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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
PEOPLES FINANCIAL.. 13 Delayed Quote.14.27
COVISINT CORP 2.86 Delayed Quote.8.04
NEW MOUNTAIN FINA.. 14.4099 Delayed Quote.6.49
JAKKS PACIFIC, IN.. 8.16 Delayed Quote.5.78
IPC THE HOSPITALI.. 37.97 Delayed Quote.4.56
WIDEPOINT CORPORA.. 1.57 Delayed Quote.4.54
FORBES ENERGY SER.. 3.1 Delayed Quote.4.26
INFINERA CORP. 13.02 Delayed Quote.3.83
AIR METHODS CORP 47.92 Delayed Quote.3.64
EMCORE CORPORATIO.. 5.26 Delayed Quote.3.29
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ALTUS GROUP LTD 22.2 End-of-day quote.7.13
DREAM UNLIMITED C.. 12.45 End-of-day quote.5.50
AGT FOOD AND INGR.. 27.41 End-of-day quote.5.34
TSO3 INC. 1.31 End-of-day quote.5.00
ALMADEN MINERALS .. 1.39 End-of-day quote.4.75
PETROWEST CORP 1.08 End-of-day quote.3.82
BORALEX INC. 12.55 End-of-day quote.3.71
CANFOR PULP PRODU.. 12.23 End-of-day quote.3.60
CLEARWATER SEAFOO.. 11.07 End-of-day quote.3.48
THE WESTAIM CORPO.. 2.6 End-of-day quote.3.48
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ORGANIZACION SORI.. 44.03 End-of-day quote.6.59
GRUPO POCHTECA SA.. 15.14 End-of-day quote.4.42
AXTEL S.A.B. DE C.. 3.45 End-of-day quote.3.53
CORP. INTERAMERIC.. 8.9 End-of-day quote.2.86
GRUPO LAMOSA, S.A.. 27.5 End-of-day quote.2.80
GRUPO KUO SAB DE .. 29.37 End-of-day quote.2.45
WAL-MART DE MEXIC.. 30.02 End-of-day quote.2.38
CONCENTRADORA FIB.. 34.23 End-of-day quote.1.93
IMPULSORA DEL DES.. 43.4 End-of-day quote.1.85
GRUPO FINANCIERO .. 82.96 End-of-day quote.1.80
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United Kingdom
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
SDL PLC 335 Delayed Quote.33.94
HMS HYDRAULIC MAC.. 0.75 Delayed Quote.31.07
PLANT HEALTH CARE.. 83.7976 Delayed Quote.26.14
ENTERPRISE INNS P.. 119.5 Delayed Quote.14.48
MHP SA 11.3 Delayed Quote.10.77
FOXTONS GROUP PLC 169.81 Delayed Quote.8.85
FINSBURY FOOD GRO.. 58.3 Delayed Quote.8.67
KOOVS PLC 138 Delayed Quote.7.94
SONGBIRD ESTATES .. 260 Delayed Quote.7.56
GAMES WORKSHOP GR.. 550 Delayed Quote.6.79
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ART & FRAGRANCE S.. 22.55 End-of-day quote.20.49
SIEGFRIED HOLDING.. 143 End-of-day quote.17.28
HIAG IMMOBILIEN H.. 81 End-of-day quote.10.39
APEN AG 21.5 End-of-day quote.4.82
TEMENOS GROUP AG 31.8 End-of-day quote.4.74
BFW LIEGENSCHAFTE.. 30.4 End-of-day quote.3.62
CALIDA HOLDING AG 38.75 End-of-day quote.3.21
ENERGIEDIENST HOL.. 31.5 End-of-day quote.3.02
GRAUBUENDNER KANT.. 1330 End-of-day quote.2.93
SWISSLOG HOLDING .. 1.34 End-of-day quote.2.79
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ROTH & RAU AG 4.79 End-of-day quote.6.07
GSW IMMOBILIEN AG 39.35 End-of-day quote.5.96
SMT SCHARF AG 14 End-of-day quote.4.69
4 SC AG 0.923 End-of-day quote.3.52
R. STAHL AG 40.2 End-of-day quote.3.38
TOMORROW FOCUS AG 3.19 End-of-day quote.2.96
COLONIA REAL ESTA.. 4.3 End-of-day quote.2.84
HELIOCENTRIS ENER.. 4.849 End-of-day quote.2.76
VISCOM AG 9.44 End-of-day quote.2.58
INVISION AG 44.99 End-of-day quote.2.47
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
EXEL INDUSTRIES 44.03 Real-time Quote.11.04
1000MERCIS 40.12 Delayed Quote.4.81
HYBRIGENICS 2.13 Delayed Quote.4.05
IGE + XAO 54.8 Real-time Quote.3.95
GERARD PERRIER 29 Real-time Quote.3.92
NEXEYA 13.5 Delayed Quote.3.58
HARVEST 30.99 Delayed Quote.3.18
LACROIX SA 20.25 Real-time Quote.3.14
GROUPE FNAC 31.19 Real-time Quote.3.10
ACTIA GROUP 4.53 Real-time Quote.2.49
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
LEASINVEST REAL E.. 83.54 Delayed Quote.7.46
IEP INVEST 4 Delayed Quote.3.20
FLUXYS BELGIUM D 26.9 Delayed Quote.1.78
ARGEN-X 6.95 Delayed Quote.1.33
WERELDHAVE BELGIU.. 96.33 Delayed Quote.1.29
VAN DE VELDE 37.465 Delayed Quote.1.24
UMICORE 31.33 Delayed Quote.1.24
FLORIDIENNE 66.61 Delayed Quote.1.21
PICANOL 26.8 Delayed Quote.1.19
ECONOCOM GROUP 5.118 Delayed Quote.1.17
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ROYAL IMTECH 0.0106 Delayed Quote.7.23
BRILL KON 24 Delayed Quote.4.40
GRONTMIJ 3.716 Delayed Quote.3.35
ACCELL GROUP 12.075 Delayed Quote.2.87
BETER BED 16.105 Delayed Quote.1.41
TEN CATE 19.155 Delayed Quote.1.31
GEMALTO 58.36 Delayed Quote.1.31
UNILEVER 29.445 Delayed Quote.1.25
ARCADIS 23.885 Delayed Quote.1.20
NIEUWE STEHEN 3.97 Delayed Quote.1.16
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
INGERSOLL RAND IN.. 845 End-of-day quote.10.44
TATA METALIKS LIM.. 170.05 End-of-day quote.8.81
TOURISM FINANCE C.. 44 End-of-day quote.4.16
KANSAI NEROLAC PA.. 1996.8 End-of-day quote.3.84
FINANCIAL TECHNOL.. 197.9 End-of-day quote.3.71
EVEREADY INDUSTRI.. 109.75 End-of-day quote.3.42
MEGHMANI ORGANICS.. 25.9 End-of-day quote.2.73
DEWAN HOUSING FIN.. 370.65 End-of-day quote.2.51
RICO AUTO INDUSTR.. 37.75 End-of-day quote.2.26
SHRIRAM CITY UNIO.. 1728.6 End-of-day quote.2.03
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
BLUE STAR NEW CHE.. 7.4 End-of-day quote.8.79
XINJIANG DUSHANZI.. 6.43 End-of-day quote.5.36
LINGYUN INDUSTRIA.. 13.9 End-of-day quote.4.33
XIAMEN INTERNATIO.. 19.08 End-of-day quote.3.04
SGSB GROUP CO., L.. 13.26 End-of-day quote.2.72
NEW CHINA LIFE IN.. 26.46 End-of-day quote.2.38
ZHUZHOU TIMES NEW.. 12.71 End-of-day quote.2.34
CHINA CNR CORP LT.. 6.39 End-of-day quote.2.31
HUAXIN CEMENT CO... 7.87 End-of-day quote.2.23
CSR CORP LTD 5.89 End-of-day quote.2.15
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Hong Kong
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
BAWANG INTERNATIO.. 0.37 End-of-day quote.10.07
ASIA ENERGY LOGIS.. 0.15 End-of-day quote.6.06
MEIKE INTERNATION.. 0.4 End-of-day quote.5.85
HAINAN MEILAN INT.. 5.63 End-of-day quote.5.27
CHAOWEI POWER HOL.. 3.8 End-of-day quote.5.21
KAI YUAN HOLDINGS.. 0.1 End-of-day quote.5.05
CHINA RENEWABLE E.. 0.32 End-of-day quote.4.65
HI SUN TECHNOLOGY.. 1.95 End-of-day quote.4.38
SHIRBLE DEPART. S.. 0.4 End-of-day quote.4.33
COSMO LADY CHINA .. 5.15 End-of-day quote.4.19
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
NETAS TELEKOMUNIK.. 6.71 Delayed Quote.5.01
KARSAN OTOMOTIV S.. 1.24 Delayed Quote.3.74
DEVA HOLDING A.S. 2.12 Delayed Quote.2.97
ALKIM ALKALI KIMY.. 16.75 Delayed Quote.2.88
AKSA ENERJI URETI.. 2.86 Delayed Quote.2.57
EGE GUBRE SANAYII.. 16.8 Delayed Quote.2.47
TEKFEN HOLDING A... 5.69 Delayed Quote.2.41
BORUSAN MANNESMAN.. 7.16 Delayed Quote.2.34
BRISA BRIDGESTONE.. 7.39 Delayed Quote.2.08
BOLU CIMENTO SANA.. 4.03 Delayed Quote.1.99
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
TOP IMAGE SYSTEMS.. 1440 Delayed Quote.89.50
FIBI HOLDINGS LTD 9000 Delayed Quote.7.12
ADO GROUP LTD 3644 Delayed Quote.3.74
ELBIT IMAGING LTD 970 Delayed Quote.2.64
SILICOM LTD. 12000 Delayed Quote.2.60
SHUFERSAL LTD. 962 Delayed Quote.2.26
DISCOUNT INVESTME.. 2526 Delayed Quote.2.23
JERUSALEM ECONOMY.. 2825 Delayed Quote.2.03
ISRAMCO NEGEV 2 L.. 78.4 Delayed Quote.1.82
SHIKUN & BINUI LT.. 904 Delayed Quote.1.74
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United Arab Emirates
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
UNITED ARAB BANK .. 6.85 End-of-day quote.72.49
GULF NAVIGATION H.. 0.445 End-of-day quote.5.87
INVEST BANK P.S.C.. 2.76 End-of-day quote.2.80
UNION NATIONAL BA.. 6.79 End-of-day quote.2.41
GULF PHARMACEUTIC.. 3.13 End-of-day quote.2.35
ARABTEC HOLDING P.. 4.19 End-of-day quote.1.98
ESHRAQ PROPERTIES.. 1.1 End-of-day quote.1.75
DANA GAS CO PJS 0.61 End-of-day quote.1.70
UNION CEMENT COMP.. 1.35 End-of-day quote.1.66
ABU DHABI ISLAMIC.. 6.45 End-of-day quote.1.36
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