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1384 Top Flop 1811
Last NameLastChange
CAMBER ENERGY INC USD  1.11 Delayed Quote.47.51%
ARENA PHARMACEUTI.. USD  39.75 Delayed Quote.28.68%
MULESOFT INC USD  42 Delayed Quote.27.16%
CASI PHARMACEUTIC.. USD  3.91 Delayed Quote.21.81%
STONERIDGE, INC. USD  28.79 Delayed Quote.16.23%
WILLBROS GROUP IN.. USD  0.1888 Delayed Quote.-77.52%
PROTEOSTASIS THER.. USD  5.16 Delayed Quote.-26.18%
ONCOCYTE CORP USD  1.6 Delayed Quote.-25.58%
NORTHERN OIL & GA.. USD  1.75 Delayed Quote.-23.91%
ARCADIA BIOSCIENC.. USD  38.61 Delayed Quote.-15.50%
262 Top Flop 232
Last NameLastChange
CARDIOME PHARMA C.. CAD  2.35 Delayed Quote.14.63%
BALLARD POWER SYS.. CAD  4.59 Delayed Quote.9.81%
BNK PETROLEUM INC.. CAD  0.53 Delayed Quote.9.28%
SILVER BEAR RESOU.. CAD  0.25 Delayed Quote.8.70%
BIRCHCLIFF ENERGY.. CAD  3.56 Delayed Quote.8.21%
FIRST QUANTUM MIN.. CAD  18 Delayed Quote.-12.37%
BELO SUN MINING C.. CAD  0.32 Delayed Quote.-9.86%
HELIUS MEDICAL TE.. CAD  13.34 Delayed Quote.-8.00%
SPECTRAL MEDICAL .. CAD  0.3 Delayed Quote.-7.69%
NORTHERN DYNASTY .. CAD  1.08 Delayed Quote.-6.90%
34 Top Flop 44
Last NameLastChange
ADMINISTRADORA DE.. MXN  11.65 End-of-day quote.4.48%
VALUE GRUPO FINAN.. MXN  115 End-of-day quote.4.45%
HOTELES CITY EXPR.. MXN  25.26 End-of-day quote.4.16%
GRUPO HERDEZ SAB .. MXN  46.98 End-of-day quote.3.53%
MINERA FRISCO, S... MXN  11.37 End-of-day quote.2.80%
PROTEAK UNO SAB D.. MXN  17.01 End-of-day quote.-8.55%
GRUPO TELEVISA SA.. MXN  54.7 End-of-day quote.-7.12%
NEMAK SAB DE CV MXN  14.77 End-of-day quote.-4.96%
BOLSA MEXICANA DE.. MXN  32.44 End-of-day quote.-3.91%
CEMEX SAB DE CV MXN  12.62 End-of-day quote.-3.44%
395 Top Flop 361
Last NameLastChange
FENNER PLC GBp  612.5 Delayed Quote.24.85%
FOOTASYLUM PLC GBp  178.5 Delayed Quote.7.53%
AGGREGATED MICRO .. GBp  107.5 Delayed Quote.7.50%
ENQUEST PLC GBp  33.1 Delayed Quote.6.26%
PCF GROUP PLC GBp  34 Delayed Quote.6.25%
DE LA RUE PLC GBp  519 Delayed Quote.-13.79%
ACCROL GROUP HOLD.. GBp  9 Delayed Quote.-12.20%
NAHL GROUP PLC GBp  152 Delayed Quote.-11.24%
GAME DIGITAL PLC GBp  27.25 Delayed Quote.-10.36%
VELOCYS PLC GBp  12.05 Delayed Quote.-9.40%
69 Top Flop 66
Last NameLastChange
VETROPACK HOLDING.. CHF  1900 Delayed Quote.6.44%
TORNOS HOLDINGS S.. CHF  11.95 Delayed Quote.5.29%
BKW AG CHF  60 Delayed Quote.5.26%
COMET HOLDING AG CHF  146.4 Delayed Quote.4.50%
SHL TELEMEDICINE .. CHF  7.68 Delayed Quote.4.07%
SANTHERA PHARMACE.. CHF  18.02 Delayed Quote.-8.62%
SUNRISE COMMUNICA.. CHF  84.9 Delayed Quote.-6.39%
SWISSCOM CHF  479.3 Delayed Quote.-4.64%
ORELL FUESSLI HOL.. CHF  108 Delayed Quote.-4.42%
ARYZTA CHF  21.57 Delayed Quote.-3.75%
218 Top Flop 103
Last NameLastChange
VISCOM AG EUR  28.9 Delayed Quote.9.47%
MYBUCKS SA EUR  13.3 Delayed Quote.8.13%
DEUTSCHE REAL EST.. EUR  3.56 Delayed Quote.6.59%
DELIGNIT AG EUR  12 Delayed Quote.6.19%
3U HOLDING AG EUR  1.24 Delayed Quote.5.98%
NAGA GROUP AG EUR  5.5 Delayed Quote.-12.70%
PUBLITY AG EUR  14.44 Delayed Quote.-6.72%
SINGULUS TECHNOLO.. EUR  13.2 Delayed Quote.-6.65%
SOFTING AG EUR  8.74 Delayed Quote.-5.41%
KHD HUMBOLDT WEDA.. EUR  2.33 Delayed Quote.-3.72%
153 Top Flop 155
Last NameLastChange
LISI EUR  37.2 Real-time Quote.8.45%
AVIATION LATÉCOÈR.. EUR  4.88 Real-time Quote.4.95%
CATANA GROUP EUR  3.175 Real-time Quote.4.61%
BIGBEN INTERACTIV.. EUR  13.46 Real-time Quote.4.18%
BOURBON EUR  5.62 Real-time Quote.4.07%
BIC EUR  77.6 Real-time Quote.-5.88%
MILLET INNOVATION EUR  22 Real-time Quote.-5.17%
PARROT EUR  6.08 Real-time Quote.-5.00%
SRP GROUPE EUR  7.17 Real-time Quote.-4.78%
I.CERAM EUR  8.15 Real-time Quote.-4.12%
38 Top Flop 28
Last NameLastChange
MITHRA PHARMACEUT.. EUR  23.55 Delayed Quote.7.78%
MDXHEALTH EUR  3.95 Delayed Quote.6.33%
UMICORE EUR  47.11 Delayed Quote.5.75%
FAGRON EUR  12.85 Delayed Quote.4.13%
MELEXIS EUR  86.4 Delayed Quote.2.25%
ION BEAM APPLICAT.. EUR  19.5 Delayed Quote.-3.94%
BPOST EUR  18.88 Delayed Quote.-3.87%
ONTEX GROUP EUR  21.4 Delayed Quote.-2.90%
BIOCARTIS GROUP EUR  13.02 Delayed Quote.-2.25%
AGFA-GEVAERT EUR  3.09 Delayed Quote.-2.03%
47 Top Flop 21
Last NameLastChange
SIF GROUP EUR  18.42 Delayed Quote.6.72%
BINCKBANK EUR  4.8 Delayed Quote.4.69%
PHARMING GROUP EUR  1.219 Delayed Quote.3.39%
DPA GROUP EUR  1.815 Delayed Quote.2.83%
BE SEMICONDUCTOR .. EUR  86.25 Delayed Quote.2.62%
ALTICE EUR  7.41 Delayed Quote.-5.19%
CTAC EUR  3.31 Delayed Quote.-3.50%
STERN GROEP EUR  16.9 Delayed Quote.-3.43%
RANDSTAD EUR  56.88 Delayed Quote.-2.23%
ACCELL GROUP EUR  17.54 Delayed Quote.-2.12%
329 Top Flop 466
Last NameLastChange
INDIA NIPPON ELEC.. INR  965 End-of-day quote.95.84%
EIH ASSOCIATED HO.. INR  508.05 End-of-day quote.11.66%
DHANLAXMI BANK LI.. INR  23.7 End-of-day quote.11.53%
ESSAR SHIPPING LT.. INR  24.8 End-of-day quote.9.49%
RELIANCE INFRASTR.. INR  453.05 End-of-day quote.6.78%
JAIPRAKASH POWER .. INR  5.2 End-of-day quote.-7.14%
B.L. KASHYAP AND .. INR  38.75 End-of-day quote.-6.63%
SAKUMA EXPORTS LI.. INR  159.05 End-of-day quote.-6.41%
GUJARAT STATE PET.. INR  176.9 End-of-day quote.-5.90%
HEG LIMITED INR  3149 End-of-day quote.-5.72%
400 Top Flop 409
Last NameLastChange
GUODIAN NANJING A.. CNY  5.45 End-of-day quote.10.10%
CHONGQING IRON & .. CNY  2.52 End-of-day quote.10.04%
GUIZHOU YIBAI PHA.. CNY  10.86 End-of-day quote.10.03%
BEIJING ARITIME I.. CNY  14.27 End-of-day quote.10.02%
SDIC ZHONGLU FRUI.. CNY  13.52 End-of-day quote.10.01%
CULTURAL INVESTME.. CNY  12.95 End-of-day quote.-8.48%
SHANGHAI ENVIRONM.. CNY  19.94 End-of-day quote.-8.20%
SHANGHAI BEITE TE.. CNY  11.73 End-of-day quote.-7.42%
XINING SPECIAL ST.. CNY  5.19 End-of-day quote.-6.49%
INLY MEDIA CO LTD CNY  14.01 End-of-day quote.-6.04%
268 Top Flop 353
Last NameLastChange
MEDIA CHINESE INT.. HKD  2.69 End-of-day quote.40.10%
IRC LIMITED HKD  0.23 End-of-day quote.27.78%
SHENGUAN HOLDINGS.. HKD  0.4 End-of-day quote.14.29%
CHINA LESSO GROUP.. HKD  6.12 End-of-day quote.12.50%
BINHAI INVESTMENT.. HKD  1.82 End-of-day quote.12.35%
STRONG PETROCHEMI.. HKD  1.13 End-of-day quote.-11.72%
XIWANG PROPERTY H.. HKD  0.29 End-of-day quote.-9.38%
INFINITY DEVELOPM.. HKD  0.7 End-of-day quote.-9.09%
KO YO CHEMICAL GR.. HKD  0.12 End-of-day quote.-7.69%
CARRY WEALTH HOLD.. HKD  0.86 End-of-day quote.-7.53%
19 Top Flop 16
Last NameLastChange
MARFIN INVESTMENT.. EUR  0.174 Delayed Quote.15.23%
DIAGNOSTIC & THRP.. EUR  0.837 Delayed Quote.14.66%
IASO SA EUR  1.295 Delayed Quote.8.37%
ATHENS MEDICAL C... EUR  1.49 Delayed Quote.7.19%
ATTICA BANK EUR  0.032 Delayed Quote.3.23%
PIRAEUS BANK SA EUR  2.96 Delayed Quote.-4.15%
KRI-KRI MILK INDU.. EUR  3.8 Delayed Quote.-2.56%
JUMBO SA EUR  15.38 Delayed Quote.-2.16%
ALPHA BANK SA EUR  1.815 Delayed Quote.-1.84%
J AND P AVAX SA EUR  0.815 Delayed Quote.-1.45%
45 Top Flop 26
Last NameLastChange
SODASTREAM INTERN.. ILa  33280 Delayed Quote.5.25%
PARTNER COMMUNICA.. ILa  1783 Delayed Quote.3.60%
FRUTAROM INDUSTRI.. ILa  33800 Delayed Quote.2.86%
EL AL ISRAEL AIRL.. ILa  127 Delayed Quote.2.50%
MATRIX I.T ILa  4155 Delayed Quote.2.47%
FMS ENTERPRISES M.. ILa  11200 Delayed Quote.-8.57%
EVOGENE LTD ILa  1234 Delayed Quote.-3.37%
REDHILL BIOPHARMA.. ILa  185.1 Delayed Quote.-3.04%
FORESIGHT AUTONOM.. ILa  270 Delayed Quote.-2.77%
RAVAL ICS LTD ILa  647.1 Delayed Quote.-2.25%
11 Top Flop 16
Last NameLastChange
ABU DHABI NATIONA.. AED  0.73 End-of-day quote.7.35%
AJMAN BANK PJSC AED  1.09 End-of-day quote.1.87%
ARABTEC HOLDING P.. AED  2.34 End-of-day quote.1.74%
UNION CEMENT COMP.. AED  1.85 End-of-day quote.1.65%
RAS AL KHAIMAH CE.. AED  2.5 End-of-day quote.1.21%
AGTHIA GROUP PJSC AED  4.22 End-of-day quote.-4.96%
NATIONAL CENTRAL .. AED  1.59 End-of-day quote.-1.85%
AIR ARABIA PJSC AED  1.28 End-of-day quote.-1.54%
EMIRATES NBD BANK.. AED  10.25 End-of-day quote.-1.44%
ESHRAQ PROPERTIES.. AED  0.7 End-of-day quote.-1.41%

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