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DNAPRINT GENOMICS, INC. USD  0.001 Delayed Quote.99,900.00%0.00%0.00%0,0000,000-
LIVEREEL MEDIA CORP USD  0.09 Delayed Quote.800.00%-18.70%-71.43%0,000--
1MAGE SOFTWARE INC USD  0.04 Delayed Quote.300.00%-83.05%1,900.00%0,0000,000-
SIMTROL, INC. USD  0.006 Delayed Quote.275.00%-72.41%-23.81%0,0000,000-
NEW FRONTIER ENERGY INC. USD  0.0027 Delayed Quote.200.00%0.00%-3.57%0,0000,000-
GRYPHON GOLD CORP USD  0.01 Delayed Quote.150.00%-40.59%900.00%0,0000,000-
MIDWEST OIL AND GAS INC USD  0.0025 Delayed Quote.150.00%9,900.00%-91.67%0,000--
POTASH AMERICA INC USD  0.005 Delayed Quote.138.10%61.54%200.00%0,0000,000-
SYNERGETICS INC USD  0.013 Delayed Quote.136.36%-38.20%-81.67%0,0000,001-
AMERICAN METALS RECOVERY AND REC.. USD  0.1 Delayed Quote.127.27%0.00%76.00%0,000--
GALILEO LIFE SCIENCES INC USD  0.0432 Delayed Quote.109.71%-17.60%-33.55%0,0000,001-
HEFFX INC USD  0.0045 Delayed Quote.104.55%-1.26%-43.59%0,0000,000-
GEOBIO ENERGY, INC. USD  0.001 Delayed Quote.100.00%-18.70%-77.58%0,000--
PARADIGM OIL AND GAS INC USD  0.0004 Delayed Quote.100.00%-33.33%33.33%0,0000,001-
IL2M INTERNATIONAL CORP USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.100.00%0.00%0.00%0,0000,000-
ALUMIFUEL POWER CORP USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.100.00%0.00%0.00%0,0000,003-
PIEDMONT MINING COMPANY, INC. USD  0.002 Delayed Quote.99.00%44.44%0.00%0,0000,000-
ROCK RIDGE RESOURCES INC USD  0.3 Delayed Quote.92.31%0.00%-55.43%0,0000,000-
ECO ENERGY TECH ASIA LTD USD  0.7 Delayed Quote.84.21%-28.30%-95.25%0,0000,016-
AVANTOGEN ONCOLOGY, INC. USD  0.012 Delayed Quote.81.82%0.00%32.00%0,0000,000-
ITUS CORP USD  3.87 Delayed Quote.70.48%228.99%-57.96%0,00010-
TUNGSTEN CORP USD  0.001 Delayed Quote.66.67%-33.33%-40.00%0,0000,000-
BIOFORCE NANOSCIENCES HOLDINGS, .. USD  0.08 Delayed Quote.50.94%-8.45%378.38%0,0000,000-
SPECTRASCIENCE INC USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.50.00%-50.00%-94.12%-0,2690,0260,269
HIRU CORP. USD  0.0003 Delayed Quote.50.00%-50.00%-71.43%0,0000,000-
ANDALAY SOLAR INC USD  0.0003 Delayed Quote.50.00%0.00%-33.33%0,0000,0020,107
EPOXY INC USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.50.00%-50.00%-83.33%0,0000,000-
MIDWAY GOLD CORP (USA) USD  0.0003 Delayed Quote.50.00%-33.33%-90.91%-0,0180,0000,036
WHEREVERTV BROADCASTING CORPORAT.. USD  0.44 Delayed Quote.46.67%15.38%200.00%0,0000,003-
BPI ENERGY HOLDINGS INC USD  0.0051 Delayed Quote.44.29%-54.29%433.33%0,0000,000-
GREEN PLANET BIO ENGINEERING CO... USD  0.05 Delayed Quote.42.86%0.00%-12.50%0,000--
GREEN ENERGY MGMT SERV HLDGS INC USD  0.012 Delayed Quote.41.18%0.00%13.33%0,0000,000-
BAKKEN ENERGY CORP USD  0.0007 Delayed Quote.40.00%25.00%66.67%0,0000,010-
HELIOS AND MATHESON ANALYTICS IN.. USD  9.4626 Delayed Quote.35.76%122.81%77.58%0,00031-
WELLNESS CENTER USA INC USD  0.23 Delayed Quote.35.21%-10.47%-8.05%0,0000,008-
MANZO PHARMACEUTICALS INC USD  0.0043 Delayed Quote.34.38%66.67%1,900.00%0,0000,039-
SEARCHLIGHT MINERALS CORP. USD  0.06 Delayed Quote.33.77%48.52%-35.93%0,0000,003-
LITHIUM TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION USD  0.0017 Delayed Quote.33.33%-11.76%-51.61%0,0000,000-
CENTRAL WIRELESS INC USD  0.0008 Delayed Quote.33.33%0.00%106.90%0,0000,038-
GREEN AUTOMOTIVE CO USD  0.0008 Delayed Quote.33.33%60.00%300.00%0,0000,001-
ENVIRO-SERV INC USD  0.0002 Delayed Quote.33.33%-50.00%50.00%0,0000,001-
CONTANGO ORE INC USD  20.24 Delayed Quote.30.58%-10.14%-20.92%0,0000,010-
AMERICAN ENVIRONMENTAL ENERGY, I.. USD  0.05 Delayed Quote.30.21%0.00%405.26%0,000--
BOTANICAL RESEARCH IN MOTN LABS .. USD  0.026 Delayed Quote.30.00%0.00%233.33%0,0000,004-
PULSE BIOSCIENCES INC USD  19.49 Delayed Quote.29.76%8.62%150.15%0,00010-
PACIFIC GREEN TECHNOLOGIES INC USD  0.45 Delayed Quote.28.57%40.00%-85.42%0,0000,006-
AMERICAN PETRO-HUNTER INC USD  0.0009 Delayed Quote.28.57%-10.26%250.00%0,0000,002-
FUSE MEDICAL INC USD  1 Delayed Quote.28.21%0.00%387.50%0,0000,000-
MAGELLAN GOLD CORP USD  0.072 Delayed Quote.27.21%-23.92%-62.27%0,0000,012-
TRIMAX CORP USD  0.0207 Delayed Quote.26.99%68.07%143.87%0,0000,034-
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