities have broken or are at proximity of their support or resistance.

Last NameSTS spreadSTR spreadMTS spread MTR spreadLTS spreadLTR spread
SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY PLC15.1%-4.5%15.1%-4.5%12.8%-5.8%
ALTRIA GROUP INC4.6%P(0.6%)8.8%-4.5%7.9%-5.5%
APPLE INC.3.8%-4.6%7.9%-4.6%5.6%-6.2%
ARCHER DANIELS MIDLAND COMPANY5.8%P(-1.4%)9.7%-4.9%6.7%-4.3%
ORACLE CORPORATION6.6%P(-0.9%)6.6%-5.0%5.0%-6.8%
ELI LILLY AND CO8.5%-5.2%8.5%-5.2%8.7%-3.5%
COCA-COLA ENTERPRISES INC7.4%-2.6%16.0%-5.6%7.9%-3.8%
ABBOTT LABORATORIES6.6%-2.6%6.6%-5.8%2.3%-10.3%
FACEBOOK INC6.8%-2.8%16.7%-5.8%9.9%-4.3%
COLGATE-PALMOLIVE COMPANY4.2%P(-1.1%)8.8%-5.9%7.2%P(0.1%)
DEVON ENERGY CORP8.9%P(-1.0%)19.1%-6.3%14.6%-15.2%
AUTODESK, INC.14.0%P(0.3%)14.0%-6.3%12.2%-9.4%
EDWARDS LIFESCIENCES CORP3.0%-6.5%15.8%-6.5%16.1%-5.4%
RED HAT INC5.1%P(0.2%)9.2%-6.7%9.6%-4.9%
MATTEL, INC.11.9%-6.8%11.9%-6.8%11.5%-12.7%
UNITEDHEALTH GROUP INC4.6%-6.9%6.6%-6.9%9.8%-5.2%
MARTIN MARIETTA MATERIALS, INC.10.1%-7.0%17.6%-7.0%16.8%-6.1%
CARDINAL HEALTH INC1.9%-2.6%1.9%-7.0%5.9%-8.7%
SIGNET JEWELERS LTD.3.7%P(-1.0%)9.4%-7.4%8.3%-4.2%
DOLLAR GENERAL CORP.4.1%-4.3%4.1%-7.5%5.1%-6.5%
STARBUCKS CORPORATION5.0%-2.7%10.6%-7.6%21.1%-14.9%
ST. JUDE MEDICAL, INC.1.7%-4.5%1.7%-7.7%4.5%-9.7%
QUEST DIAGNOSTICS INC4.4%-2.9%4.4%-7.7%2.6%-25.7%
ENSCO PLC19.4%-7.9%19.4%-7.9%13.7%-45.1%
AGILENT TECHNOLOGIES INC7.7%P(-1.3%)7.7%-7.9%4.8%-7.3%
ANTHEM INC2.5%-3.0%2.5%-8.1%12.2%-20.1%
MEDTRONIC PLC11.3%P(-1.1%)11.3%-8.3%8.5%P(-0.0%)
SOUTHWEST AIRLINES CO9.4%F(1.6%)19.4%-8.3%19.0%-15.5%
AVERY DENNISON CORP6.5%P(-1.4%)14.1%-8.7%7.0%-7.6%
EQUINIX INC2.1%-8.8%2.1%-8.8%4.9%-7.9%
DELPHI AUTOMOTIVE PLC7.3%P(0.4%)13.8%-9.4%18.3%-9.4%
PERRIGO COMPANY PLC5.2%-5.8%5.2%-10.0%6.6%-23.6%
RYDER SYSTEM, INC.5.8%-1.8%5.8%-10.5%5.8%-7.9%
ZIMMER BIOMET HOLDINGS INC3.9%-1.9%3.9%-10.6%1.8%-9.7%
NEWMONT MINING CORP8.5%P(-0.5%)17.5%-10.7%16.7%-10.0%
DIAMOND OFFSHORE DRILLING INC18.2%-1.9%18.2%-11.8%11.5%-29.5%
HASBRO, INC.3.9%P(-1.3%)14.0%-11.9%15.5%-8.7%
DOLLAR TREE, INC.1.6%-4.6%4.1%-12.2%3.0%-12.2%
MURPHY OIL CORPORATION22.1%-2.1%22.1%-12.4%18.5%-28.5%
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STS spread : Spread between Short Term Support and last price.
STR spread : Spread between Short Term Resistance and last price.
MTS spread : Spread between Mid-Term Resistance and last price.
MTR spread : Spread between Mid-Term Support and last price.
LTS spread : Spread between Long Term Support and last price.
LTR spread : Spread between Long Term Resistance and last price.
P : Proximity
C : Broken Support
F : Crossed Resistance