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SummaryNorth AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAfricaMiddle EastAsiaOceania
1896 Top Flop 1129
Last NameLastChange
CELATOR PHARMACEU.. 29.95 Delayed Quote.70.85%
GOLD RESERVE INC. 3.4952 Delayed Quote.37.07%
SCIQUEST, INC. 17.755 Delayed Quote.33.80%
CLIFFS NATURAL RE.. 4.095 Delayed Quote.33.39%
C&J ENERGY SERVIC.. 0.6175 Delayed Quote.23.50%
COCA-COLA ENTERPR.. 39.22 Delayed Quote.-23.92%
OSIRIS THERAPEUTI.. 5 Delayed Quote.-11.82%
GWG HOLDINGS INC 7.9 Delayed Quote.-9.61%
AMERICAN SUPERCON.. 9.6401 Delayed Quote.-7.75%
CAPRICOR THERAPEU.. 3.03 Delayed Quote.-6.46%
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198 Top Flop 244
Last NameLastChange
BELLUS HEALTH INC 2.89 End-of-day quote.12.89%
TEMBEC INC 1.36 End-of-day quote.12.40%
ORBITE TECHNOLOGI.. 0.31 End-of-day quote.10.71%
SPECTRA7 MICROSYS.. 0.59 End-of-day quote.7.27%
CALFRAC WELL SERV.. 2.14 End-of-day quote.5.42%
DELPHI ENERGY COR.. 0.93 End-of-day quote.-18.42%
AGJUNCTION INC 0.55 End-of-day quote.-8.33%
GOLDEN QUEEN MINI.. 1.36 End-of-day quote.-8.11%
SILVERCORP METALS.. 2.06 End-of-day quote.-7.62%
IVANHOE MINES LTD 0.92 End-of-day quote.-7.07%
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1 Top Flop 1
Last NameLastChange
VITRO SAB DE CV 61.58 End-of-day quote.1.58%
INDUSTRIAS CH SAB.. 75.31 End-of-day quote.0.05%
GRUPO SIMEC SAB D.. 53.9 End-of-day quote.-1.62%
GRUPO SIMEC SAB D.. 53.9 End-of-day quote.-1.62%
INDUSTRIAS CH SAB.. 75.31 End-of-day quote.0.05%
VITRO SAB DE CV 61.58 End-of-day quote.1.58%
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United Kingdom
367 Top Flop 353
Last NameLastChange
MXC CAPITAL LTD 3.075 Delayed Quote.16.04%
SCANCELL HOLDINGS.. 19.375 Delayed Quote.14.81%
IMMUPHARMA PLC 32.25 Delayed Quote.13.16%
DODS (GROUP) PLC 14.5 Delayed Quote.9.43%
HUTCHISON CHINA M.. 1867.5 Delayed Quote.7.95%
ACENCIA DEBT STRA.. 1.63 Delayed Quote.-98.43%
AVANTI COMMUNICAT.. 69.5 Delayed Quote.-11.18%
SEEING MACHINES L.. 3.125 Delayed Quote.-10.71%
DX (GROUP) PLC 19.5 Delayed Quote.-9.30%
ADVANCED ONCOTHER.. 7.375 Delayed Quote.-7.81%
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70 Top Flop 57
Last NameLastChange
MYRIAD GROUP AG 2.72 Delayed Quote.14.29%
LIFEWATCH AG 11.2 Delayed Quote.6.67%
YPSOMED HOLDING A.. 177 Delayed Quote.6.18%
SANTHERA PHARMACE.. 74.8 Delayed Quote.4.91%
AFG ARBONIA-FORST.. 15.2 Delayed Quote.4.47%
VON ROLL HOLDING .. 0.61 Delayed Quote.-6.15%
ARYZTA AG 39.56 Delayed Quote.-4.70%
GOLDBACH GROUP AG 24.3 Delayed Quote.-3.95%
ASCOM HOLDING AG 16.25 Delayed Quote.-3.56%
GAM HOLDING 12.5 Delayed Quote.-2.72%
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132 Top Flop 143
Last NameLastChange
4SC AG 2.699 Delayed Quote.13.17%
KTG AGRAR AG 10.405 Delayed Quote.11.11%
MUEHLBAUER HOLDIN.. 33.55 Delayed Quote.9.82%
SALZGITTER AG 28.69 Delayed Quote.7.07%
OVB HOLDING AG 18.2 Delayed Quote.5.81%
ROCKET INTERNET S.. 20.2 Delayed Quote.-9.38%
FORMYCON AG 20.415 Delayed Quote.-5.46%
DEUTSCHE REAL EST.. 2.13 Delayed Quote.-5.33%
PUBLITY AG 32.96 Delayed Quote.-4.46%
SYZYGY AG 10.62 Delayed Quote.-4.32%
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145 Top Flop 138
Last NameLastChange
BLUE SOLUTIONS 17.21 Real-time Quote.10.04%
ESSO F. 41.7 Real-time Quote.9.08%
INSIDE SECURE 1.24 Real-time Quote.8.77%
AKKA TECHNOLOGIES 32 Real-time Quote.7.06%
ERYTECH PHARMA 24.34 Real-time Quote.5.60%
MEDIAN TECHNO 7.7 Real-time Quote.-7.23%
CARMAT 35.84 Real-time Quote.-6.06%
CELLNOVO 4.93 Real-time Quote.-4.64%
SOLOCAL GROUP 3.253 Real-time Quote.-3.76%
STALLERGENES GREE.. 25.56 Real-time Quote.-3.51%
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49 Top Flop 25
Last NameLastChange
DALENYS 8.917 Delayed Quote.9.40%
CELYAD 48.7 Delayed Quote.5.24%
SOFINA 123.05 Delayed Quote.3.19%
REALDOLMEN 20 Delayed Quote.3.15%
IBA GROUP 39.43 Delayed Quote.2.84%
MIKO S.A. I.L. 96 Delayed Quote.-4.00%
RTL GROUP 80.75 Delayed Quote.-3.06%
NYRSTAR 0.69 Delayed Quote.-2.82%
SIOEN 18.525 Delayed Quote.-1.72%
MDXHEALTH 3.329 Delayed Quote.-1.65%
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27 Top Flop 39
Last NameLastChange
ARCELORMITTAL 4.42 Delayed Quote.3.83%
BAM GROEP 4.227 Delayed Quote.3.63%
ORDINA 1.599 Delayed Quote.2.96%
APERAM 35.82 Delayed Quote.2.72%
AMG 12.555 Delayed Quote.2.24%
VAN LANSCHOT 17.22 Delayed Quote.-5.54%
AP ALTERNAT ASSET.. 29.75 Delayed Quote.-4.59%
FUGRO NV 16.015 Delayed Quote.-3.64%
INTERTRUST 17.75 Delayed Quote.-2.98%
FLOW TRADERS 30.925 Delayed Quote.-2.83%
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271 Top Flop 363
Last NameLastChange
APCOTEX INDUSTRIE.. 329 End-of-day quote.13.33%
SUDARSHAN CHEMICA.. 134 End-of-day quote.10.20%
RAMKY INFRASTRUCT.. 73.75 End-of-day quote.9.91%
MAHINDRA CIE AUTO.. 211 End-of-day quote.9.21%
TATA MOTORS LIMIT.. 455.6 End-of-day quote.7.71%
SATHAVAHANA ISPAT.. 55 End-of-day quote.-18.52%
NAHAR SPINNING MI.. 107.2 End-of-day quote.-9.46%
VAIBHAV GLOBAL LT.. 235 End-of-day quote.-9.27%
ORBIT EXPORTS LIM.. 218 End-of-day quote.-9.17%
GVK POWER AND INF.. 4.65 End-of-day quote.-8.82%
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856 Top Flop 4
Last NameLastChange
XIAMEN OVERSEAS C.. 8.75 End-of-day quote.10.06%
XIAMEN ITG GROUP .. 7.88 End-of-day quote.10.06%
SOOCHOW SECURITIE.. 12.62 End-of-day quote.10.03%
CHINA NORTHERN RA.. 15.04 End-of-day quote.10.02%
FUJIAN DONGBAI GR.. 7.03 End-of-day quote.10.02%
AISINOCO. LTD 25.29 End-of-day quote.-47.92%
PULIKE BIOLOGICAL.. 23.19 End-of-day quote.-47.49%
HEILAN HOME CO LT.. 11.2 End-of-day quote.-1.41%
WEIFANG YAXING CH.. 9.98 End-of-day quote.-0.50%
JIANGSU HONGDOU I.. 8.96 End-of-day quote.0.79%
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Hong Kong
349 Top Flop 289
Last NameLastChange
THE HONG KONG BUI.. 0.41 End-of-day quote.28.13%
I.T. LTD 2.49 End-of-day quote.20.87%
AUPU GROUP HOLDIN.. 2.61 End-of-day quote.20.28%
BOLINA HOLDING CO.. 2.02 End-of-day quote.11.60%
CHINA WAH YAN HEA.. 0.1 End-of-day quote.11.11%
PACIFIC BASIN SHI.. 0.92 End-of-day quote.-30.30%
THEME INTERNATION.. 0.22 End-of-day quote.-12.00%
BROCKMAN MINING L.. 0.09 End-of-day quote.-10.00%
SEEC MEDIA GROUP .. 0.1 End-of-day quote.-9.09%
CHINA RENEWABLE E.. 0.21 End-of-day quote.-8.70%
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50 Top Flop 47
Last NameLastChange
CIMSA CIMENTO SAN.. 16.1 Delayed Quote.3.87%
ALKIM ALKALI KIMY.. 16.75 Delayed Quote.3.72%
AKSA ENERJI URETI.. 2.86 Delayed Quote.3.25%
NETAS TELEKOMUNIK.. 6.71 Delayed Quote.2.60%
DOGUS OTOMOTIV SE.. 9.54 Delayed Quote.2.58%
ASYA KATILIM BANK.. 1.24 Delayed Quote.-5.34%
TRAKYA CAM SANAYI.. 2.67 Delayed Quote.-2.55%
FORD OTOMOTIV SAN.. 27.85 Delayed Quote.-2.11%
IS FINANSAL KIRAL.. 0.97 Delayed Quote.-2.02%
BOLU CIMENTO SANA.. 4.03 Delayed Quote.-1.95%
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29 Top Flop 32
Last NameLastChange
AFRICA ISRAEL INV.. 117 Delayed Quote.8.53%
TOWER SEMICONDUCT.. 5150 Delayed Quote.6.87%
PHOENIX HLDGS LTD 950 Delayed Quote.3.16%
RAMI LEVI CHAIN S.. 16700 Delayed Quote.3.15%
ADO GROUP LTD 4749 Delayed Quote.2.84%
DELEK GROUP LTD. 72210 Delayed Quote.-2.42%
MIGDAL INSURANCE .. 252 Delayed Quote.-2.36%
BIG SHOPPING CENT.. 21720 Delayed Quote.-2.34%
GAZIT GLOBE LTD 3270 Delayed Quote.-2.27%
DELEK DRILLING LI.. 1321 Delayed Quote.-2.15%
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United Arab Emirates
20 Top Flop 12
Last NameLastChange
NATIONAL BANK OF .. 5.35 End-of-day quote.4.90%
ISLAMIC ARAB INSU.. 0.482 End-of-day quote.3.43%
AIR ARABIA PJSC 1.34 End-of-day quote.3.08%
DUBAI PARKS AND R.. 1.42 End-of-day quote.2.90%
GULF NAVIGATION H.. 1.08 End-of-day quote.2.86%
GULF CEMENT COMPA.. 0.84 End-of-day quote.-5.62%
FIRST GULF BANK P.. 11.7 End-of-day quote.-4.10%
RAS AL KHAIMAH CE.. 3.35 End-of-day quote.-3.18%
DUBAI FINANCIAL M.. 1.23 End-of-day quote.-3.15%
DUBAI ISLAMIC BAN.. 5.1 End-of-day quote.-1.92%
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