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RSI 14
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EPSILON NET SA EUR  1.45 Delayed Quote.94.4293.52-0.68%2.82%0,001-
BITROS HOLDINGS S.A. EUR  0.2 Delayed Quote.98.3591.685.26%5.56%0,000-
VIS CONTAINER MANUFACTURING CO. EUR  0.79 Delayed Quote.97.6690.540.00%0.00%--
KARAMOLEGOS BAKERY INDUSTRY S.A. EUR  2.16 Delayed Quote.89.0990.150.00%0.47%0,001-
VOGIATZOGLOU SYSTEMS SA EUR  1.69 Delayed Quote.94.7886.830.00%0.60%0,001-
IDEAL GROUP S.A. EUR  0.88 Delayed Quote.96.6486.190.00%0.00%0,001-
N. LEVEDERIS S.A. EUR  0.209 Delayed Quote.91.0684.880.00%41.22%0,000-
PIPE WORKS L. GIRAKIAN PROFIL S... EUR  0.022 Delayed Quote.92.9584.790.00%0.00%--
VARVARESSOS S.A. EUROPEAN SPINNI.. EUR  0.24 Delayed Quote.81.5880.890.00%0.00%--
DIONIC S.A. EUR  0.625 Delayed Quote.84.2077.310.00%19.73%0,000-
HOUSE OF AGRICULTURE SPIROU S.A. EUR  0.37 Delayed Quote.91.8776.180.00%0.00%0,000-
DAIOS PLASTICS S.A. EUR  2.87 Delayed Quote.92.3775.400.00%0.00%0,000-
NEXANS HELLAS S.A. EUR  1 Delayed Quote.84.0973.76-16.67%26.05%0,00028
NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE INDUSTRY SA EUR  0.25 Delayed Quote.74.6073.710.00%0.00%0,001-
PG NIKAS SA EUR  0.495 Delayed Quote.80.0473.690.00%10.00%0,000-
N. VARVERIS - MODA BAGNO S.A. EUR  0.489 Delayed Quote.71.2173.440.00%0.00%0,000-
SIDMA SA STEEL PRODUCTS EUR  0.445 Delayed Quote.77.0572.44-19.09%10.00%0,000-
DRUCKFARBEN HELLAS S.A. EUR  1.5 Delayed Quote.80.6972.270.00%0.00%--
SATO S.A. EUR  0.098 Delayed Quote.79.2972.020.00%34.25%0,000-
TRASTOR REAL ESTATE INVESTMENT C.. EUR  0.813 Delayed Quote.78.6771.730.00%-0.25%0,001-
MINERVA KNITWEAR S.A. EUR  0.398 Delayed Quote.75.4069.210.00%0.00%--
CRETE PLASTICS SA EUR  5.33 Delayed Quote.76.2568.860.00%0.00%--
YALCO CONSTANTINOU SA EUR  0.24 Delayed Quote.68.4367.990.00%0.00%0,000-
ENTERSOFT S.A. EUR  2.09 Delayed Quote.72.3867.950.00%10.00%0,000-
ELVE SA EUR  2.89 Delayed Quote.67.8466.970.00%0.00%0,000-
J BOUTARIS & SON HOLDING S.A. EUR  0.096 Delayed Quote.71.5565.940.00%12.94%--
KRE.KA. S.A. EUR  0.12 Delayed Quote.79.7365.740.00%0.00%0,000-
NBG PANGAEA REAL ESTATE INVESTME.. EUR  5.18 Delayed Quote.65.2464.640.00%-0.38%0,001-
TRIA ALFA S.A. EUR  2.07 Delayed Quote.82.3064.630.00%0.00%--
EUROMEDICA PROVISION OF MEDICAL .. EUR  0.201 Delayed Quote.69.8762.340.00%0.00%0,0005
BIOTER S.A. EUR  0.077 Delayed Quote.70.4561.66-19.79%-5.88%0,000-
DUROS S.A. EUR  0.17 Delayed Quote.71.6161.450.00%24.09%0,000-
ELGEKA TRADE DISTRIBUTIONS REP. .. EUR  0.202 Delayed Quote.59.4257.640.00%0.00%0,000-
MERMEREN KOMBINAT AD PRILEP EUR  13.28 Delayed Quote.59.1857.28-0.23%0.08%0,007-
LANAKAM S.A. EUR  0.412 Delayed Quote.60.7557.070.00%0.00%--
KRITON ARTOS S.A. EUR  0.466 Delayed Quote.34.0455.940.00%0.00%--
DOMIKI KRITIS S.A. EUR  0.14 Delayed Quote.50.8354.760.00%16.67%0,000-
MINOAN LINES S.A. EUR  2.4 Delayed Quote.54.9652.910.00%0.00%0,002308
KORRES NATURAL PRODUCTS SA EUR  4.25 Delayed Quote.53.7452.43-3.19%1.39%0,02469
AUDIOVISUAL ENTERPRISES S.A. EUR  0.134 Delayed Quote.53.3951.760.00%-0.74%0,0008
KEKROPS S.A. EUR  0.64 Delayed Quote.49.4249.670.00%1.59%0,000-
INTERTECH S.A. INTERNATIONAL TEC.. EUR  0.255 Delayed Quote.53.2149.610.39%2.83%0,001-
GE DIMITRIOU SA EUR  0.021 Delayed Quote.48.8748.970.00%40.00%0,000-
BYTE COMPUTER S.A. EUR  0.41 Delayed Quote.42.4448.72-3.30%-1.40%0,000-
NEWSPHONE HELLAS S.A. EUR  0.287 Delayed Quote.48.3748.630.00%18.11%0,002-
AKRITAS S.A. EUR  0.16 Delayed Quote.49.0748.54-3.03%10.00%0,000-
MEDICON HELLAS S.A. EUR  0.571 Delayed Quote.54.3748.480.00%-2.39%0,000-
KTIMA KOSTAS LAZARIDIS S.A. EUR  0.425 Delayed Quote.48.7847.843.66%-8.89%0,000-
E. PAIRIS SA EUR  0.362 Delayed Quote.45.5847.50-3.98%-8.94%0,000-
INFORM P. LYKOS SA EUR  0.775 Delayed Quote.46.3147.190.65%0.00%0,004-
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