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RSI 14
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PROODEFTIKI TECHNICAL COMPANY EUR  0.091 Delayed Quote.100.0099.95-3.19%44.62%0,000-
KARAMOLEGOS BAKERY INDUSTRY S.A. EUR  2.46 Delayed Quote.100.0099.940.00%0.00%0,000-
MEDITERRA S.A. EUR  0.9 Delayed Quote.99.9799.280.00%0.00%--
PERSEUS SPECIALTY FOODS SA EUR  0.98 Delayed Quote.95.0895.66-3.92%15.25%0,009-
LOGISMOS S.A. EUR  0.402 Delayed Quote.95.0688.060.00%0.00%--
KRE.KA. S.A. EUR  0.204 Delayed Quote.93.5285.720.00%17.92%0,000-
DUROS S.A. EUR  0.26 Delayed Quote.93.6482.600.00%0.00%--
DAIOS PLASTICS S.A. EUR  2.88 Delayed Quote.88.9279.120.00%1.41%0,000-
ATHENA S.A. EUR  0.7 Delayed Quote.94.8678.280.00%0.00%0,000-
ENTERSOFT S.A. EUR  3.6 Delayed Quote.76.1773.660.00%2.86%0,004-
MERMEREN KOMBINAT AD PRILEP EUR  19.2 Delayed Quote.74.1872.57-1.54%1.56%0,008-
PHILIPPOS NAKAS S.A. EUR  1.75 Delayed Quote.79.2272.250.00%2.94%0,000-
ELGEKA TRADE DISTRIBUTIONS REP. .. EUR  0.24 Delayed Quote.77.3071.900.00%4.35%0,000-
KORRES NATURAL PRODUCTS SA EUR  5.08 Delayed Quote.76.5870.320.00%2.01%0,38785
STELIOS KANAKIS S.A. EUR  3.8 Delayed Quote.74.6570.120.53%3.85%0,005-
EUROMEDICA PROVISION OF MEDICAL .. EUR  0.142 Delayed Quote.76.2468.850.00%0.00%0,0004
CRETE PLASTICS SA EUR  12.2 Delayed Quote.77.7068.591.67%7.14%0,040-
VIS CONTAINER MANUFACTURING CO. EUR  1.03 Delayed Quote.75.4568.320.00%19.77%0,000-
BYTE COMPUTER S.A. EUR  0.515 Delayed Quote.71.3067.630.00%3.00%0,001-
PAPOUTSANIS INDL & COMML CONSMR .. EUR  0.407 Delayed Quote.65.3667.401.75%1.78%0,016-
PETROS PETROPOULOS S.A. EUR  6.18 Delayed Quote.65.6566.900.32%0.33%0,005-
AEGEK S.A. EUR  0.064 Delayed Quote.73.6766.7317.43%73.02%0,000-
NAFTEMPORIKI PUBLISHING S.A. EUR  0.107 Delayed Quote.73.7365.980.00%0.00%--
FLEXOPACK S.A. PLASTICS EUR  6.8 Delayed Quote.67.7765.480.00%9.68%0,013-
HOUSE OF AGRICULTURE SPIROU S.A. EUR  0.366 Delayed Quote.67.1365.202.23%2.87%0,000-
PAPERPACK PRNTG BX MNFCTG&PPR PC.. EUR  3.16 Delayed Quote.63.1165.048.97%-1.36%0,007-
ELTON SA EUR  1.58 Delayed Quote.66.6264.390.32%0.96%0,023-
TRIA ALFA S.A. EUR  2.2 Delayed Quote.63.4464.230.00%0.00%0,000-
THESSALONIKI PORT AUTHORITY S.A. EUR  30 Delayed Quote.65.2263.97-1.64%4.10%0,066372
PLAISIO COMPUTERS S.A. EUR  4.63 Delayed Quote.68.8963.970.65%4.07%0,047125
SATO S.A. EUR  0.0545 Delayed Quote.66.9263.440.00%-4.39%0,000-
J BOUTARIS & SON HOLDING S.A. EUR  0.0485 Delayed Quote.68.3662.83-4.90%17.24%0,000-
NIREUS AQUACULTURE SA EUR  0.3065 Delayed Quote.65.9562.73-4.81%9.90%0,069116
MEDICON HELLAS S.A. EUR  0.95 Delayed Quote.67.9961.61-3.06%1.03%0,000-
ALPHA TRUST-ANDROMEDA INVESTMENT.. EUR  23 Delayed Quote.62.8360.500.88%8.57%0,001-
TERNA ENERGY EUR  5.17 Delayed Quote.65.5960.292.78%4.57%0,572660
QUALITY & RELIABILITY S.A. EUR  0.336 Delayed Quote.59.7960.041.20%5.40%0,031-
SELECTED TEXTILE INDUSTRIES ASSO.. EUR  0.25 Delayed Quote.57.6059.060.81%-5.34%0,004-
LAMDA DEVELOPMENT EUR  7.39 Delayed Quote.62.8058.993.07%5.44%1697
A.S. COMPANY S.A. EUR  1.98 Delayed Quote.58.7158.950.51%0.00%0,015-
INTRALOT INTEGRATED LOTTRY SYS &.. EUR  1.412 Delayed Quote.57.7358.810.86%3.24%2274
NAFPAKTOS TEXTILE INDUSTRY SA EUR  0.5 Delayed Quote.59.1558.677.30%0.43%0,001-
KARATZIS SA EUR  6.45 Delayed Quote.58.7258.66-0.77%0.78%0,010-
F.G. EUROPE S.A. EUR  0.65 Delayed Quote.59.2458.409.24%19.00%0,00135
KRI-KRI MILK INDUSTRY S.A. EUR  3.68 Delayed Quote.55.6658.19-0.27%-1.07%0,092147
REDS S.A. EUR  0.93 Delayed Quote.57.6758.12-1.06%6.21%0,011-
DIAGNOSTIC & THRPTC CNTR OF ATHN.. EUR  0.694 Delayed Quote.55.5458.02-1.98%2.76%0,860262
AEGEAN AIRLINES EUR  9.2 Delayed Quote.58.1357.900.00%0.77%0,535799
HELLENIC PETROLEUM EUR  8.3 Delayed Quote.61.3457.89-0.84%4.36%13 145
EKTER S.A. EUR  0.91 Delayed Quote.54.0457.630.55%-4.74%0,077-
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