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2638 Top Flop 667
Last NameLastChange
NUCANA PLC (ADR) USD  20.51 Delayed Quote.41.55%
NEW AGE BEVERAGES.. USD  3.92 Delayed Quote.22.50%
XCEL BRANDS INC USD  2.8 Delayed Quote.16.67%
COLLEGIUM PHARMAC.. USD  23.38 Delayed Quote.15.69%
CHECKPOINT THERAP.. USD  4.652 Delayed Quote.15.15%
OBALON THERAPEUTI.. USD  5.24 Delayed Quote.-14.66%
OPGEN INC USD  3.31 Delayed Quote.-14.19%
NETSHOES (CAYMAN).. USD  7.96 Delayed Quote.-11.36%
ENDURO ROYALTY TR.. USD  3.225 Delayed Quote.-10.42%
THE RUBICON PROJE.. USD  2.01 Delayed Quote.-10.27%
302 Top Flop 147
Last NameLastChange
PROMIS NEUROSCIEN.. CAD  0.35 End-of-day quote.45.83%
IANTHUS CAPITAL H.. CAD  5 Delayed Quote.31.58%
ROYAL NICKEL CORP CAD  0.325 End-of-day quote.16.07%
CORVUS GOLD INC CAD  1.89 End-of-day quote.11.18%
APTOSE BIOSCIENCE.. CAD  3.84 End-of-day quote.9.09%
NEWALTA CORPORATI.. CAD  1.18 End-of-day quote.-13.24%
STUART OLSON INC CAD  6.85 End-of-day quote.-11.04%
EPSILON ENERGY LI.. CAD  2.6 End-of-day quote.-10.03%
ECOBALT SOLUTIONS.. CAD  1.61 End-of-day quote.-9.55%
5N PLUS INC CAD  2.64 End-of-day quote.-8.65%
27 Top Flop 44
Last NameLastChange
AXTEL S.A.B. DE C.. MXN  4.12 End-of-day quote.5.10%
VINTE VIVIENDAS I.. MXN  25.99 End-of-day quote.3.75%
URBI DESARROLLOS .. MXN  6.19 End-of-day quote.3.17%
GRUPO CEMENTOS DE.. MXN  99 End-of-day quote.3.00%
COMPANIA MINERA A.. MXN  17.7 End-of-day quote.2.91%
LA COMER SAB DE C.. MXN  19.26 End-of-day quote.-3.17%
TELESITES SAB DE .. MXN  13.82 End-of-day quote.-2.68%
TV AZTECA SA DE C.. MXN  3.41 End-of-day quote.-2.29%
GRUPO LALA SAB DE.. MXN  28.9 End-of-day quote.-2.17%
PROLOGIS PROPERTY.. MXN  33.27 End-of-day quote.-2.12%
403 Top Flop 307
Last NameLastChange
MAXCYTE INC GBp  272 Delayed Quote.13.33%
AFC ENERGY PLC GBp  12.125 Delayed Quote.12.79%
FEVERTREE DRINKS .. GBp  2384 Delayed Quote.9.76%
GATTACA PLC GBp  275 Delayed Quote.9.13%
DOLPHIN CAPITAL I.. GBp  7.5 Delayed Quote.9.09%
DIGNITY PLC GBp  962 Delayed Quote.-49.79%
CARPETRIGHT PLC GBp  99.6 Delayed Quote.-39.45%
BONMARCHE HOLDING.. GBp  105 Delayed Quote.-17.00%
BENCHMARK HOLDING.. GBp  70 Delayed Quote.-12.50%
BLANCCO TECHNOLOG.. GBp  69 Delayed Quote.-9.21%
109 Top Flop 32
Last NameLastChange
CICOR TECHNOLOGIE.. CHF  77.2 Delayed Quote.7.52%
ZEHNDER GROUP AG CHF  44.65 Delayed Quote.6.31%
OC OERLIKON CORPO.. CHF  17.9 Delayed Quote.5.54%
SANTHERA PHARMACE.. CHF  39.2 Delayed Quote.4.53%
CPH CHEMIE PAPIER.. CHF  64.5 Delayed Quote.4.03%
ORASCOM DEVELOPME.. CHF  15.55 Delayed Quote.-5.47%
ADDEX THERAPEUTIC.. CHF  3.37 Delayed Quote.-3.71%
AMS CHF  88.8 Delayed Quote.-3.12%
BURKHALTER HOLDIN.. CHF  123 Delayed Quote.-3.00%
INVESTIS HOLDING .. CHF  63.2 Delayed Quote.-2.17%
228 Top Flop 93
Last NameLastChange
MEDIOS AG EUR  21.5 Delayed Quote.9.14%
PVA TEPLA AG EUR  12.2 Delayed Quote.7.49%
OEKOWORLD AG EUR  15.346 Delayed Quote.7.33%
GK SOFTWARE AG EUR  132.5 Delayed Quote.7.29%
ADIDAS EUR  182.8 Delayed Quote.6.90%
CECONOMY EUR  11.395 Delayed Quote.-12.68%
MEDIGENE AG EUR  13.75 Delayed Quote.-5.04%
GSW IMMOBILIEN AG EUR  97 Delayed Quote.-4.90%
MORPHOSYS AG EUR  82.9 Delayed Quote.-4.77%
PFERDEWETTEN.DE A.. EUR  12.4 Delayed Quote.-3.88%
194 Top Flop 113
Last NameLastChange
EUROPACORP EUR  1.7 Real-time Quote.18.06%
GENKYOTEX EUR  1.9 Real-time Quote.11.11%
SUPERSONIC IMAGIN.. EUR  2.2 Real-time Quote.6.28%
NETGEM EUR  2.77 Real-time Quote.5.32%
MANUTAN INTERNATI.. EUR  100 Real-time Quote.4.17%
CGG EUR  3.332 Real-time Quote.-8.51%
KORIAN EUR  26.96 Real-time Quote.-6.97%
INVENTIVA EUR  5.64 Real-time Quote.-6.00%
SES EUR  13.045 Real-time Quote.-3.37%
PRIMECITY INVESTM.. EUR  3.56 Real-time Quote.-3.26%
55 Top Flop 13
Last NameLastChange
FAGRON EUR  11.11 Delayed Quote.6.72%
RECTICEL EUR  9.39 Delayed Quote.5.51%
MITHRA PHARMACEUT.. EUR  12.2 Delayed Quote.5.35%
REALDOLMEN EUR  30.9 Delayed Quote.5.10%
AGFA-GEVAERT EUR  4.22 Delayed Quote.3.08%
HAMON EUR  2.21 Delayed Quote.-1.34%
ABLYNX EUR  34.36 Delayed Quote.-1.32%
MONTEA EUR  43.8 Delayed Quote.-0.91%
EURONAV EUR  7.265 Delayed Quote.-0.82%
CELYAD EUR  37.68 Delayed Quote.-0.79%
55 Top Flop 20
Last NameLastChange
PHARMING GROUP EUR  1.5 Delayed Quote.14.24%
TELEGRAAF MEDIA G.. EUR  5.94 Delayed Quote.4.21%
FORFARMERS EUR  10.48 Delayed Quote.3.76%
CURETIS EUR  6.5 Delayed Quote.3.17%
ROYAL PHILIPS EUR  33.585 Delayed Quote.2.28%
PROBIODRUG EUR  12.65 Delayed Quote.-2.69%
FLOW TRADERS EUR  18.79 Delayed Quote.-2.08%
ABN AMRO GROUP EUR  27.7 Delayed Quote.-1.63%
ORDINA EUR  1.61 Delayed Quote.-1.47%
CTAC EUR  3.59 Delayed Quote.-1.37%
482 Top Flop 335
Last NameLastChange
GRUH FINANCE LTD. INR  717.7 End-of-day quote.17.46%
CYIENT LTD INR  662.9 End-of-day quote.14.19%
SWAN ENERGY LTD INR  229.7 End-of-day quote.9.07%
HEALTHCARE GLOBAL.. INR  299 End-of-day quote.7.92%
RADICO KHAITAN LI.. INR  367.7 End-of-day quote.7.86%
S.E INVESTMENTS L.. INR  333.5 End-of-day quote.-9.85%
KARUTURI GLOBAL L.. INR  2.7 End-of-day quote.-6.90%
TEJAS NETWORKS LT.. INR  405.1 End-of-day quote.-6.87%
GALLANTT ISPAT LI.. INR  352.85 End-of-day quote.-6.13%
ALOK INDUSTRIES L.. INR  3.8 End-of-day quote.-5.00%
345 Top Flop 470
Last NameLastChange
DONGXING SECURITI.. CNY  15.35 End-of-day quote.10.04%
GUIRENNIAO CO LTD CNY  20.88 End-of-day quote.10.01%
CHINA GALAXY SECU.. CNY  12.31 End-of-day quote.10.01%
NINGBO YUNSHENG C.. CNY  18.7 End-of-day quote.10.00%
SHANGHAI BEITE TE.. CNY  10.48 End-of-day quote.9.97%
ZHONGYUAN UNION C.. CNY  25.56 End-of-day quote.-10.00%
EASYSIGHT SUPPLY .. CNY  16.77 End-of-day quote.-9.98%
CHINA PETROLEUM E.. CNY  5.69 End-of-day quote.-7.93%
KINGCLEAN ELECTRI.. CNY  37.87 End-of-day quote.-5.35%
GUANGDONG ELLINGT.. CNY  13.53 End-of-day quote.-5.25%
393 Top Flop 264
Last NameLastChange
SEMICONDUCTOR MAN.. HKD  0.133 End-of-day quote.87.32%
CHINA ORIENTAL GR.. HKD  6.5 End-of-day quote.19.93%
FULLSHARE HOLDING.. HKD  4.23 End-of-day quote.17.17%
FUTURE LAND DEVEL.. HKD  7.04 End-of-day quote.16.94%
LOGAN PROPERTY HO.. HKD  10.68 End-of-day quote.13.02%
SINO OIL AND GAS .. HKD  0.028 End-of-day quote.-78.46%
LUEN THAI HOLDING.. HKD  1.37 End-of-day quote.-19.84%
STELUX HOLDINGS I.. HKD  0.82 End-of-day quote.-10.87%
SILVER BASE GROUP.. HKD  0.76 End-of-day quote.-7.32%
SKY LIGHT HOLDING.. HKD  1.14 End-of-day quote.-7.32%
28 Top Flop 10
Last NameLastChange
FORTHNET S.A. EUR  0.358 Delayed Quote.19.33%
THESSALONIKI PORT.. EUR  27.8 Delayed Quote.6.92%
ELLINIKI TECHNODO.. EUR  1.85 Delayed Quote.4.82%
HELLENIC TELECOMM.. EUR  12.31 Delayed Quote.4.77%
INTRALOT INTEGRAT.. EUR  1.33 Delayed Quote.3.91%
FRIGOGLASS S.A. EUR  0.234 Delayed Quote.-4.88%
ATHENS MEDICAL C... EUR  1.42 Delayed Quote.-2.74%
JUMBO SA EUR  15.02 Delayed Quote.-2.72%
PIRAEUS PORT AUTH.. EUR  16.36 Delayed Quote.-2.04%
GRIVALIA PROPERTI.. EUR  9.32 Delayed Quote.-1.89%
29 Top Flop 29
Last NameLastChange
COMPUGEN LTD. ILa  1022 Delayed Quote.7.30%
B COMMUNICATIONS .. ILa  6891 Delayed Quote.2.51%
ENERGIX RENEWABLE.. ILa  335.7 Delayed Quote.2.29%
RAMI LEVI CHAIN S.. ILa  20350 Delayed Quote.1.95%
PARTNER COMMUNICA.. ILa  2108 Delayed Quote.1.89%
ISRAEL CORPORATIO.. ILa  66500 Delayed Quote.-2.96%
NICE LTD ILa  31640 Delayed Quote.-2.32%
EVOGENE LTD ILa  1306 Delayed Quote.-2.17%
SKYLINE INVESTMEN.. ILa  3149 Delayed Quote.-1.99%
ICL ISRAEL CHEMIC.. ILa  1465 Delayed Quote.-1.55%
9 Top Flop 21
Last NameLastChange
COMMERCIAL BANK I.. AED  1 End-of-day quote.14.94%
ABU DHABI NATNL O.. AED  2.73 End-of-day quote.2.25%
EMIRATES NBD BANK.. AED  8.55 End-of-day quote.1.06%
DRAKE & SCULL INT.. AED  2.19 End-of-day quote.0.92%
UNION CEMENT COMP.. AED  1.67 End-of-day quote.0.60%
RAS AL KHAIMAH CE.. AED  2.61 End-of-day quote.-3.33%
ARKAN BUILDING MA.. AED  0.74 End-of-day quote.-2.63%
EMAAR MALLS PJSC AED  2.32 End-of-day quote.-2.52%
ESHRAQ PROPERTIES.. AED  0.78 End-of-day quote.-2.50%
ARABTEC HOLDING P.. AED  2.6 End-of-day quote.-1.89%

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