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SANOFI : Patent Application Titled "Novel Neutralizing Immunogen (Nimiv) of Rhinovirus and Its Uses for Vaccine Applications" Published Online

06/25/2014 | 09:59pm US/Eastern

By a News Reporter-Staff News Editor at Biotech Week -- According to news reporting originating from Washington, D.C., by NewsRx journalists, a patent application by the inventors KALNIN, Kirill (Pelham, NH); Yan, Yanhua (Westford, MA); Kleanthous, Harold (Westford, MA), filed on February 18, 2014, was made available online on June 19, 2014 (see also Sanofi Pasteur Biologics, LLC).

The assignee for this patent application is Sanofi Pasteur Biologics, LLC.

Reporters obtained the following quote from the background information supplied by the inventors: "Human rhinoviruses (HRVs) represent the single most important etiological agents of the common cold (Arruda et al., J. Clin. Microbiol. 35:2864-2868 (1997); Couch, 'Rhinoviruses.' In: Fields, B. N., Knipe, D. M. (Eds.), Virology. Raven Press, New York, 607-629 (1990); Turner, Antivir. Res. 49(1):1-14 (2001)). HRVs causing about one-third of the outbreaks of the common cold are represented by about 100 serotypes, the convalescent sera from patients infected with which are not fully cross-neutralizing. Although HRV-induced upper respiratory illness is often mild and self-limiting, the socioeconomic impact caused by missed work or school is enormous and the degree of inappropriate antibiotic use is significant. It has been estimated that upper respiratory disease accounts for at least 25 million absences from work and 23 million absences of school annually in the United States (Anzueto et al., Chest 123(5):1664-1672 (2003); Rotbart, Antivir. Res. 53:83-98 (2002)).

"There is increasing evidence of a link between HRV infection and more serious medical complications. For example, HRV-induced colds are the important predisposing factors to acute otitis media and sinusitis, and are major factors in the induction of exacerbations of asthma in adults and children. HRV infections are also associated with lower respiratory tract syndromes in individuals with cystic fibrosis, bronchitis, and other underlying respiratory disorders (Gern, Pediatr. Infect. Dis. J. 23:S78-S86 (2004); Anzueto et al., Chest 123(5):1664-1672 (2003); Gem et al., Clin. Microbiol. Rev. 12(1):9-18 (1999); Pitkaranta et al., J. Clin. Microbiol. 35:1791-1793 (1997); Pitkaranta et al., Pediatrics 102:291-295 (1998); Rotbart, Antivir. Res. 53:83-98 (2002)).

"To date, no effective antiviral therapies have been approved for either the prevention or treatment of diseases caused by HRV infection. Thus, there exists a significant unmet medical need to find agents that can prevent HRV infection, shorten the duration of HRV-induced illness, lessen the severity of symptoms, minimize secondary bacterial infections and exacerbations of underlying disease, and reduce virus transmission. A prophylactic HRV vaccine should be protective against a wide variety of serotypes to reduce the number of HRV infections and their clinical impact.

"Attempts to make HRV vaccines based on synthetic peptides corresponding to conserved regions of structural proteins alone (McCray et al., Nature 329:736-738 (1987)) or as a part of biological fusions (Brown et al., Vaccine 9:595-601 (1991); Francis et al., Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci. U.S.A. 87:2545-2549 (1990)) have had limited success, due to low immunogenicity of chosen peptides, which may be partially explained by their low exposure on the virus surface (limited access to antibodies) or conformational constraints.

"The present invention overcomes these limitations and features a vaccine that elicits a protective serotype cross-reactive neutralizing antibody response to prevent and treat HRV infection."

In addition to obtaining background information on this patent application, NewsRx editors also obtained the inventors' summary information for this patent application: "The invention provides isolated rhinovirus neutralizing immunogen IV (NimIV) peptides. These peptides can be from any serotype of rhinovirus, such as human rhinoviruses (e.g., HRV14). The peptides can include, for example, amino acids 277-283 (e.g., amino acids 275-285) of the carboxyl terminal region of virus structural protein 1 (VP 1) of a human rhinovirus. Exemplary sequences include the following: PVIKKR, PVIKKRK (HRV14), PVIKKRE (HRV6 and HRV72), PVIKKRS(HRV92), PVIEKRT (HRV83), PKIIKKR (HRV86), PVIKRRE (HRV35), PIIAKRE (HRV79), TIIKKRT (HRV3), NTEPVIKKRKGDIKSY (HRV14), and A-X.sub.1-X.sub.2-I-X.sub.3-X.sub.4-R-X.sub.5-B, where X.sub.1=P or T; X.sub.2=V, K, or I; X.sub.3=K, E, I, or A; X.sub.4=K or R; X.sub.5=S, E, D, T, R, T, or K; A=0-10 additional amino acids; and B=0-10 additional amino acids.

"The invention also includes isolated nucleic acid molecules encoding a NimIV peptides or complements thereof. Further, the invention includes vectors (e.g., HRV14 vectors) including the peptides and nucleic acid molecules of the invention. The vectors can be, for example, human rhinovirus vectors, e.g., human rhinovirus vectors of a serotype different from that of the human rhinovirus from which the NimIV peptide is derived. In one example, the NimIV peptide or nucleic acid molecule is present in said human rhinovirus vector in place of NimIV sequences originally present in said vector. In other examples, the human rhinovirus from which the NimIV peptide is derived is human rhinovirus 6 (HRV6) or human rhinovirus 72 (HRV72). The latter peptides may be included in, e.g., a human rhinovirus 14 (HRV14) vector. In other examples, the VP 1 protein or nucleic acid molecule of the vector is replaced with the VP1 protein or nucleic acid of the human rhinovirus from which the NimIV peptide is derived. In additional examples, the vector includes an inactivated human rhinovirus, to which the NimIV peptide is cross-linked, or a hepatitis B core sequence to which NimIV sequences are fused (see, e.g., Fiers et al., Virus Res. 103:173-176, 2004; WO 2005/055957; US 2003/0138769 A1; US 2004/0146524A1; US 2007/0036826 A1).

"The invention further includes pharmaceutical compositions including the peptides, nucleic acid molecules, and vectors described herein. Optionally, the pharmaceutical compositions also include one or more of a pharmaceutically acceptable diluents, excipients, carriers, and/or adjuvants. Exemplary adjuvants include chitin microparticles and aluminum compounds. Further, the compositions can optionally include one or more additional human rhinovirus neutralizing immunogens.

"Also included in the invention are methods of inducing an immune response to a rhinovirus in a subject. These methods involve administering to the subject an isolated NimIV peptide or nucleic acid molecule. In some examples, the subjects does not have but is at risk of developing rhinovirus infection. In other examples, the subject has rhinovirus infection."

For more information, see this patent application: KALNIN, Kirill; Yan, Yanhua; Kleanthous, Harold. Novel Neutralizing Immunogen (Nimiv) of Rhinovirus and Its Uses for Vaccine Applications. Filed February 18, 2014 and posted June 19, 2014. Patent URL:

Keywords for this news article include: Biotechnology, Peptides, Proteins, Amino Acids, Biologicals, Sanofi Pasteur Biologics LLC.

Our reports deliver fact-based news of research and discoveries from around the world. Copyright 2014, NewsRx LLC

(c) 2014 NewsRx LLC

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