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2171 Top Flop 868
Last NameLastChange
DIGITAL POWER COR.. USD  5.5498 Delayed Quote.33.41%
FINISAR CORPORATI.. USD  24.825 Delayed Quote.28.63%
VERU INC USD  1.1901 Delayed Quote.19.01%
MEDALLION FINANCI.. USD  3.68 Delayed Quote.17.20%
ENANTA PHARMACEUT.. USD  54 Delayed Quote.12.03%
HELIOS AND MATHES.. USD  7.0818 Delayed Quote.-29.74%
NORDIC AMERICAN T.. USD  2.7463 Delayed Quote.-25.17%
BRISTOW GROUP INC USD  12.19 Delayed Quote.-15.41%
CIVITAS SOLUTIONS.. USD  17.4 Delayed Quote.-12.12%
ARCBEST CORP USD  34.65 Delayed Quote.-10.12%
218 Top Flop 234
Last NameLastChange
KATANGA MINING LT.. CAD  1.68 End-of-day quote.25.37%
SILVER BEAR RESOU.. CAD  0.16 End-of-day quote.14.29%
ECOBALT SOLUTIONS.. CAD  1.7 End-of-day quote.11.11%
CORVUS GOLD INC CAD  1.54 End-of-day quote.10.00%
ELEMENT FLEET MAN.. CAD  10.46 End-of-day quote.8.73%
APTOSE BIOSCIENCE.. CAD  2.28 End-of-day quote.-9.52%
NEVADA COPPER COR.. CAD  0.73 End-of-day quote.-8.75%
VALEURA ENERGY IN.. CAD  2.93 End-of-day quote.-7.86%
AQUILA RESOURCES .. CAD  0.25 End-of-day quote.-7.41%
PETRUS RESOURCES .. CAD  1.6 End-of-day quote.-6.98%
29 Top Flop 43
Last NameLastChange
CORPORACION MOCTE.. MXN  73.38 End-of-day quote.3.00%
ALPEK SAB DE CV MXN  22.97 End-of-day quote.2.59%
GRUPO AEROPORTUAR.. MXN  343.14 End-of-day quote.2.02%
GRUPO AEROPORTUAR.. MXN  98.77 End-of-day quote.1.94%
CORPORACION INMOB.. MXN  23.52 End-of-day quote.1.82%
GRUPO POCHTECA SA.. MXN  8.03 End-of-day quote.-6.52%
GRUPO FINANCIERO .. MXN  84.75 End-of-day quote.-3.00%
GENTERA SAB DE CV MXN  16.14 End-of-day quote.-3.00%
VITRO SAB DE CV MXN  67.98 End-of-day quote.-2.72%
URBI DESARROLLOS .. MXN  6.33 End-of-day quote.-2.47%
329 Top Flop 350
Last NameLastChange
QUADRISE FUELS IN.. GBp  12.375 Delayed Quote.21.32%
ZOTEFOAMS PLC GBp  458 Delayed Quote.14.14%
DIXONS CARPHONE GBp  181.6 Delayed Quote.8.48%
KROMEK GROUP PLC GBp  27.5 Delayed Quote.7.84%
INTERSERVE PLC GBp  71 Delayed Quote.6.37%
IDOX PLC GBp  38.875 Delayed Quote.-30.74%
OPG POWER VENTURE.. GBp  16.25 Delayed Quote.-26.97%
SAFESTYLE UK PLC GBp  164 Delayed Quote.-14.25%
ZANAGA IRON ORE C.. GBp  12 Delayed Quote.-12.73%
VERSARIEN PLC GBp  60 Delayed Quote.-12.41%
69 Top Flop 60
Last NameLastChange
WISEKEY INTERNATI.. CHF  6.12 Delayed Quote.3.73%
PEACH PROPERTY GR.. CHF  28.25 Delayed Quote.3.29%
MOBILEZONE AG CHF  13.05 Delayed Quote.3.16%
COMET HOLDING AG CHF  150 Delayed Quote.2.74%
IDORSIA LTD CHF  21.25 Delayed Quote.2.66%
CASSIOPEA SPA CHF  32.5 Delayed Quote.-5.80%
KUROS BIOSCIENCES.. CHF  11.6 Delayed Quote.-3.73%
MOLECULAR PARTNER.. CHF  24.2 Delayed Quote.-3.59%
CICOR TECHNOLOGIE.. CHF  48.75 Delayed Quote.-2.50%
LEM HOLDING SA CHF  1635 Delayed Quote.-2.15%
146 Top Flop 145
Last NameLastChange
PVA TEPLA AG EUR  10.32 Delayed Quote.10.28%
SCHWEIZER ELECTRO.. EUR  23 Delayed Quote.9.42%
SOFTING AG EUR  8.52 Delayed Quote.8.54%
SUESS MICROTEC SE EUR  17.035 Delayed Quote.6.37%
NORCOM INFORMATIO.. EUR  31.9 Delayed Quote.6.33%
SHOP APOTHEKE EUR.. EUR  45.3 Delayed Quote.-14.27%
INNOGY SE EUR  34.15 Delayed Quote.-13.23%
RWE EUR  18.07 Delayed Quote.-13.06%
STEINHOFF INTERNA.. EUR  0.662 Delayed Quote.-11.73%
BREMER LAGERHAUS .. EUR  14.1 Delayed Quote.-8.74%
132 Top Flop 155
Last NameLastChange
GLOBAL BIOENERGIE.. EUR  16.34 Real-time Quote.9.08%
CELLECTIS EUR  23.22 Real-time Quote.8.20%
PHARMAGEST INTERA.. EUR  43.49 Real-time Quote.5.40%
BASTIDE LE CONFOR.. EUR  52 Real-time Quote.5.26%
RIBER EUR  3.7 Real-time Quote.4.82%
SES EUR  14.165 Real-time Quote.-4.74%
ADLPARTNER EUR  16.49 Real-time Quote.-4.46%
EUROPACORP EUR  1.07 Real-time Quote.-4.46%
NEXANS EUR  51.85 Real-time Quote.-4.12%
INNATE PHARMA EUR  4.83 Real-time Quote.-3.78%
28 Top Flop 39
Last NameLastChange
NYRSTAR EUR  6.089 Delayed Quote.5.75%
2VALORISE EUR  5.6 Delayed Quote.2.75%
MELEXIS EUR  82.22 Delayed Quote.2.52%
BREDERODE EUR  49.74 Delayed Quote.2.35%
MDXHEALTH EUR  3.75 Delayed Quote.1.76%
COLRUYT EUR  41.39 Delayed Quote.-7.54%
D'IETEREN EUR  36.85 Delayed Quote.-6.71%
KINEPOLIS GROUP EUR  57 Delayed Quote.-4.94%
IEP INVEST EUR  5.71 Delayed Quote.-4.83%
MIKO EUR  113.5 Delayed Quote.-3.57%
27 Top Flop 39
Last NameLastChange
AMG EUR  39.73 Delayed Quote.4.53%
GEMALTO EUR  47 Delayed Quote.3.06%
STERN GROEP EUR  20.07 Delayed Quote.1.93%
KONINKLIJKE VOLKE.. EUR  23.48 Delayed Quote.1.91%
TKH GROUP EUR  53.5 Delayed Quote.1.36%
ALTICE EUR  8.124 Delayed Quote.-7.99%
BETER BED HOLDING EUR  12.86 Delayed Quote.-2.98%
PHILIPS LIGHTING EUR  30 Delayed Quote.-2.14%
PHARMING GROUP EUR  1.206 Delayed Quote.-2.03%
TELEGRAAF MEDIA G.. EUR  5.809 Delayed Quote.-1.88%
208 Top Flop 599
Last NameLastChange
DIC INDIA LTD INR  590 End-of-day quote.20.53%
INDIA MOTOR PARTS.. INR  1125 End-of-day quote.11.33%
G M BREWERIES LTD INR  892.7 End-of-day quote.9.53%
PRABHAT DAIRY LTD INR  223 End-of-day quote.8.57%
PPAP AUTOMOTIVE L.. INR  570 End-of-day quote.7.34%
UNITECH LIMITED INR  6.65 End-of-day quote.-12.50%
PEARL GLOBAL INDU.. INR  141 End-of-day quote.-8.44%
GTPL HATHWAY LTD INR  157 End-of-day quote.-6.07%
FINEOTEX CHEMICAL.. INR  41.65 End-of-day quote.-5.98%
ELECON ENGINEERIN.. INR  89.2 End-of-day quote.-5.96%
610 Top Flop 170
Last NameLastChange
AIR CHINA LTD. CNY  11.27 End-of-day quote.9.63%
GRINM ADVANCED MA.. CNY  13.88 End-of-day quote.8.86%
QINGDAO COPTON TE.. CNY  18.45 End-of-day quote.7.64%
TSINGTAO BREWERY .. CNY  34.38 End-of-day quote.7.47%
CHINA SOUTHERN AI.. CNY  11.19 End-of-day quote.6.98%
SHANGHAI LONGYUN .. CNY  63.02 End-of-day quote.-4.24%
JINZHOU NEW CHINA.. CNY  15.08 End-of-day quote.-3.70%
HUAXIN CEMENT CO... CNY  14.95 End-of-day quote.-3.61%
DR.PENG TELECOM &.. CNY  19.12 End-of-day quote.-3.58%
ZHEJIANG HUAYOU C.. CNY  87.69 End-of-day quote.-3.44%
233 Top Flop 394
Last NameLastChange
CHU KONG SHIPPING.. HKD  2.22 End-of-day quote.19.35%
RENHE COMMERCIAL .. HKD  0.23 End-of-day quote.15.00%
CHINA DYNAMICS (H.. HKD  0.17 End-of-day quote.13.33%
CARRY WEALTH HOLD.. HKD  0.54 End-of-day quote.10.20%
NATIONAL ARTS ENT.. HKD  0.5 End-of-day quote.8.70%
CHINA TITANS ENER.. HKD  0.8 End-of-day quote.-17.53%
CHINA OUTFITTERS .. HKD  0.29 End-of-day quote.-12.12%
HENG TAI CONSUMAB.. HKD  0.69 End-of-day quote.-10.39%
CHINA DIGITAL VID.. HKD  0.88 End-of-day quote.-10.20%
CHIGO HOLDING LTD HKD  0.11 End-of-day quote.-8.33%
30 Top Flop 8
Last NameLastChange
PIRAEUS BANK SA EUR  2.5 Delayed Quote.4.17%
GEK TERNA HOLDING.. EUR  4.35 Delayed Quote.3.57%
EUROBANK ERGASIAS.. EUR  0.745 Delayed Quote.3.47%
ALPHA BANK SA EUR  1.676 Delayed Quote.3.39%
J AND P AVAX SA EUR  0.643 Delayed Quote.3.21%
KORRES NATURAL PR.. EUR  4.5 Delayed Quote.-3.23%
MOTOR OIL HELLAS .. EUR  18.9 Delayed Quote.-1.97%
FOURLIS EUR  5.21 Delayed Quote.-1.88%
DIAGNOSTIC & THRP.. EUR  0.56 Delayed Quote.-1.75%
NIREUS AQUACULTUR.. EUR  0.235 Delayed Quote.-1.67%
28 Top Flop 33
Last NameLastChange
FORESIGHT AUTONOM.. ILa  272.1 Delayed Quote.4.01%
AZRIELI GROUP LTD ILa  18480 Delayed Quote.3.82%
WILLY-FOOD INVEST.. ILa  1761 Delayed Quote.3.71%
MELISRON LTD. ILa  16350 Delayed Quote.3.15%
ICL ISRAEL CHEMIC.. ILa  1452 Delayed Quote.1.97%
TEVA PHARMACEUTIC.. ILa  5587 Delayed Quote.-4.53%
GOLF & CO LTD ILa  485 Delayed Quote.-3.54%
BAYSIDE LAND CORP.. ILa  167000 Delayed Quote.-2.79%
ADO GROUP LTD ILa  6851 Delayed Quote.-2.27%
SHIKUN & BINUI LT.. ILa  753 Delayed Quote.-1.94%
20 Top Flop 10
Last NameLastChange
EMIRATES DRIVING .. AED  8 End-of-day quote.11.11%
SHUAA CAPITAL PSC AED  1.24 End-of-day quote.4.20%
ABU DHABI NATIONA.. AED  0.6 End-of-day quote.3.45%
GULF PHARMACEUTIC.. AED  2.32 End-of-day quote.3.11%
AGTHIA GROUP PJSC AED  4.99 End-of-day quote.2.89%
EMAAR PROPERTIES .. AED  7.22 End-of-day quote.-6.23%
NATIONAL CENTRAL .. AED  1.85 End-of-day quote.-2.63%
EMAAR DEVELOPMENT.. AED  5.38 End-of-day quote.-2.18%
ABU DHABI COMMERC.. AED  6.87 End-of-day quote.-2.14%
ESHRAQ PROPERTIES.. AED  0.71 End-of-day quote.-1.39%

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