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Legal informations

Legal informations: is a website published by SURPERFORMANCE SAS, registered at French RCS in Annecy (France) with number of registration 4394430059 and whose its registered office is at 17 Avenue d’Albigny 74000 Annecy, represented by its legal representative Mr. Franck Morel, President and CEO of the company.

The company informs its visitors, subscribers or other users that data on share prices, news, information and advice, developed by the company SURPERFORMANCE or its partners, are provided uniquely with information purpose and not in the aim to do transactions. The visitors and subscribers agree to have a legal capacity and are responsible for their actions. Therefore, the responsibility of SURPERFORMANCE, its management and shareholders will not be liable to any errors, omissions, inappropriate investments or in circumstances beyond company's control. Article 1148 French Civil Code.

SURPERFORMANCE informs that it is prohibited to publish, reproduce or republish all or part of website’s contents whether editorial or graphical form without SURPERFORMANCE or its information providers’ agree. SURPERFORMANCE gives itself the right to sue for criminal or civil liability of any visitors or subscribers, in case of website’s misuse and / or in case of diffusion of data edited by SURPERFORMANCE. Article L 355-2 French CPI; Article 323-1 French Penal Code.

The law that applies to the company and its users is French law; any dispute that might arise will be come to an amicable agreement, if not will be brought in front of tribunal of Annecy, where SURPERFORMANCE’S headquarters is situated.

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