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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
TANDY LEATHER FAC.. 9.25 Delayed Quote.8.67
BIO BLAST PHARMA .. 5.95 Delayed Quote.7.54
LEMAITRE VASCULAR.. 7.5 Delayed Quote.6.84
SEADRILL LTD 15.99 Delayed Quote.6.52
TIBCO SOFTWARE IN.. 24.03 Delayed Quote.6.30
CUR MEDIA INC 0.8 Delayed Quote.5.84
CUBIC CORPORATION 50.92 Delayed Quote.5.82
FOX FACTORY HOLDI.. 13.83 Delayed Quote.5.30
VEEVA SYSTEMS INC 32.38 Delayed Quote.5.22
AEROVIRONMENT, IN.. 28.24 Delayed Quote.5.16
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
BLACKPEARL RESOUR.. 1.37 End-of-day quote.9.38
AVNEL GOLD MINING.. 0.3 End-of-day quote.7.06
EPSILON ENERGY LI.. 3.76 End-of-day quote.6.92
RICHELIEU HARDWAR.. 56.77 End-of-day quote.5.96
CATHEDRAL ENERGY .. 2.97 End-of-day quote.5.19
TRANSAT AT INC 8.77 End-of-day quote.4.51
TWIN BUTTE ENERGY.. 1.24 End-of-day quote.4.44
INDIGO BOOKS & MU.. 12.15 End-of-day quote.4.22
MEG ENERGY CORP 20.8 End-of-day quote.3.85
WESTJET AIRLINES .. 32.04 End-of-day quote.3.84
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
GRUPO MODELO SAB .. 125.76 End-of-day quote.1.94
FARMACIAS BENAVID.. 15.1 End-of-day quote.0.57
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United Kingdom
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
IBEX GLOBAL SOLUT.. 113.5 Delayed Quote.1 317.97
BREEDON AGGREGATE.. 42.55 Delayed Quote.392.22
ALLERGY THERAPEUT.. 21.5 Delayed Quote.33.31
AUGEAN PLC 56.75 Delayed Quote.20.73
AVON RUBBER PLC 727.73 Delayed Quote.16.57
CHIME COMMUNICATI.. 265 Delayed Quote.12.85
SERVELEC GROUP PL.. 284.75 Delayed Quote.11.53
DOTDIGITAL GROUP .. 28.555 Delayed Quote.11.27
IMPAX ASSET MANAG.. 49.5512 Delayed Quote.10.03
MITON WORLDWIDE G.. 156 Delayed Quote.7.72
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
CARLO GAVAZZI HOL.. 219.8 End-of-day quote.10.36
APEN AG 22.95 End-of-day quote.6.54
DATACOLOR AG 599.5 End-of-day quote.6.25
APG SGA SA 292.25 End-of-day quote.4.22
VALARTIS GROUP AG 16.5 End-of-day quote.4.07
TECAN GROUP LTD 108.9 End-of-day quote.2.82
STARRAG GROUP HOL.. 63.75 End-of-day quote.2.69
SCHWEITER TECHNOL.. 698 End-of-day quote.2.67
PEACH PROPERTY GR.. 14.95 End-of-day quote.2.36
BASILEA PHARMACEU.. 93 End-of-day quote.2.34
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ADESSO AG 13.203 End-of-day quote.11.60
S&T AG 3.149 End-of-day quote.6.81
SQS SOFTWARE QUAL.. 7.299 End-of-day quote.6.55
MEDIGENE AG 4.029 End-of-day quote.5.68
MVV ENERGIE AG 23.875 End-of-day quote.5.65
DAB BANK AG 4.798 End-of-day quote.5.19
DEUTSCHE BETEILIG.. 23.1 End-of-day quote.5.01
MRIYA AGRO HOLDIN.. 0.94 End-of-day quote.4.45
KPS AG 5.3 End-of-day quote.3.99
REALTIME TECHNOLO.. 42.3 End-of-day quote.3.87
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
ROBERTET 162 Real-time Quote.14.24
BOIRON 70.74 Real-time Quote.11.82
STALLERGENES 49 Real-time Quote.10.38
SOMFY SA 230.5 Real-time Quote.8.57
IDI 23.34 Real-time Quote.7.44
CIC 156 Real-time Quote.6.56
LEGUIDE.COM 31.5 Delayed Quote.4.72
LDC 134.51 Real-time Quote.4.22
PSB INDUSTRIES 35.65 Real-time Quote.3.15
ORAPI 12.36 Real-time Quote.2.97
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
RETAIL ESTATES 69.5 Delayed Quote.12.05
REALDOLMEN 17.515 Delayed Quote.9.55
VASTNED RETAIL BE.. 57.1 Delayed Quote.8.86
SOLVAC 122.3 Delayed Quote.3.15
DECEUNINCK 1.9 Delayed Quote.2.33
GIMV 37.58 Delayed Quote.2.21
EURONAV 9.849 Delayed Quote.2.01
MONTEA C.V.A. 32.9 Delayed Quote.1.74
EXMAR 10.38 Delayed Quote.1.42
COFINIMMO 93.65 Delayed Quote.1.28
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
EUROCOMMERCIAL 36.525 Delayed Quote.1.76
ROYAL DUTCH SHELL.. 26.845 Delayed Quote.1.68
DOC DATA 19.03 Delayed Quote.1.49
BALLAST NEDAM 3.081 Delayed Quote.1.42
DPA GROUP 1.61 Delayed Quote.0.80
BRUNEL INTL 15.445 Delayed Quote.0.77
HUNTER DOUGLAS 33.9 Delayed Quote.0.75
TOMTOM 5.61 Delayed Quote.0.70
VASTNED RETAIL 37.85 Delayed Quote.0.69
GRONTMIJ 3.67 Delayed Quote.0.67
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
JBF INDUSTRIES LT.. 217.4 End-of-day quote.10.27
VISAGAR POLYTEX L.. 800 End-of-day quote.10.03
OBEROI REALTY LIM.. 264.25 End-of-day quote.9.31
JET AIRWAYS (INDI.. 322.65 End-of-day quote.7.91
VOLTAMP TRANSFORM.. 705 End-of-day quote.7.30
PRISM CEMENT LIMI.. 74.7 End-of-day quote.7.04
STRIDES ARCOLAB L.. 841.2 End-of-day quote.6.33
NESCO LTD. 1361 End-of-day quote.5.34
TIDE WATER OIL IN.. 17505 End-of-day quote.5.27
ATUL AUTO LTD 525.75 End-of-day quote.4.99
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
JIANGSU YULONG ST.. 23.74 End-of-day quote.14.10
SINOTEX INVESTMEN.. 15.19 End-of-day quote.6.59
SHENJI GP. KUNMIN.. 8.1 End-of-day quote.5.64
ZHEJIANG HAIYUE C.. 14.24 End-of-day quote.4.92
HANGZHOU TIAN-MU-.. 15.96 End-of-day quote.4.58
INDUSTRIAL AND CO.. 4.04 End-of-day quote.4.32
BANK OF BEIJING C.. 9.18 End-of-day quote.3.96
CHINA CONSTRUCTIO.. 4.7 End-of-day quote.3.75
INNER MONGOLIA JI.. 36.62 End-of-day quote.3.72
BANK OF COMMUNICA.. 5.34 End-of-day quote.3.65
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Hong Kong
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
NANJING SINOLIFE .. 1.59 End-of-day quote.8.53
CHINA FLAVORS AND.. 1.09 End-of-day quote.7.27
SUGA INTERNATIONA.. 2.3 End-of-day quote.6.85
IDT INTERNATIONAL.. 0.72 End-of-day quote.5.94
CHINA ZENITH CHEM.. 0.29 End-of-day quote.5.31
BRILLIANT CIRCLE .. 1.31 End-of-day quote.5.25
CHINA RUIFENG REN.. 1.21 End-of-day quote.4.89
OTO HOLDINGS LTD 1.95 End-of-day quote.4.44
ALCO HOLDINGS LIM.. 1.63 End-of-day quote.4.31
COSMO LADY CHINA .. 4.89 End-of-day quote.4.30
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
NETAS TELEKOMUNIK.. 6.71 Delayed Quote.5.01
KARSAN OTOMOTIV S.. 1.24 Delayed Quote.3.74
DEVA HOLDING A.S. 2.12 Delayed Quote.2.97
ALKIM ALKALI KIMY.. 16.75 Delayed Quote.2.88
AKSA ENERJI URETI.. 2.86 Delayed Quote.2.57
EGE GUBRE SANAYII.. 16.8 Delayed Quote.2.47
TEKFEN HOLDING A... 5.69 Delayed Quote.2.41
BORUSAN MANNESMAN.. 7.16 Delayed Quote.2.34
BRISA BRIDGESTONE.. 7.39 Delayed Quote.2.08
BOLU CIMENTO SANA.. 4.03 Delayed Quote.1.99
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Last NameLastRatio Vol.
AZRIELI GROUP LTD 12840 Delayed Quote.4.61
RAMI LEVI CHAIN S.. 16200 Delayed Quote.3.89
FIBI HOLDINGS LTD 9022 Delayed Quote.3.43
GAZIT GLOBE LTD 4550 Delayed Quote.3.37
PAZ OIL COMPANY L.. 53490 Delayed Quote.3.27
OSEM INVESTMENT L.. 7389 Delayed Quote.3.20
ISRAEL DISCOUNT B.. 636.4 Delayed Quote.3.18
MIGDAL INSURANCE .. 508.9 Delayed Quote.3.15
DELEK DRILLING LI.. 1925 Delayed Quote.3.11
ISRAMCO NEGEV 2 L.. 77.2 Delayed Quote.3.02
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United Arab Emirates
Last NameLastRatio Vol.
AGTHIA GROUP PJSC 7 End-of-day quote.6.51
NATIONAL CENTRAL .. 1.4 End-of-day quote.4.07
ARAMEX PJSC 3.08 End-of-day quote.2.78
UNION CEMENT COMP.. 1.43 End-of-day quote.2.16
AJMAN BANK PJSC 2.31 End-of-day quote.1.75
ARABTEC HOLDING P.. 3.97 End-of-day quote.1.45
EMAAR MALLS GROUP.. 2.98 End-of-day quote.1.40
AIR ARABIA PJSC 1.43 End-of-day quote.1.32
DUBAI INVESTMENT .. 2.91 End-of-day quote.1.10
INVEST BANK P.S.C.. 3 End-of-day quote.1.07
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