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2237 Top Flop 966
Last NameLastChange
EKSO BIONICS HOLD.. USD  4.13 Delayed Quote.41.44%
PHOENIX NEW MEDIA.. USD  8.09 Delayed Quote.30.27%
ORASURE TECHNOLOG.. USD  16.55 Delayed Quote.18.55%
BLACK BOX CORPORA.. USD  4.15 Delayed Quote.15.28%
CORINDUS VASCULAR.. USD  1.08 Delayed Quote.14.91%
SIGNET JEWELERS L.. USD  52.79 Delayed Quote.-30.39%
CYTOKINETICS, INC.. USD  8.25 Delayed Quote.-25.68%
PICO HOLDINGS INC USD  13.4 Delayed Quote.-25.35%
EP ENERGY CORP USD  1.89 Delayed Quote.-20.25%
GALECTIN THERAPEU.. USD  2.4969 Delayed Quote.-18.13%
278 Top Flop 174
Last NameLastChange
ORYX PETROLEUM CO.. CAD  0.23 End-of-day quote.21.05%
CORVUS GOLD INC CAD  1.61 End-of-day quote.16.67%
UEX CORPORATION CAD  0.29 End-of-day quote.16.00%
NIOCORP DEVELOPME.. CAD  0.48 End-of-day quote.14.29%
VILLAGE FARMS INT.. CAD  4.8 End-of-day quote.13.48%
KATANGA MINING LT.. CAD  1.06 End-of-day quote.-13.11%
ASANKO GOLD INC CAD  0.89 End-of-day quote.-9.18%
IMPERIAL METALS C.. CAD  2.42 End-of-day quote.-8.68%
ETRION SA CAD  0.22 End-of-day quote.-8.33%
MPX BIOCEUTICAL C.. CAD  0.56 Delayed Quote.-8.20%
60 Top Flop 21
Last NameLastChange
MONEX SAB DE CV MXN  17.5 End-of-day quote.43.44%
ALSEA SAB DE CV MXN  61.39 End-of-day quote.5.14%
INDUSTRIAS CH SAB.. MXN  83.05 End-of-day quote.4.85%
GRUPO AEROMEXICO .. MXN  31.76 End-of-day quote.4.27%
GRUPO FINANCIERO .. MXN  34.48 End-of-day quote.3.98%
GRUPE SAB DE CV MXN  45.02 End-of-day quote.-4.01%
GRUPO GICSA SA DE.. MXN  10.75 End-of-day quote.-2.71%
INFRAESTRUCTURA E.. MXN  101.49 End-of-day quote.-1.75%
CONCENTRADORA FIB.. MXN  31.79 End-of-day quote.-1.64%
UNIFIN FINANCIERA.. MXN  63.12 End-of-day quote.-1.22%
372 Top Flop 226
Last NameLastChange
QINETIQ GROUP PLC GBp  220.3 Delayed Quote.9.33%
SEEING MACHINES L.. GBp  6.75 Delayed Quote.8.00%
SSP GROUP PLC GBp  650 Delayed Quote.7.08%
D4T4 SOLUTIONS PL.. GBp  149 Delayed Quote.6.05%
ACACIA MINING PLC GBp  191.4606 Delayed Quote.5.20%
THOMAS COOK GROUP GBp  109.8 Delayed Quote.-9.78%
INDUS GAS LIMITED GBp  339 Delayed Quote.-6.48%
BTG GBp  729 Delayed Quote.-5.45%
ITM POWER PLC GBp  35.6 Delayed Quote.-5.07%
CHARLES STANLEY G.. GBp  365 Delayed Quote.-4.95%
61 Top Flop 42
Last NameLastChange
BACHEM HOLDING AG CHF  133.4 Delayed Quote.3.65%
IDORSIA LTD CHF  21.9 Delayed Quote.3.30%
BOBST GROUP SA CHF  124 Delayed Quote.3.25%
NEWRON PHARMACEUT.. CHF  12.05 Delayed Quote.2.55%
SCHWEITER TECHNOL.. CHF  1242 Delayed Quote.2.05%
KUROS BIOSCIENCES.. CHF  12.7 Delayed Quote.-4.87%
SFS GROUP AG CHF  118.6 Delayed Quote.-3.81%
COMET HOLDING AG CHF  157.3 Delayed Quote.-1.87%
HIAG IMMOBILIEN H.. CHF  114.5 Delayed Quote.-1.72%
ZEHNDER GROUP AG CHF  39.7 Delayed Quote.-1.61%
129 Top Flop 104
Last NameLastChange
SQS SOFTWARE QUAL.. EUR  5.922 Delayed Quote.6.53%
GIGASET AG EUR  0.697 Delayed Quote.6.09%
EPIGENOMICS AG EUR  4.32 Delayed Quote.5.16%
DEUTSCHE REAL EST.. EUR  3.359 Delayed Quote.4.97%
CTS EVENTIM AG & .. EUR  40.23 Delayed Quote.3.39%
BREMER LAGERHAUS .. EUR  14.2 Delayed Quote.-8.08%
HUMANOPTICS AG EUR  16.478 Delayed Quote.-4.75%
TELE COLUMBUS AG EUR  8.837 Delayed Quote.-4.46%
BASTEI LUEBBE AG EUR  4.003 Delayed Quote.-4.35%
TUI EUR  14.615 Delayed Quote.-3.08%
126 Top Flop 111
Last NameLastChange
MAUNA KEA TECHNOL.. EUR  5.04 Real-time Quote.12.00%
SRP GROUPE EUR  10.38 Real-time Quote.7.56%
ESI GROUP EUR  35.75 Real-time Quote.5.18%
RECYLEX EUR  14.3 Real-time Quote.4.99%
BLUE SOLUTIONS EUR  19.23 Real-time Quote.3.95%
ELECTRO POWER SYS.. EUR  12.3 Real-time Quote.-3.98%
GROUPE PAROT EUR  10.88 Real-time Quote.-2.68%
DBV TECHNOLOGIES EUR  41.175 Real-time Quote.-2.65%
ITS GROUP EUR  6.83 Real-time Quote.-2.43%
RÉALITÉS EUR  18.51 Real-time Quote.-2.27%
36 Top Flop 17
Last NameLastChange
ACKERMANS & VAN H.. EUR  149.5 Delayed Quote.3.25%
CFE EUR  125.95 Delayed Quote.2.73%
BEKAERT EUR  35.625 Delayed Quote.1.74%
MONTEA EUR  45.215 Delayed Quote.1.60%
BPOST EUR  25.195 Delayed Quote.1.39%
GREENYARD EUR  20.105 Delayed Quote.-4.01%
HAMON EUR  2.05 Delayed Quote.-2.38%
MELEXIS EUR  84.11 Delayed Quote.-1.82%
SMARTPHOTO GROUP EUR  1.621 Delayed Quote.-1.64%
NYRSTAR EUR  6.23 Delayed Quote.-1.56%
22 Top Flop 29
Last NameLastChange
TELEGRAAF MEDIA G.. EUR  5.85 Delayed Quote.2.63%
CURETIS EUR  3.56 Delayed Quote.1.71%
AKZONOBEL EUR  79.25 Delayed Quote.1.68%
NEDAP EUR  42.945 Delayed Quote.1.29%
SBM OFFSHORE EUR  13.865 Delayed Quote.0.84%
BATENBURG TECHNIE.. EUR  33.45 Delayed Quote.-3.04%
ALTICE EUR  8.113 Delayed Quote.-2.14%
GALAPAGOS EUR  77.9 Delayed Quote.-1.74%
EUROCASTLE INVEST.. EUR  9.55 Delayed Quote.-1.44%
AVANTIUM EUR  8.3 Delayed Quote.-1.19%
450 Top Flop 353
Last NameLastChange
GITANJALI GEMS LI.. INR  83.2 End-of-day quote.15.88%
MIRC ELECTRONICS .. INR  39.55 End-of-day quote.15.81%
MENON BEARINGS LT.. INR  98.5 End-of-day quote.13.35%
RELIANCE COMMUNIC.. INR  13.6 End-of-day quote.13.33%
MCLEOD RUSSEL IND.. INR  193 End-of-day quote.11.82%
JET AIRWAYS (INDI.. INR  658.95 End-of-day quote.-8.39%
GATI LTD INR  132.3 End-of-day quote.-5.90%
SHREE RENUKA SUGA.. INR  16.9 End-of-day quote.-5.85%
LINC PEN AND PLAS.. INR  273.75 End-of-day quote.-5.28%
L&T FINANCE HOLDI.. INR  178.3 End-of-day quote.-5.16%
387 Top Flop 442
Last NameLastChange
AEROSPACE COMMUNI.. CNY  12.72 End-of-day quote.10.03%
ZHONGHANG HEIBAO .. CNY  32.09 End-of-day quote.10.01%
SJEC CORP CNY  27.6 End-of-day quote.10.00%
JIANGSU JINGSHEN .. CNY  12.25 End-of-day quote.9.96%
CRRC CORP LTD CNY  11.83 End-of-day quote.9.84%
BAOTOU HUAZI INDU.. CNY  9.04 End-of-day quote.-9.78%
SHENGYI TECHNOLOG.. CNY  16.27 End-of-day quote.-7.08%
ORIENT INTERNATIO.. CNY  14.06 End-of-day quote.-6.02%
SHENZHEN KINWONG .. CNY  56.13 End-of-day quote.-5.76%
CHINA INT'L TRAVE.. CNY  42.96 End-of-day quote.-5.54%
305 Top Flop 343
Last NameLastChange
BROCKMAN MINING L.. HKD  0.12 End-of-day quote.20.00%
NATIONAL ARTS ENT.. HKD  0.45 End-of-day quote.18.42%
CHINA TAIPING INS.. HKD  32.2 End-of-day quote.11.03%
ZHIDAO INTERNATIO.. HKD  0.71 End-of-day quote.10.94%
ANXIAN YUAN CHINA.. HKD  0.12 End-of-day quote.9.09%
SUSTAINABLE FORES.. HKD  0.05 End-of-day quote.-16.67%
CHINA E-WALLET PA.. HKD  0.42 End-of-day quote.-14.29%
SUNSHINE OILSANDS.. HKD  0.37 End-of-day quote.-11.90%
NWS HOLDINGS LIMI.. HKD  14.14 End-of-day quote.-10.84%
INVESTECH HOLDING.. HKD  0.43 End-of-day quote.-10.42%
3 Top Flop 3
Last NameLastChange
ELLINIKI TECHNODO.. EUR  1.37 Delayed Quote.2.24%
M.L.S. MULTIMEDIA.. EUR  4.2 Delayed Quote.0.72%
TERNA ENERGY S.A. EUR  4.07 Delayed Quote.0.25%
MINOAN LINES S.A. EUR  2.4 Delayed Quote.0.00%
TT HELLENIC POSTB.. EUR  0.168 Delayed Quote.0.00%
AUTOHELLAS S.A. EUR  22.88 Delayed Quote.-2.85%
ATHENS MEDICAL C... EUR  1.19 Delayed Quote.-0.83%
IASO SA EUR  0.797 Delayed Quote.-0.25%
MINOAN LINES S.A. EUR  2.4 Delayed Quote.0.00%
TT HELLENIC POSTB.. EUR  0.168 Delayed Quote.0.00%
34 Top Flop 28
Last NameLastChange
ALLOT COMMUNICATI.. ILa  2038 Delayed Quote.5.32%
EL AL ISRAEL AIRL.. ILa  171.5 Delayed Quote.3.94%
PARTNER COMMUNICA.. ILa  2100 Delayed Quote.2.89%
GOLF & CO LTD ILa  524.8 Delayed Quote.2.64%
MAZOR ROBOTICS LT.. ILa  10890 Delayed Quote.2.54%
ASHTROM PROPERTIE.. ILa  1772 Delayed Quote.-2.42%
BIOLINERX LTD. ILa  365.5 Delayed Quote.-1.67%
PROTALIX BIOTHERA.. ILa  256.3 Delayed Quote.-1.61%
FORESIGHT AUTONOM.. ILa  344.3 Delayed Quote.-1.38%
BEZEQ THE ISRAELI.. ILa  506.1 Delayed Quote.-1.35%
6 Top Flop 8
Last NameLastChange
ESHRAQ PROPERTIES.. AED  0.74 End-of-day quote.4.23%
AGTHIA GROUP PJSC AED  5 End-of-day quote.3.52%
DANA GAS CO PJS AED  0.72 End-of-day quote.2.86%
WAHA CAPITAL PJSC AED  1.77 End-of-day quote.1.14%
SHARJAH ISLAMIC B.. AED  1.34 End-of-day quote.0.75%
ARKAN BUILDING MA.. AED  0.63 End-of-day quote.-3.08%
INVEST BANK PSC AED  2.43 End-of-day quote.-2.80%
UNION NATIONAL BA.. AED  3.85 End-of-day quote.-2.53%
RAS AL KHAIMAH PR.. AED  0.69 End-of-day quote.-1.43%
ALDAR PROPERTIES .. AED  2.2 End-of-day quote.-1.35%

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