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Top / Flop Unusual Volumes

SummaryNorth AmericaSouth AmericaEuropeAfricaMiddle EastAsiaOceania
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
INTERGROUP CORP 24.9449 Delayed Quote.8.53
F.N.B. CORP 11.86 Delayed Quote.8.16
BFC FINANCIAL COR.. 2.66 Delayed Quote.7.57
CIBER, INC. 2.72 Delayed Quote.6.85
SELECT COMFORT CO.. 15.58 Delayed Quote.6.79
NU SKIN ENTERPRIS.. 29.14 Delayed Quote.6.21
MAJESCO 5.65 Delayed Quote.6.21
LPL FINANCIAL HOL.. 16.5 Delayed Quote.5.87
FIRST ACCEPTANCE .. 2.12 Delayed Quote.5.62
THE9 LIMITED (ADR.. 1.81 Delayed Quote.5.52
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
SIRIUS XM CANADA .. 4.26 End-of-day quote.8.26
SLEEP COUNTRY CAN.. 16.01 End-of-day quote.7.18
EPSILON ENERGY LI.. 2.53 End-of-day quote.6.43
SOLIUM CAPITAL IN.. 6.45 End-of-day quote.6.18
ALTUS GROUP LTD 16.96 End-of-day quote.4.89
EQUITY FINANCIAL .. 7.9 End-of-day quote.4.68
WPT INDUSTRIAL RE.. 9.5 End-of-day quote.4.55
CANACCORD GENUITY.. 3.9 End-of-day quote.4.06
NGEX RESOURCES IN.. 0.59 End-of-day quote.3.85
EXCO TECHNOLOGIES.. 12.47 End-of-day quote.3.83
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
CORPORATIVO FRAGU.. 239.98 End-of-day quote.33.75
GRUPO KUO SAB DE .. 30.44 End-of-day quote.4.00
SANTANDER MEXICO .. 27.21 End-of-day quote.3.52
CORPORACION GEO S.. 7 End-of-day quote.3.02
CORPORACION ACTIN.. 13.97 End-of-day quote.2.86
ORGANIZACION CULT.. 21.85 End-of-day quote.2.20
GENTERA SAB DE CV 33.12 End-of-day quote.1.98
PROLOGIS PROPERTY.. 25.77 End-of-day quote.1.96
CONSORCIO ARA SAB.. 5.43 End-of-day quote.1.90
GRUPO ELEKTRA SA .. 339.29 End-of-day quote.1.79
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United Kingdom
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
QUIXANT PLC 176.5 Delayed Quote.14.81
TASTY PLC 166.5 Delayed Quote.14.43
HVIVO PLC 190 Delayed Quote.14.23
ECO ANIMAL HEALTH.. 310 Delayed Quote.10.34
IMPERIAL INNOVATI.. 409.875 Delayed Quote.8.21
NORD GOLD NV 2.75 Delayed Quote.7.16
AFI DEVELOPMENT P.. 0.1175 Delayed Quote.6.23
LSL PROPERTY SERV.. 257.5 Delayed Quote.6.20
MEARS GROUP PLC 395 Delayed Quote.6.20
NORCROS PLC 164.75 Delayed Quote.6.09
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ROMANDE ENERGIE H.. 906 End-of-day quote.5.24
HIAG IMMOBILIEN H.. 88.25 End-of-day quote.4.25
GOLDBACH GROUP AG 21.25 End-of-day quote.4.22
EFG INTERNATIONAL.. 6.48 End-of-day quote.3.74
TEMENOS GROUP AG 42.45 End-of-day quote.3.57
CARLO GAVAZZI HOL.. 207 End-of-day quote.3.26
ASCOM HOLDING AG 14.9 End-of-day quote.2.61
VONTOBEL HOLDING .. 40.55 End-of-day quote.2.48
CONZZETA AG 590 End-of-day quote.2.38
LUZERNER KANTONAL.. 379 End-of-day quote.2.35
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
INCITY IMMOBILIEN.. 1.01 End-of-day quote.7.51
PAION AG 1.769 End-of-day quote.7.08
SCHWEIZER ELECTRO.. 17.98 End-of-day quote.5.44
MOBOTIX AG 11.85 End-of-day quote.5.16
R. STAHL AG 28.8 End-of-day quote.4.85
BETA SYSTEMS SOFT.. 1.7 End-of-day quote.3.65
GESCO AG 70 End-of-day quote.3.63
STEINHOFF INTERNA.. 4.346 End-of-day quote.3.53
EXCEET GROUP SE 3.019 End-of-day quote.3.48
TELE COLUMBUS AG 8.659 End-of-day quote.3.37
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
CAFOM 8.3 Real-time Quote.14.12
LECTRA 12.2 Real-time Quote.7.47
ARGAN 22.15 Real-time Quote.5.85
DELTA PLUS GROUP 40 Real-time Quote.5.72
BASTIDE LE CONFOR.. 17.33 Real-time Quote.5.51
AUREA 4.85 Real-time Quote.4.67
AUPLATA 1.39 Real-time Quote.4.64
SOLOCAL GROUP 3.737 Real-time Quote.4.62
UBISOFT ENTERTAIN 18.99 Real-time Quote.4.04
TOUAX 8.4 Real-time Quote.3.79
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
RECTICEL 4.85 Delayed Quote.5.24
GREENYARD FOODS 13.01 Delayed Quote.3.36
FLUXYS BELGIUM D 25.6 Delayed Quote.2.69
SOFINA 91 Delayed Quote.2.67
CELYAD 29.51 Delayed Quote.2.53
HAMON & CIE 6.2 Delayed Quote.2.24
QRF SICAFI CVA 26.8 Delayed Quote.2.10
ROULARTA 22.1 Delayed Quote.2.08
CFE 83.6 Delayed Quote.2.07
DALENYS 6.07 Delayed Quote.2.06
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
SLIGRO FOOD GROUP 33.065 Delayed Quote.4.13
DPA GROUP 1.61 Delayed Quote.3.33
INTERTRUST 16.44 Delayed Quote.3.22
VAN LANSCHOT 19.03 Delayed Quote.2.90
AMG 7.579 Delayed Quote.2.13
PERSHING SQUARE 15.75 Delayed Quote.2.02
TKH GROUP 29.545 Delayed Quote.1.89
CORBION 18.4 Delayed Quote.1.88
EUROCASTLE INVEST.. 6.49 Delayed Quote.1.86
AP ALTERNAT ASSET.. 26.75 Delayed Quote.1.72
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
NRB BEARINGS LIMI.. 112.1 End-of-day quote.10.54
REPRO INDIA LIMIT.. 407.75 End-of-day quote.8.51
MM FORGINGS LTD 377 End-of-day quote.6.74
ESSAR SHIPPING LT.. 23.25 End-of-day quote.6.56
DALMIA BHARAT LTD 700 End-of-day quote.6.14
SHARDA CROPCHEM L.. 220 End-of-day quote.5.61
KEWAL KIRAN CLOTH.. 1900 End-of-day quote.5.23
RALLIS INDIA LIMI.. 148 End-of-day quote.5.23
STAR FERRO AND CE.. 100.35 End-of-day quote.5.21
BHARAT RASAYAN LT.. 900 End-of-day quote.4.87
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
LAO FENG XIANG CO.. 40.68 End-of-day quote.4.33
NINGBO MARINE COM.. 5.75 End-of-day quote.3.80
ZHEJIANG JASAN HO.. 23.31 End-of-day quote.3.75
HAINAN MINING CO .. 11.68 End-of-day quote.2.77
NINGBO FUDA COMPA.. 5.5 End-of-day quote.2.72
SICHUAN HONGDA CO.. 5.79 End-of-day quote.2.71
SHANDONG GOLD MIN.. 20.66 End-of-day quote.2.57
HANGZHOU SILAN MI.. 6.09 End-of-day quote.2.55
LANZHOU GREAT WAL.. 8.82 End-of-day quote.2.45
TIBET SUMMIT INDU.. 16.11 End-of-day quote.2.29
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Hong Kong
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
GUOCO GROUP LIMIT.. 76.2 End-of-day quote.8.68
GOLDEN RESOURCES .. 0.42 End-of-day quote.8.62
CHINESE ESTATES H.. 16.98 End-of-day quote.7.39
LUNG KEE (BERMUDA.. 1.9 End-of-day quote.5.45
NEXT DIGITAL LTD 0.395 End-of-day quote.5.41
XIEZHONG INTERNAT.. 2.07 End-of-day quote.4.73
G-RESOURCES GROUP.. 0.197 End-of-day quote.4.58
FUJIKON INDUSTRIA.. 0.94 End-of-day quote.4.24
CHOW TAI FOOK JEW.. 5.1 End-of-day quote.4.07
CHINA NEW TOWN DE.. 0.25 End-of-day quote.3.83
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
NETAS TELEKOMUNIK.. 6.71 Delayed Quote.5.01
KARSAN OTOMOTIV S.. 1.24 Delayed Quote.3.74
DEVA HOLDING A.S. 2.12 Delayed Quote.2.97
ALKIM ALKALI KIMY.. 16.75 Delayed Quote.2.88
AKSA ENERJI URETI.. 2.86 Delayed Quote.2.57
EGE GUBRE SANAYII.. 16.8 Delayed Quote.2.47
TEKFEN HOLDING A... 5.69 Delayed Quote.2.41
BORUSAN MANNESMAN.. 7.16 Delayed Quote.2.34
BRISA BRIDGESTONE.. 7.39 Delayed Quote.2.08
BOLU CIMENTO SANA.. 4.03 Delayed Quote.1.99
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
NETO ME HOLDINGS .. 21250 Delayed Quote.4.78
HADERA PAPER LTD 10260 Delayed Quote.3.31
VICTORY SUPERMARK.. 3100 Delayed Quote.2.94
KAMADA LTD. 1333 Delayed Quote.2.71
AUDIOCODES LTD. (.. 1541 Delayed Quote.2.70
REDHILL BIOPHARMA.. 333.6 Delayed Quote.2.63
AMOT INVESTMENTS .. 1188 Delayed Quote.2.20
B COMMUNICATIONS .. 10490 Delayed Quote.2.18
BIOLINERX LTD. 364.6 Delayed Quote.2.08
ELBIT SYSTEMS LTD 31200 Delayed Quote.2.01
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United Arab Emirates
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
AGTHIA GROUP PJSC 7.15 End-of-day quote.7.76
RAS AL KHAIMAH CE.. 3.1 End-of-day quote.4.47
RAS AL KHAIMAH CE.. 0.86 End-of-day quote.3.05
DANA GAS CO PJS 0.5 End-of-day quote.2.73
AJMAN BANK PJSC 2.35 End-of-day quote.2.56
ABU DHABI NATIONA.. 2.5 End-of-day quote.2.46
DAMAC PROPERTIES .. 2.49 End-of-day quote.2.40
RAS AL KHAIMAH PR.. 0.54 End-of-day quote.2.38
DUBAI PARKS AND R.. 1.09 End-of-day quote.2.01
GULF NAVIGATION H.. 0.813 End-of-day quote.1.83
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