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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
AMBIT BIOSCIENCES.. 15.34 Delayed Quote.13.74
EINSTEIN NOAH RES.. 20.15 Delayed Quote.12.89
ATHLON ENERGY INC 58.32 Delayed Quote.11.26
SUN BANCORP, INC... 18.4 Delayed Quote.9.96
CIVEO CORP 12.84 Delayed Quote.9.71
DREAMWORKS ANIMAT.. 28.18 Delayed Quote.9.12
TEXTURA CORP 25.71 Delayed Quote.8.67
TONIX PHARMACEUTI.. 6.95 Delayed Quote.8.29
AMAG PHARMACEUTIC.. 29.72 Delayed Quote.8.12
TIBCO SOFTWARE IN.. 23.65 Delayed Quote.8.02
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
HNZ GROUP INC 18.55 End-of-day quote.6.41
ALARMFORCE INDUST.. 11.45 End-of-day quote.5.65
HORIZON NORTH LOG.. 4.92 End-of-day quote.4.45
SUPREMEX INC 2.77 End-of-day quote.4.29
EXCO TECHNOLOGIES.. 10.3 End-of-day quote.3.85
TVA GROUP INC 8.49 End-of-day quote.3.84
SIERRA METALS INC 1.72 End-of-day quote.3.73
ARGEX TITANE INC 0.62 End-of-day quote.3.42
ENCANA CORPORATIO.. 24.06 End-of-day quote.2.90
BLACK DIAMOND GRO.. 24.41 End-of-day quote.2.89
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
GRUPO MODELO SAB .. 123.44 End-of-day quote.57.18
HOTELES CITY EXPR.. 25.03 End-of-day quote.6.47
GENOMMA LAB INTER.. 32.39 End-of-day quote.4.61
FIBRA HOTEL 23.72 End-of-day quote.4.09
FIBRA INN 17.45 End-of-day quote.2.61
SARE HOLDING SAB.. 0.461 End-of-day quote.2.19
GRUPO POCHTECA SA.. 14.47 End-of-day quote.1.97
FIBRA UNO ADMINIS.. 44.08 End-of-day quote.1.90
GRUPO TELEVISA SA.. 91.11 End-of-day quote.1.44
KIMBERLY-CLARK DE.. 32.35 End-of-day quote.1.32
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United Kingdom
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
POWERFLUTE OYJ 45.805 Delayed Quote.96.12
CENTRAL ASIA META.. 169.25 Delayed Quote.18.73
CONSORT MEDICAL P.. 969.25 Delayed Quote.16.26
ATLANTIS RESOURCE.. 53 Delayed Quote.15.53
BREWIN DOLPHIN HO.. 273.4 Delayed Quote.14.28
CATHAY INTERNATIO.. 33.5 Delayed Quote.7.76
BONMARCHE HOLDING.. 268 Delayed Quote.7.46
GOOCH & HOUSEGO P.. 675 Delayed Quote.7.09
GUINNESS PEAT GRO.. 28.6908 Delayed Quote.6.13
BRAMMER PLC 371.445 Delayed Quote.5.64
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
CENTRALSCHWEIZERI.. 275 End-of-day quote.10.51
LIFEWATCH AG 8.43 End-of-day quote.9.27
ZUEBLIN IMMOBILIE.. 1.82 End-of-day quote.7.89
AIROPACK TECHNOLO.. 8.5 End-of-day quote.6.32
BURKHALTER HOLDIN.. 86.25 End-of-day quote.3.77
BURCKHARDT COMPRE.. 442 End-of-day quote.3.73
SCHWEIZERISCHE NA.. 83.6 End-of-day quote.3.69
COMPAGNIE FINANCI.. 43.9 End-of-day quote.3.50
EFG INTERNATIONAL.. 9.46 End-of-day quote.3.29
ALPIQ HOLDING AG 98.9 End-of-day quote.3.26
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ENERGIEKONTOR AG 9.509 End-of-day quote.8.26
LUDWIG BECK AM RA.. 29.088 End-of-day quote.7.11
MS INDUSTRIE AG 3.28 End-of-day quote.5.43
INVISION AG 50.9 End-of-day quote.5.17
NABALTEC AG 10.628 End-of-day quote.4.53
MUTARES AG 77.5 End-of-day quote.4.18
MVV ENERGIE AG 23.895 End-of-day quote.4.07
BAUER AG 13.685 End-of-day quote.3.72
SEKTKELLEREI SCHL.. 14.3 End-of-day quote.3.22
PROGRESS-WERK OBE.. 42.165 End-of-day quote.3.15
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
MERSEN 19.4 Real-time Quote.5.54
LACROIX SA 21.3 Real-time Quote.4.70
GLOBAL BIOENERGIE.. 43.1 Delayed Quote.3.94
TRANSGENE 8.87 Real-time Quote.3.78
AUSY 26.79 Real-time Quote.3.72
LES NOUV CONSTRUC.. 12.79 Real-time Quote.3.45
GPE PIZZORNO ENV 17.6 Real-time Quote.3.13
GFI INFORMATIQUE 5.68 Real-time Quote.3.04
GROUPE PARTOUCHE 1.54 Real-time Quote.2.97
VOYAGEURS DU MOND.. 38.65 Delayed Quote.2.96
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
LEASINVEST REAL E.. 82.23 Delayed Quote.2.08
VASTNED RETAIL BE.. 54.5 Delayed Quote.2.03
HOME INVEST BELGI.. 80.75 Delayed Quote.1.60
LOTUS BAKERIES 930.85 Delayed Quote.1.33
VAN DE VELDE 38.5 Delayed Quote.1.29
PICANOL 26.56 Delayed Quote.1.27
GREENYARD FOODS 11.45 Delayed Quote.1.21
SIOEN 11.61 Delayed Quote.1.09
IMMOBEL 43.8 Delayed Quote.1.04
ONTEX GROUP 19.55 Delayed Quote.1.02
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ICT AUTOMATISERIN.. 5.45 Delayed Quote.2.93
DOC DATA 18.4 Delayed Quote.2.02
EXACT HOLDING 28.12 Delayed Quote.1.70
HAL TRUST 122.97 Delayed Quote.1.13
MACINTOSH RETAIL 6.55 Delayed Quote.1.00
BAM GROEP 2.279 Delayed Quote.0.68
KAS BANK 9.789 Delayed Quote.0.60
RANDSTAD 36.99 Delayed Quote.0.59
AP ALTERNAT ASSET.. 31.2 Delayed Quote.0.56
NEWAYS ELECTRONIC.. 8.389 Delayed Quote.0.53
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
TD POWER SYSTEMS .. 332 End-of-day quote.39.67
GAMMON INFRASTRUC.. 14.2 End-of-day quote.17.47
CYIENT LTD 447 End-of-day quote.9.64
PROCTER & GAMBLE .. 5409.75 End-of-day quote.8.74
BLUE STAR LIMITED 361.9 End-of-day quote.8.57
INDIAN METALS & F.. 245 End-of-day quote.7.94
HITACHI HOME & LI.. 644.75 End-of-day quote.7.02
BAJAJ FINSERV LTD 1130 End-of-day quote.6.30
SANOFI INDIA LTD 3240 End-of-day quote.5.96
MAN INDUSTRIES (I.. 68.2 End-of-day quote.5.53
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
SDIC ZHONGLU FRUI.. 15.82 End-of-day quote.157.48
MIANYANG GAO XIN .. 15.09 End-of-day quote.7.37
FOUNDER TECHNOLOG.. 4.75 End-of-day quote.4.92
WEIFANG YAXING CH.. 6.6 End-of-day quote.3.27
TONTEC TECNOLOGY .. 6.49 End-of-day quote.3.27
XIAMEN OVERSEAS C.. 10.03 End-of-day quote.2.99
JINLING HOTEL COR.. 10.48 End-of-day quote.2.95
SHANGHAI MALING A.. 9.27 End-of-day quote.2.87
QINGDAO HAIER CO... 15.8 End-of-day quote.2.77
SHINVA MEDICAL IN.. 37.41 End-of-day quote.2.70
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Hong Kong
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
MOISELLE INTERNAT.. 1.58 End-of-day quote.11.01
L'SEA RESOURCES I.. 0.44 End-of-day quote.9.25
INTERNATIONAL ELI.. 1.5 End-of-day quote.8.71
SHENGUAN HOLDINGS.. 2.4 End-of-day quote.7.96
PICO FAR EAST HOL.. 1.75 End-of-day quote.7.83
MING FAI INTERNAT.. 0.83 End-of-day quote.7.49
CHINA TIANYI HOLD.. 1.06 End-of-day quote.5.85
NATIONAL UNITED R.. 0.24 End-of-day quote.5.82
SUN.KING POWER EL.. 0.88 End-of-day quote.5.70
CHINA AEROSPACE I.. 1.15 End-of-day quote.5.24
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
NETAS TELEKOMUNIK.. 6.71 Delayed Quote.5.01
KARSAN OTOMOTIV S.. 1.24 Delayed Quote.3.74
DEVA HOLDING A.S. 2.12 Delayed Quote.2.97
ALKIM ALKALI KIMY.. 16.75 Delayed Quote.2.88
AKSA ENERJI URETI.. 2.86 Delayed Quote.2.57
EGE GUBRE SANAYII.. 16.8 Delayed Quote.2.47
TEKFEN HOLDING A... 5.69 Delayed Quote.2.41
BORUSAN MANNESMAN.. 7.16 Delayed Quote.2.34
BRISA BRIDGESTONE.. 7.39 Delayed Quote.2.08
BOLU CIMENTO SANA.. 4.03 Delayed Quote.1.99
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
CLAL INSURANCE EN.. 6338 Delayed Quote.3.21
RATIO OIL EXPLORA.. 49.5 Delayed Quote.3.14
BIOLINERX LTD. 58.5 Delayed Quote.2.09
FMS ENTERPRISES M.. 5545 Delayed Quote.1.96
PAZ OIL COMPANY L.. 58690 Delayed Quote.1.94
MIZRAHI TEFAHOT B.. 4399 Delayed Quote.1.88
FOX WIZEL LTD 9266 Delayed Quote.1.48
DISCOUNT INVESTME.. 2804 Delayed Quote.1.30
DELEK AUTOMOTIVE .. 4042 Delayed Quote.1.15
MAZOR ROBOTICS LT.. 2074 Delayed Quote.1.10
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United Arab Emirates
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
RAS AL KHAIMAH CE.. 3.67 End-of-day quote.17.24
NATIONAL BANK OF .. 9 End-of-day quote.7.70
DUBAI FINANCIAL M.. 3.37 End-of-day quote.2.03
NATIONAL BANK OF .. 14.8 End-of-day quote.1.98
DANA GAS CO PJS 0.69 End-of-day quote.1.62
GULF PHARMACEUTIC.. 3.05 End-of-day quote.1.60
AGTHIA GROUP PJSC 6.22 End-of-day quote.1.16
ABU DHABI NATIONA.. 1.11 End-of-day quote.1.10
SHUAA CAPITAL PSC 1.17 End-of-day quote.1.08
AIR ARABIA PJSC 1.35 End-of-day quote.1.06
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